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The way has been provided

I am convinced that God has supplied us with all natural health remedies to counteract any disease, sickness, virus, bacteria… whatever tries to come our way.  The medical profession would have us believe that drugs are the only way, but it’s only because that’s where the money is.  How wonderful it is when you consult with a doctor and he/she sends you away with a name of a natural health remedy!  Have you experienced that?  I know I have… but that was when I attended a doctor who had also studied as a naturopath on top of her doctorate.

Unless we make a concerted effort to look for natural remedies, we will go down the same old path as always. So often our minds choose the course of least resistance.

Add to your diet rather than taking away

In another post I said I believe in “adding” rather than “taking away”?   We have to work at adding.

When it comes to building our health and returning to a normal weight, we need to decide that this is more than just something we’ll do for awhile, but rather to cement it into place by making it a part of our life. This is crucial for long-term success.

Concentrate on adding healthy alternatives

Rather than spending any time thinking of a food or drink that you now realise you shouldn’t have anymore, concentrate on what you will add as a healthy alternative.  A time comes when you no longer miss foods or drinks because you feel so much more satisfied and healthier because of what you have done.

It’s completely up to you what life-changing foods, drinks and remedies you add of-course, but I’ll give you some ideas. To this end I make, in my own kitchen, some remedies made out of natural ingredients which I add to my own diet.  You may like to do the same, and if so I’ll show you how. For an example you may like to check my Blood Tonic.

Why spend up big buying expensive remedies when for a few cents you can often make all natural health remedies in your own kitchen.

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Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



Marilyn Williams

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  1. Hi. I am so happy you mentioned that God has provided the way. I too believe that He has provided everything we need for great health. We must ask for His guidance daily. Thank you for this great website as I enjoy it so much.

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