Eating Your Way to Good Health

eatingYou can enjoy some top energy foods by making some simple changes to the ingredients you may currently be eating.  If you are suffering disease of any kind, begin to make a change 4 life by healthy eating. 

Eating your way to good health makes so much sense.  We only have one life and we want to be able to enjoy every day we are given upon this earth.  It’s our choice.

Here is a list of foods, and many alternatives to the foods most of us use, which I hope helps you to choose wisely:


Avo’s are really good tucker!  Unlike most other fruits they contain a high degree of healthy fats. they also contain heaps of vitamins and fibre and amongst their other benefits they are great for weight loss.  That’s got to be good!  You are doing yourself an immense favour if you add avocados into your regular diet… I don’t mean every day, but at least a few times during the week.

Biscuits, Cakes or Pies

Most of us enjoy biscuits, cakes and even the odd pie.  Problem is they are full of trans fats and that’s the type of fat we need to avoid to follow a healthy lifestyle.  The good news is you can make your own at home using healthy ingredients, even an alternative to wheat flour, and eating them can work at building your health instead of tearing it down.  I‘ve receive an enormous amount of help here.

Bread, Rolls, Flat Breads, Pizzas

The same goes for these foods… very popular but not doing our bodies any good.  What if we could “have our bread and eat it too” and it was not doing your body any harm?


Butter is made from cream as I’m sure you all know.  Cream that comes from a cow that’s been pasture fed and not pumped full of antibiotics or growth hormones, and hasn’t been pasteurized, is a very healthy substance.  If you can get that, make your own butter.  It’s not hard and it taste’s delicious. Failing that, go for grass-fed, organic and you’ve got the next best thing.  The regular butter or cream is filled with all the toxic substances that they’ve pumped into the cattle, as that’s where it gets stored.  You don’t want to eat that.


Raw Cacao is absolutely delicious and very good for you.  This is what they make chocolate out of.  You can use it anywhere you would use cocoa, exactly the same.  Buy it in any health store.  Cacao has the most amazing amount of antioxidants and this beautiful food does wonderful things within our bodies.  Cacao is different to Cocoa.  Cacao is made from raw Cacao beans keeping all the enzymes in tact, whereas Cocoa is made by heating the  beans to very high temperatures.

Considering the taste is marvellous, why not use Cacao to reap all those benefits. You will find Cacao very bitter and it needs a sweetener, so choose wisely… Stevia, Coconut Sugar, Raw Honey.  Plus something else to consider and that is that if you put it in milk (dairy), the milk inhibits the absorption of the antioxidants.  Darn you say, just when it was looking good!  Well, just make sure when you are making a Cacao drink you use some type of nut milk, for example Coconut Milk is great, or Almond Milk.


I really like Carob although not everyone does.  My sister dislikes it immensely.  But hey, you need to try it and find out for yourself.  Carob is often used in recipes instead of chocolate but I’m not totally sure why they would do this when raw Cacao works so well. Carob fills you up.  I find when I make a drink I like to use 50-50 Cacao and Carob.  The reason is that I find it so satisfying and it sticks by me. Carob also has an immense amount of benefits, vitamins and minerals.  It’s a great addition to your diet.

Coconut Water

I love Coconut Water!  It’s the water that you find in the inside of a coconut when you split it open.  I’ve always loved it fresh from the coconut but I don’t like having to dehusk and bash open coconuts all that often.  The good news is that you can purchase Coconut Water from the supermarket.   As usual, please read the labels as it’s possible they’ve thrown some other ingredients in there that you don’t want, like added flavours (most probably artificial) and sugar.  You really don’t need it as the pure variety is perfect on its own.

Coconut Water comes from fresh young coconuts which can contain up to about 1 litre of water per coconut.  The liquid contains simple sugars, electrolytes, and minerals that replenish dehydration conditions inside your body.  It’s not expensive to buy and I always make sure I’m well stocked.

Coconut Water has often been used to save lives being given intravenously when there is no other blood supply around.  Really cool.  It’s wonderful for thirst and truly satisfying.  So much more I could add here relative to the goodness of Coconut Water, but I’m sure you’ve got the idea.


