Benefits of Eating Raw Carrots

You know, we don’t always want to eat a lot of raw carrots.  A little looks good in our salad but usually raw carrots are not something that’s really big in our diet.  So how can we increase the benefits of eating raw carrots easily?

carrot juiceThe other day I juiced some carrots.

I normally do enough to fill a bottle and I drink it over the course of a few days.

I know as each day passes there are a few less vitamins in the juice, but something else starts to happen… it begins to lose sugar!  This is because it starts to go through the fermentation process.  I don’t mean it’s going bad, so don’t panic!

So whether you drink it straight away, or whether it sits for a few days, both are good.

I actually read where it helps tremendously when you are undergoing chemotherapy.  That sounds like good news for a lot of people.

You can also mix carrot juice with any other vegetables, but if you add turmeric to it, the juice becomes even more user friendly… or synergistic as they say.  As both carrots and turmeric fight cancer; protect you from the sun; protect your brain from stroke and protects your arteries… it sounds like a plan. dehydratedcarrot

Another tip I’ve learned is that you can mix it with gelatin – great for the eyes.  Imagine raw carrot & turmeric jelly!  I must try that one day for the heck of it.

Anyway, after I juiced the carrot I was left with the pulp which I loaded onto the tray in my dehydrator.  I’m sure you could probably use the oven on a very low setting to dry your carrot but I like the dehydrator because I can use a setting low enough so that the enzymes are not destroyed.

powderedcarrotOnce the carrot is thoroughly dried, tip it into a blender and whiz it until it turns into a fine powder.

 Finally spoon it into a jar and use to sprinkle liberally on your meals… salads, cooked meals, breakfasts,  lunches, dinner… it really doesn’t matter.


It all helps to add more fibre, vitamins, minerals etc to your diet and looks so colourful!

I like to add it on part of my meal and the beetroot powder on another.

Sometimes I’ll add both of them into a coleslaw – it’s so colourful you really do want to eat it, or what about sprinkling some beetroot on your cabbage… looks fabulous, tastes good and adds fibre to your diet. benefits of eating raw carrots

I’ve done online research to see exactly what carrots/carrot juice is good for and found a long list:

It’s great for a whole list of cancers, bladder, breast, cervical, colon, lung, stomach etc etc.  I’m guessing it would be good for all types of cancer.  Also for candida, constipation, digestion, dry skin, gall stones, preventing a stroke, and increases your white cell count. 

It’s really such a simple thing but all too easily overlooked.  How often do carrots feature in your diet? There are many benefits of eating raw carrots wherever you can slip them in.

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