Are Some Healthy Drinks Really Healthy?

are some healthy drinks really healthy?Strange subject line I know… but I really want to ask myself the question:  “Are some “healthy drinks” really healthy?”

I see images like this one and realise this is the type of garbage they try to serve up to us!

As you know, I’m not a professional and what I write is just my considered opinions after research and study.  This is what I believe:

We should not drink anything that contains:

Which usually include:

  • canned or bottled sodas
  • sports drinks
  • store bought fruit juices
  • diet drinks

What others can you think of?  You might like to share below…  🙂

We need to run a mile from “diet” drinks! 


I wrote that in red because I want you to know that if you drink a “diet” drink, in most cases it contains aspartame, and you most definitely DO NOT want that in your body.  It comes hidden under other names such as NutraSweet for example, and is far worse than HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup):   Aspartame’s Hidden Dangers

What else do we need to look out for?

What’s on the label. Yes that’s right, we need to make sure we read the labels on any new product you pick up… carefully.  I know when we are in a hurry doing the shopping, we just want to pick up and run, but we owe it to ourselves and our family not to buy junk.  We need to know what’s in it.  Does it have a sweetener?  If so, what?  How much?  What else does it have, I mean, can we even tell?  Does it have a whole heap of numbers?  We need to put it back!  We need to have drinks that we know what it is we are drinking.

It’s frightening really what people are putting into their bodies, without a care, without a thought.    If it tastes good, she’ll be right mate is the attitude.  But hey, I don’t think you’re like that.  Maybe you were but you’re getting ready to make some lifestyle changes… like me.  We’ve all been there and done that, but eventually we realize we can’t keep on going this way. The steps are simple to a healthy life… just one little step at a time. Make changes to the drinks you drink… one at a time.

OK, what about some other “healthy drinks”? Are they healthy or not?

soySoy Milk

I for one do not believe in drinking soy, or using soy in any way except if it has been fermented.  When my son was young I got caught up in the hype about soy and thought I was doing both myself and my family a good turn by using soy wherever I could.  I actually didn’t drink the milk as I didn’t like it, but I was using it in baking etc.  As time went on I travelled through a confusing time because half the health professionals were saying it’s good, while the other half were saying it’s bad.

I decided to err  on the side of caution.  If there was this much controversy about it then I didn’t want to use it.  As the years passed I have now researched it sufficiently enough to believe it’s not good to use and does not do your body good.

milkCow’s Milk
(No) but raw is definitely a (Yes)!

At the same time there was much hoohar over whether or not we should drink milk.  This is something else I got caught up in and didn’t drink milk for ages.  My research has taught me that the problem with milk is this store-bought, pasteurized, homogenized “stuff” they pass off as milk!  Not the lovely white fluid that comes straight from the cow… the kind of milk I was brought up on.

It saddens me that now it’s almost impossible to get that type of raw milk without owning your own cow.  I do believe that raw cows milk is a healthy substance if you can get it the way nature made it.

Guys, it’s no good kidding yourself that drinking pasteurized milk is “good for you”.   Many of the poor cows undergo a hellish lifestyle where they don’t even get to eat what they are designed to eat, raised in factory farms, and according to Dr Mercola, there are about 80 different antibiotics in the milk!  The authorities allow this! Can you imagine that?

Happy is the person who is able to have access to real grass-fed pastured organic milk.  What they are drinking will do them good.  Milk as we generally know it can only cause harm… real harm.

Update: (18th June, 2015)  My blog is a work in progress so I’m allowed to change my mind!  You know, when I wrote the information above I felt pretty confident that it was true, but as you know we learn all the time.  I’ve continued to research this subject and am leaning very strongly towards all milk is a “no”.  I do believe that by far the best milk is raw, and unless it is raw we are most probably better to stay away from it, but really there are so many people who have allergies to milk whether it’s raw or not, that it makes you want to stop and think.

You know how they say that humans are the only ones who drink milk after they are weaned.  I really don’t believe that’s the “end all” of the debate because we are not animals and therefore if we want to drink milk than we can.  But, is it really healthy for us is the question?  Probably if we just had it occasionally there wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but we all know that dairy is so ingrained into us that it takes quite a bit to stand against it.  I’m about to undergo allergy testing to find out what causes inflammation within my body, so I’ll come back here and update this again when I find out where I stand with milk.

fruit_juiceFruit Juices
and (Yes)

We can divide these by simply saying:

  • If it’s bought from the store – not good
  • If it’s fresh juice made at home – generally good if used in strict moderation

I tend to believe that juicing a whole lot of apples for example, is not good because of all the concentrated sugar.  I know the sugar is good fruit sugar, but still at the end of the day, it’s still sugar.  We need to err on the side of caution.

But a good use of fruit when juicing is to use an apple to sweeten up greens and other veges.  I find the sweetness of one apple is more than sufficient to make my green drink taste yum.  But I don’t do it everyday.

One very healthy way is to blend the whole fruit in a smoothie.  Just don’t go using lots of fruit at a time just because it’s easier to skull them down in smoothie form.  Use your head… ask yourself if you would eat that many in one sitting.  If the answer is no then you will know what to do.

greendrinkGreen Drinks

If I have a green drink today, I don’t have one tomorrow.  I know there’s a lot of people who would most probably disagree with that, but that’s OK.  Listen, there are so many “good” drinks, I don’t have time for drinks that are “bad” for me, because I’m working full-time to get through all the ones that do me good!  Remember, variety is the key!

