Cataract Gorge Spews Explosive Waters

Anyone who saw the Cataract Gorge during the recent June 2016 floods in Launceston, Tasmania, saw a sight they may never forget! All of Tasmania was caught up in a drought that caused the countryside to shrivel up and die.  It is normal here on this southern island for dry …

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New Zealand South Island Attractions

An amazing experience to travel the road beside Lake Pukaki on your way to see Mt Cook, New Zealand/s highest mountain

When you visit New Zealand, South Island, the attractions are numerous.  What a fabulous place to spend some time… a truly beautiful country with the South Island being my favourite. I’ve been fortunate to spend 4 years of my life living in New Zealand with most all of that time …

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St Helens from Launceston

When you set off for a day trip somewhere, how far do you go?  Are you a little crazy like us and take off on a trip that really needs a couple of days to do?  Oh well, we were just wanting to “get on out there” so off we went!  …

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