Cream is good for you and should be enjoyed by us all, but… the problem is, the cream and fat of an animal is where the toxins are stored that these poor animals are subjected to, especially when living in feedlots.  So unless you know that a cow lives in a nice green paddock and is not given growth hormones etc, you need to stay away from cream.


Desserts are usually laden with white sugar and are best avoided, but… the good news is you just need to rethink what you are eating for dessert, because they can be very nutritious and seriously add to building  your health. Quite apart from eating a piece of fruit, there are other really yummy foods more like what you may be used to but with all the ingredients changed to be something completely healthy.  For absolutely great ideas check these out.

Dipping Oil

Many countries like to dip their flat breads into oil and they come up with some truly delicious ideas.  It may be new to you to eat this way, but hey… why not.  It creates something different and is really healthy.  I encourage you to try it out.

Dressings : Home Made

It’s so easy to whip up some dressings that it seems ludicrous to buy them from the store when they are full of ingredients that do the body harm.  It’s too easy to add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil mixed with some Apple Cider Vinegar!  You can add some raw honey and make it into a Farmhouse Dressing.  Beautiful dressings can be made with avocados for example… even just avocado and minced garlic is good.  There is no end to lovely ingredients you can add to your salads or vegetables to make them really yummy.


Although eggs have received a bad rap for many years, they have come back into their own.  Eggs are healthy!  In fact, they are one of the healthiest sources of protein you can get.  But you have to think before you buy.  Please don’t buy cage eggs… or barn eggs.  They come from those crowded hen houses which would make you feel sick if you saw them.  Don’t allow a single one of your cents to encourage these guys.

Beware even of “free-range” eggs… as it’s not all that it’s cooked up to be. sometimes it means no more than the fact that they can go outside the shed onto a little piece of hard ground.  They get nothing from this. Buy fresh, truly free range eggs from a happy chicken on a local farm wherever possible.

If you can, consider raising your own chickens.. . it’s absolutely delightful.   I have my girls roaming freely around my property… free range eggs vs regular eggs…  and I can tell you they are very contented.  I also have ducks who swim on the dam and roam our 3.5 acres at will.  Both the ducks and the chickens keep us more than supplied with fresh yummy eggs. I’ve also got some guinea fowl which I’m expecting to start laying very soon.


I went to gyms for quite some time but after I shifted states I haven’t bothered with it anymore.  I find other ways to get my exercise from things that need to be done… like gardening, painting etc.  I take walks around the property, or along the road outside.

In rainy weather I have a Plan B in place where I walk around our verandah.

I love to do a little Tai Chi.

No matter where you live you can always find many ways of exercising.  I never do anything in a routine way.  If I don’t feel like doing a certain type of exercise one day I don’t do it… but I make sure I do something else of equal value.  Life’s too short to be stuck in a rut.

Filtered Water

There are many water filters and water purifiers on the market, some better than others.  The thing is there are chemicals added to your town water supply that are doing bad things to your body,  Chlorine and Fluoride to name just two of the offenders. Learn not to believe everything you are told.  When it comes to your health, I’m sorry to tell you, but here is no-one looking out for you, so you have to do it yourself.  “They” are all interested in their bottom line and will take shortcuts anywhere they can.  You must look out for yourself.  Go online and research if you don’t believe me and find out.  It’s good to do this about everything.


Fish is a wonderful healthy food… or at least, it was.  The problem with fish is two-fold.

Firstly, most of the fish in our oceans contain mercury which is damaging to the brain.  Don’t you find it disgusting that we could allow so much damage to happen in our oceans?  And everywhere else for that matter!  Anyway the truth is, that the bigger the fish, the more mercury it contains.  So to be on the safe side it’s best to stay away from large fish like swordfish or king mackerels… just two examples.  Go for the smaller varieties such as Bream, Whiting etc.  Sardines, as they’re so low on the food chain, are a really good choice.

You can check which are the best fish to purchase according to the Mercury Project Policy Guide.

