Basic Movements of Tai Chi

tcA couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with John Rundle in Queensland.  John invited me to learn the basic movements of Tai Chi in a class that was held down at one of the local beaches.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend.

Just recently, John left a comment on my “We Gotta Move” page where he recommended Tai Chi as a wonderful slow-movement exercise for me to consider adding as something we can do from home… to get us moving!

I had one of those “Ah-ha!” moments… you know, I hadn’t really thought about it again, but I decided to right away go and see what I could find online.  I found a good video where they lead you through 18 various moves… immediately I stood up, cleared a space, and followed along with them.  Well I can say that I loved it!  It was so beautiful that I made a decision right then and there that I will be adding this into my movement regime.

I will say that I’m only interested in the exercise part of Tai Chi… anyway, I have no idea what it’s about apart from what I saw this morning.  I do know that my mother used to do Tai Chi but she really didn’t talk about it one way or another.

I know some people will think it’s only for older people, but straight away I could see the advantages of consistently following these movements.  I don’t know how often you are supposed to do it… maybe someone can tell me that… please!

Thanks John… see how we can all benefit from one little comment… love it!

Tai Chi chi-kung (Shibashi) from kaimingtaichi on Vimeo.

Here it is… join me as we follow along and don’t forget to leave a comment down below…

Warm regards,
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  1. I found your site great – I’ll be back!

  2. I like your blog very much. I think I will visit ur site again.

  3. I have been doing Tai Chi for quite some time and have to agree there are many good benefits. You need to keep at it though and would be good to learn more than the basics show here but its a good start.

    • Indeed it would, I agree Master! I give it here just as a beginning. You may find classes in your area. John (below) can attest to the many benefits of attending classes on a regular basis. Thanks for your comment.

  4. The Shibashi1video above is a good introduction. Although it appears that not much is happening there is in fact a great deal in progress internally, affecting muscles, bones, tendons and organs.

    I can only comment from personal experience as a triple bypass subject, who has maintained an excellent state of health with no problems after four years since surgery. Blood pressure and other factors are normal and my last blood tests showed nothing other than normal. I put this down to a good diet and the regular exercises from Tai Chi, both in class and at home. Although the video shows an older group, the exercise can be done beneficially by any age, and many younger people join the 200-300 in my twice weekly class. And for people who have trouble standing for any length of time, many exercises can be done whilst sitting.

    Highly recommended, and well worth researching.

    • Thanks again John! I’ve been finding it most enjoyable to do even just following along with the video. Really I don’t know any more than that but I can see it would be a very worthwhile activity. As you have mentioned, although we can’t see what is happening there is actually a lot going on.

      I want to congratulate you on your health – that’s a marvelous result and I trust it will continue for many, many years to come. Well done! You must be doing something right!

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