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Beauty and Personal Care products are Sisel Safe which means they are perfectly safe for the entire familyBeauty and personal care is very near and dear to just about all of us.  Have you ever considered that your beauty can also be directly related to the products you use for your personal care?

If you are using shampoo and conditioners, body soaps and gels and other products such as liquid hand soaps that are damaging your skin, then beauty of your skin is greatly compromised.

It’s time to realise that for more than 30 years, people of science and health have been shouting out the news that personal care products are not safe.  Still today, only about 5% of manufacturers have made the change.  That means that approximately 95% of all products sold in the market place are not safe to use.  So why are we still using them?

Listen to Tom Mower Snr. share…


You may be wondering what are all the harmful ingredients we talk about.  In your mind you may think it’s just one or two ingredients and maybe they can’t hurt all that much.  But the truth is it’s a very long list of ingredients, and by the time we use a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, it adds up to an enormous whack we receive each and every day.


Toxic Chemicals in Personal Care Products

Here is a checklist of some of the harmful ingredients.

Why is it so important?  I know people often don’t worry too much about it because they think that if everyone is using certain products then they can’t be all that bad.  I understand that kind of thinking because I see it all the time.  Thought that way myself!  But the truth is you can gradually poison yourself and end up with all manner of diseases, or you can decide that maybe you should take note and do something about it.  You see, none of the products out there are going to kill you the first time you use them… or the second… or the third!  It’s the fact that each time you use them just a little more has entered your system.  A little more and a little more… on and on, not from just one product, but from all the products in our bathrooms.  Then one day we’re off to the doctor with a short list of symptoms which could be directly related to the personal care products you were using on a daily basis.

Now, if you were to buy the skin care range from Sisel International (a great move by the way), what would be the point of continuing to use harmful body wash, shampoo and conditioner etc., which in my opinion, would tend to undo the work of the amazing skin care.

Tom Mower, the Chief Scientific Officer and owner of Sisel International, first up replaces all harmful ingredients with those that are safe… that’s step one!  Then he looks into his scientific knowledge and adds ingredients that will make the product far superior to anything else in the marketplace.  Because of Sisel’shuge buying power, they’re able to source ingredients at a rate far cheaper rate than most and are therefore able to keep the prices down on all the products.

time-for-changeWe need to make a change from harmful to safe.  Yes, only a few people are able to make the change in one go as others of us have to make it more gradually.  I believe we need to start off small,  if necessary, and make the changes gradually and persistently.

My first move was to attend to the everyday type products I use like hair shampoo and conditioner, the body wash, dental care, laundry soap and dish washing liquid.  That covered most of my most important basics.  You can see my first original order and video here.  As all the products are highly concentrated it meant that the following month I was able to order a whole different set of products… it was fun!  Some of  my original order is going to last me for many months, maybe six or even 9 months is my estimation.

I know this information is not new to everyone.  Some have heard and made a change for the better; others have heard and as yet have resisted the change, and some have not heard at all.  Where are you in this?  Are you aware of the potential dangers faced from something so common and ordinary as shampoo and conditioner?  Would you like to share with me?  Or, maybe you still have questions you’d like to ask.  Please do.  Just leave your question in the Comments section down below and I’ll be back to answer you just as soon as I can.

You can check out Sisel’s entire incredible range here.

As you begin to see the relationship between beauty and personal care products you are using every day, I do hope you will take stock and begin to do something about it.  Ordering from Sisel International takes all the hard work out of it.  Everything is safe so you don’t have to spend endless time trying to decipher labels… a luckless job.

Warm regards,
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  1. Hi Marilyn,

    I have never heard of these products from Sisel International. I have been looking for a better alternative when it comes to personal care products. I don’t like all the toxic chemicals in the normal convenient products you can buy at the store.

    My hair is greatly suffering from shampoo that is supposedly sulfate free but still has alcohol in it. It’s very dry and brittle and thin. I’ve been looking for a better product. My skin is very sensitive too. The shampoo and conditioner, do they have alcohol in them? And is there a body wash product that is made for sensitive skin? I would definitely be willing to try these products. Plus saving money is always a great thing.Thank you so much!