But definitely, adding a few green leaves to a drink is a great way to take in some extra vitamins and minerals, and with a little help from a small piece of fruit they can actually be quite yummy.  Make them without something to help them along… oh my… maybe you can do it, but it’s not for me.



I’m not a good one to talk to about coffee as I’ve never liked it and only drank it on a few occasions when felt compelled to.  Once again the nutritionists banter back and forth about the goodness of coffee.  Some say it’s great and others say you should never drink it.  I hold my case!  Never taken sufficient interest in the drink to study if it’s one way or the other.  Sorry.


Up until I was the age of 19 years no tea or coffee passed by my lips.  Not even once.  Although my mother was an avid tea drinker, she didn’t encourage me to do the same… so it was easy to resist.  I had no interest in it.  It wasn’t until at 19 I travelled over to New Zealand with a friend on a working holiday.  While I was there it became increasingly difficult for me when I was at other people’s houses.  I found often they would offer me, let’s say a cup of coffee, to which I would say “No thanks”.  Sometimes I’d ask for a glass of water but for some reason most hosts didn’t feel right just giving me plain water, so instead of bringing in a cup of coffee, or a glass of water, they’d bring me in a “nice cup of tea”. Ugh!  Sometimes it also happened in reverse and they’d bring me in “a nice cup of coffee“. 🙁

One day I made a decision… I was going to learn to drink one or the other, but which one?  In the end I decided on coffee because when I worked as an office junior and I made the coffee’s and tea’s for the other staff, I used to love the way a little bit of froth would gather on the top of the coffee cup.  Upon that I based my decision!!!

Well back to New Zealand.  The day after the decision was made, my friend and I were going on a tour of Milford Sound, a really beautiful place in the South Island.  So on the bus and away.  We arrived at the Hotel in Milford Sound and were all given “a nice cup of coffee“.  Now remember, this is my very first try.  They served it up in tiny little cups and it was very strong (you coffee lovers would know what I mean).  I added a little milk and as much sugar as I dare and then off to partake of my drink.  I think it took precisely one or maybe two sips for me to turn to my friend and announce that I’ve changed my mind… I was going to learn to like tea!

Haha… so that’s what I did.  I used to add so much milk and so much sugar to start with but I gradually managed to swallow it down.  I really did not like it.  After awhile a bit of common sense floated by and I began to cut down the sugar until it was more reasonable.  Well I accomplished what I set out to do and now I could drink tea socially.  Never once, for years and years, did I ever make a cup of tea just for me.  Wouldn’t even think of it.  Fast forward almost 8 or 10 years and I learned I didn’t need or want either milk or sugar in my tea providing it was not too strong.  For awhile I could drink it with or without milk, but then I couldn’t stomach milk in tea any longer.

I’ve never taken too much notice of the goodness of tea, either one way or the other, but these last few years I’ve been researching lots of good things about it.  Tea is good!  Especially organic green tea, organic white tea, organic rooibus tea, organic oolong tea are pretty much at the top of the list because of their high antioxidants.  But other teas are good.  I didn’t like organic Camomile tea for many a long year – used to say it tasted like chaff, not that I know what that tastes like!  But organic blends of camomile tea are beautiful, particularly just before bed.

I now make up a blend of tea in a 1.5 litre jar and once it’s cooled I place it in the fridge.  Each day I pour myself 1/2 a glass, fill the rest of the glass with soda water and sometimes add a tiny splash of a home-made fruit cordial.  I find it refreshing and delicious.  It’s usually made out of all 4 teas mentioned above.

nutmilkNut Milks
(Yes) – they should be…

Although you can buy many different kinds of  nut milks these days, I find the home-made ones to be so superior in taste.  Occasionally I find one I like the taste of, but its often a personal choice.  I like one made of coconut.  But as always, you need to read the labels.  Think!  Don’t just read the big print that tells you are buying something healthy for you.  The labels tell all.  Is it sweetened?  And if so, with what?  What else does it contain?  You know, these people are generally only in it to make money, not to make you healthy.  They will pick the cheapest, quickest way to make that drink taste good.  Please don’t be fooled.

Nut milks are quite easy to make at home, but I’ll talk more about that later.


Coconut Water

Love it!  I think I most probably have some every day… just a small glass, or I use it in something I’m making.  Fresh, natural, refreshing, down -right good for ya, coconut water.  Just make sure, once again, what it’s got in it if you’re buying it from the store.  Read the label.  Added sweeteners?  Come on, you don’t need it!  It’s perfect the way it is.  Always be careful.


Fermented/Cultured Drinks

Sounds terrible really, but actually it’s not what it seems.  I love the Kombucha I make, and more recently I’ve begun to make Milk Kefir.  A friend is preparing some Water Kefir grains to give me soon… looking forward to that.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  That’s ok, I’ll be adding information on it soon.

We need to make sure we are not being fooled into drinking substances that are not building our health.  There are so many yummy good drinks, why would you want those that tear down and compromise your body? As I said before, I’m full-time just getting through the good drinks… I don’t have time for the bad, which is great for me and my body. We need to learn what are some healthy drinks we should consume today so that by tomorrow we are just that little bit healthier! Just take simple steps to a healthier life!

Love to hear what yummy good drinks you’ve found… please share.  If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll be back to you within the day.  Just remember, I’m in Australia.

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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  1. This article really helped me. I couldn’t think what to drink and everything I wanted was on the bad list. Now i have a lot of fresh ideas and just wanted to say thanks

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