Truvia vs Stevia Review

Are truvia and stevia one and the same product?

Tell me, Truvia vs Stevia… are they the same? Is Truvia just another brand name for the same product? Do they come from the same source? This review will take a look at the differences between Truvia and Stevia, if any.    Let’s begin with Stevia: Stevia Stevia is a plant …

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Stop Ringing in my Ears!

Stop! Please stop! Stop the ringing in my ears! xxx Is this the cry of countless thousands?  I suspect so.  And… I can really relate to them, all  those thousands of people around the world who suffer from Tinnitis – that continual ringing in the ears.  I guess I’ve been …

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Healthy Foods Avoid Aspartame

Today we’re going to have a little chat about how healthy foods avoid Aspartame. We have been conditioned over the years to choose “diet” food off the supermarket shelves, but its not helped us. The general population is getting fatter “diet” food contains ingredients that do far more harm than …

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Stop Inflammation Naturally!

Stop inflammation naturally!  Can we really do that?  Is it within our control?  Apparently yes!  Have you ever wondered how to get rid of inflammation in the body naturally?  I don’t mean taking anti inflammatory pills, but beginning to live a life where your body is healthy and well on …

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