Guinea Fowl Facts – Breeding Season

Guinea Fowl Facts - Breeding Season - Lavender sits on a clutch of eggs

Guinea Fowl Facts – Breeding Season is a continuing chapter in the ongoing story about my guinea fowls.  As I learn… I share.  Today we’ll have a look at what went on during the breeding season.   Guinea Fowl eggs are wonderful!  Although they are fairly tiny, I guess more …

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Guinea Fowl Facts – Their Love Life

Penny finally accepts Silver

Silver’s upbringing As I continue with my Guinea Fowl Facts, I want to share my experiences of what I’ve observed of their love life. As the keets were growing up, the one coloured lavender was given a hard time by his siblings.  They were all coloured grey or grey and …

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Guinea Fowl Facts – Ups and Downs

Penny finally accepts Silver

I’m continuing with my Guinea Fowl Facts as I learn from personal experience on how to care for guinea fowl.  Some people have large quantities of these birds and most probably never learn the intimate details of how they think, act and react the way I do.  As I only …

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Guinea Fowl Facts – Prepare for Mating

guinea bachelor boys

Guinea Fowl Facts is a continuation of 3 articles documenting events from the egg to the current mating season of our guinea fowls. Some Guinea Fowls Facts We Weren’t Prepared For… This guinea fowl information has come about purely through my own experience.  Starting the journey as a complete novice,  …

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Care for Guinea Fowl Facts – Part 3

Want to know what it’s really like to care for these unique birds and have them running around on your own property? Care Guinea Fowl Facts – Part 3 brings to you stories to help you understand how unique these birds really are.  They’re fun and very entertaining. How to Raise …

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Care for Guinea Fowl Facts – Part 2

“Mum, what are those strange looking birds?” “Which one’s darling?” “Look, over there!  It’s got a funny looking ‘thing’ on the top of its head! Its neck is all wrinkly!  What is it mum?” Don’t worry mum… or dad, I’m here to help you.  You see, I consider myself most …

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How to Raise Guinea Fowl Keets

OK, so who knows what a keet is?  Ever heard of Guinea Fowl?  Yes? No? Let me take you on a fascinating journey into the world of the unknown (at least to quite a few of you) and let me share with you interesting and pertinent information concerning these unusual …

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