Secondly, beware of farmed fish. As this is a whole topic on its own I’ll only touch on it briefly.   Typically of the money hungry food industry, farmed fish are kept in horror conditions; they’re squashed in together with hardly any room to move; they develop disease; full of toxins; and they damage the surrounding environment… the list goes on and on.

With farmed Salmon, the lovely pink/red colour you see is nothing more than some synthetics added to their food because the poor fish don’t get to feed on the type of food that creates the colour found in wild Salmon.  As I say, ask questions… Of-course, wild Salmon is more expensive then farmed Salmon and I’m sure the farmed variety does contain good things,, but for quality always go wild when you can.

Learn to ask questions and find out where your fish comes from.  Remember though, the best fish is the fish you caught yourself.


If you are not in the habit of eating fruit, and I know a lot are, then if you are seeking a healthy lifestyle this is one of the simple steps you need to implement.  Have at least 2 pieces of fresh fruit per day.  Once again, it’s best to buy something that’s locally grown and organic if possible.  Ask questions.  If they’ve used spray, on apples for example, peel the skin right off.  Washing it is not sufficient.

Fruit Water

There are many different flavours you can add to your water and receive the goodness of the fruit. This is an excellent way to make sure you keep hydrated.  Really you can add anything you like, from mangoes to blueberries and any mix in between.  Experiment and enjoy.

Grains alternative

The wheat we consume these days is not the same as the wheat our forefathers ate.  Their wheat was untampered with in any way and contained all the goodness it should.  Wheat these days can be genetically modified and is much higher in gluten than ever before.  Of-course this makes the bread rise in the way most people like it… light and fluffy.  But is it good for us?  The answer is a definite no.  It causes all sorts of problems.  I have written more about it here.

Many health professionals are against consuming any grains at all.  To me this was too hard until I stumbled upon this.  You can enjoy all the same types of foods you are accustomed to by making some simple changes to the ingredients.  To me this was a life-saver!

Green Drinks

The thought of green drinks doesn’t conjure up something very palatable, does it?  But when you make them as many suggest, they really are delicious.  It’s something you can gradually ease yourself into if you have to, but drinking them regularly is an enormous boost to your health. When making a green drink, don’t only use “greens” as for most of us it would be sickening!  Use a nice blend of greens, fruit & veges and protein of some sort.  Try to make a point of adding some of these to your diet each week.


Our food can be pretty bland without the addition of herbs and spices.  Consider growing your own fresh herbs… they suit containers very well.  That way you’ll always have them on hand.  For what you can’t grow, make a point of buying a good organic brand and add them to your cooking for some really unique flavours.


Store bought ice-cream is typically filled with unhealthy ingredients that you don’t need. Much of  it doesn’t even contain any cream at all; is full of artifical flavourings; uses propylene glycol to stop it icing up and keep it creamy, the way we all like it. They may say it’s “Vanilla Ice-Cream” but the likelihood of a vanilla bean coming anywhere near it is very unlikely.  They create that flavour in the lab. OK, so you can’t trust any ice-cream from the store so simply make your own.  You can create all sorts of lovely concoctions using ingredients such as bananas and avocados.  Even ice-cream made from cream is easy to make, but unfortunately cream is often contaminated with toxins.  Read Cream.

Iced Tea

You can make a combination of teas such as black, white, green, oolong, and rooibos for example, and let it cool then put it in the fridge.  Once it’s chilled you can make iced tea by adding some ice which is really refreshing on a hot day.


This is a hard one because it depends upon some variables.  I think we all hate what we hear happens to the animals in feedlots, but it’s already hard enough that an animal is raised and then sent off to be butchered.  The stories there are bad enough.  A lot of people take a stand against it by going vegetarian, but I fail to see how this is helping the situation at all.  If enough of us did it would make a difference but I can’t see that happening.

Then there’s the other side of the argument that rages around us, and that’s the need of animal meat in the diet to fulfil our dietary requirements.  I can hear those who believe this and those who don’t having stand up arguments! I think we all have to make a decision that sits right with us and be willing to change one way or another as time goes on.

