Health Benefits of Yacon Syrup

This article comes under the “What Bugs Need” category which is known as “prebiotics”.  This is where I would like to discuss the health benefits of Yacon Syrup as it’s a great food for the little creatures!  Where do you buy Yacon Syrup?  Yes, we’ll discuss that too. I had …

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Good Probiotic Foods

This is a relatively new area I have entered into, but I must tell you, I’m really enjoying it.  As you know I’m on this journey too, making one change and then another in my diet as I work towards superior health and normal weight. It’s wonderful to know there …

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Prebiotic Foods List

Are your “bugs” healthy? To have a healthy colony of probiotics in your system you need to feed them!  Have you ever thought about that?  You mean, I’ve got to feed bugs in my body?  Surely I’m trying to get rid of bugs, not feed them!  Well the truth is, probiotics …

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Safest Foods to Eat

If you really wish to be as healthy as possible then you have no choice but to choose the safest foods to eat.  Although this list is very “normal” and providing we’re eating them we should automatically be healthy, unfortunately these days we do need to be very careful. Fruit …

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