    • Hi Jeanette! Thanks for your comment!

      Sisel has been around since 2006 so it’s not a new company. I’m happy to hear you are searching for something better, whether or not you go with Sisel. As I’ve said, many are aware of the problem to some degree, but they don’t know what the answer is. I find that Sisel presents me with the perfect and easy answer.

      I have found the shampoo absolutely excellent, which a lot of others say the same. People don’t experience “burn-out” like they do with many other products on the market. All the ingredients are safe (Tom stakes his whole reputation and business on the fact). I’m sure you would find that your hair would gradually repair, especially if you also started taking some minerals to boost your system.

      The shampoos and conditioners, like every other product, are produced without any harmful ingredient. Any chemicals used are very mild and kind to the skin. Tom not only removes all harmful chemicals but adds many rich botanicals that help to repair damaged skin, hair, nails etc. etc.

      There is not a product that says it’s “designed for sensitive skins” because he’s careful not to add the ingredients known to react. Mind you, I’m guessing there will always be someone, somewhere, that has a reaction of some kind, no matter how gentle it is… but what I can say is that it would be far from norm. I haven’t heard of any myself.

      Jeanette, if you are interested as you say, why not contact me back Contact Marilyn and I’ll share with you how to go forward. Warm regards, Marilyn.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this article to bring awareness!

    Daily, I am appalled at the unsafe products that are marketed towards people! How do we fall victim to this?

    I will definitely look in to some of these products as I am constantly looking for products that do not contain harsh, toxic chemicals!

    Thanks again and I look forward to making some of these purchases!

    • Thank you Dr Baker! I really appreciate your comments. I am in total agreement with you! I would be happy to help you in any way. Please contact me here: Contact Marilyn and I’ll provide you with what you need.

      Warm regards

      PS… You may be interested to read the comment before yours as I explained quite a few things there.

  3. Online with Nerissa S.

    I’m curious to know if this is at all similar to Melaleuca? I am a preferred customer and distributor of Melaleuca and I am intrigued about the Earn FREE Club– More specifically, is there a product purchase commitment I’d have to adhere to in order to actually get the free products?

    -Nerissa S.


    • Hi Nerissa! I can only say, regarding Melaleuca, that it’s a similar concept. I’ve tried to lookup online to see what the ingredients are but have been unable to source them. Maybe do a little research yourself under Melaleuca to see what some people are saying. I don’t wish to say, one way or the other.

      I want to say that Sisel is an MLM program… (I’m not sure if I mentioned that in my writings anywhere. I definitely want to be completely upfront) but… I am working it in a different way to most. Rather than getting out there and making as much money as I can, I’d much rather help you cover the cost of your products. Just that! I know, if I can help you do that, then my products will also be covered. I’m encouraging you to do the same.

      You see, I’ve been down the MLM trail before and although I’m not against the concept, I’d prefer to encourage you to cover the cost of your products, and for us to help your person/s cover the cost of theirs. We’ll all make money in the end but the main thing is this… my passion is using products with safe ingredients and I want everyone else to at least know they have a choice in the matter. Hopefully many will make better choices.

      I wasn’t looking for an MLM company, but I was looking for products of superior quality and safe ingredients. The best I could hope to find was with Sisel, both in their quality and because I know they are cost effective. I was writing my blog for almost 12 months before I began using the Sisel products, but because I’ve had previous experience with them (in another company) I know, without a shadow of a doubt, just how good they are.

      We need to understand that using the products consistently is the only way, either yourself or anyone else, will be able to get their products free. The minimum purchase per month is 50 PV… which comes up somewhere between $50 – $60 totally dependent upon what you order. But there are definite benefits when ordering more, but you don’t have to. At any time you can change or temporarily stop an order.

      What I love is that you are just replacing products that you are already purchasing anyway… in most cases, especially in the personal care range.

      I hope that’s answered your questions and I encourage you to contact me with anything further you may think of. If you contact me here Contact Marilyn I will show you exactly how the system works for covering the cost of your products. Simple really. 🙂

      Warm regards

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