The Bible clearly states that originally we were given vegetables and herbs for food, but at a later time God allowed animals to be used as food.  So from a spiritual point of view we do no wrong when we consume meat.

I’ve often wondered about the fear an animal goes through as it waits in line smelling death all around it.  What does this do?  You know we all have the “fight or flight” adrenalin kick in when faced with something  horrible and quite naturally the animals experience this also.  I wonder what that does to the meat which we then consume.  When we eat that same meat, does it affect our bodies?  These are my questions and thoughts.

Anyway, I’m quite sure that generally speaking, many people consume too much meat, especially red meat.  The point is the professionals are definitely encouraging us to cut down.  Check out my plan for eating more variety of foods during the week.

Milk – raw

I don’t know about you, but I was brought up drinking raw milk… straight from the cow.  Well, what I mean is, we’d milk the cow and take the bucket to the house, chill it in the fridge and drink to our heart’s content!  They really were the good ‘ol days.  Not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that one day I wouldn’t be able to buy the stuff anywhere!  Or that what they’d expect us to drink would be so adulterated that it’s no longer suitable to give to a calf!  But don’t worry, they say… it’s fine for you!

If you have access to raw milk you are certainly onto a good thing.  Raw milk is very good for you bringing you lots of health benefits.  Once they heat the milk during the pasteurizing process, the milk is changed and the benefits are no longer there like it was before.  To add insult to injury they then homogenize the milk, that is… they put the milk through a another process which mixes the cream through the milk.  This further destroys it.

Milk is one of those “grey” areas… as far as what the health professionals say.  Some love it (raw milk) and some say not to have any.  Considering it’s almost impossible to find raw milk the obvious answer is to use nut/coconut milks.

Nut Milk

There is a great variety of nut milks you can purchase ready made in the supermarket.  You need to read the labels carefully to see exactly what it is you are buying.  My most favourite is definitely Coconut Milk.  But it’s quite possible to make a number of these relatively easily at home.  Just whiz some dessicated coconut and water, strain, cool, use.  Nut milks are almost as easy to make.

A really tasty drink you can make would be one I found from Yuri Elkaim in 8 Energy Boosting Desserts.  It’s called Healing Turmeric Latte – don’t you think that’s a nice name? It’s adding a few spices like turmeric, cinnamon, cloves etc to a nut milk and gently heating it on the cooktop.  I’ve used a combination of Coconut Water and Coconut Cream and it’s come out yummo!  I will be adding it often to my diet.


Many nuts are sold roasted and salted.  The salt they use is table salt… you don’t need that!  Buy fresh raw nuts where possible and salt your own with Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt.  Most health professionals recommend you soak your nuts before eating them. Some professionals recommend a light roasting.  It’s hard to know… so maybe a mixture of both would be good.


Coconut Oil has to be the best oil of them all.  Having a high smoke point it’s great to use for cooking.  It’s even good to eat it off a spoon!  This oil can help you reduce weight as well.  You can make up a lovely treat from a combination of coconut oil, raw honey and cinnamon. Believed for years that it was unhealthy because it sets hard and therefore was believed to block arteries.  If you take a little hard coconut oil and hold it between for fingers for just a moment it will melt.  It would be impossible for it to harden inside a warm body.  Don’t be afraid of using it. Coconut Oil is the only oil that it’s ok to heat more than once, as heat doesn’t destroy it in any way.

All other oils shouldn’t be used in cooking and if you do happen to use them, they should never be reheated. Canola Oil has long been touted as a healthy oil but in fact is far from healthy.  Don’t use it.  They will tell you anything to get you to buy their products. For salads etc, use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado or Macadamia Oil.  Please read the labels and try to ascertain that you are buying pure oils as Olive Oil, more often than not, is “watered down” with other lesser quality oils.  Will it ever end what they will do to save a cent or two?


It seems so easy to buy microwave popcorn… pop it in, pop, pop, pop and it’s done.  But did you know the bags are lined with a substance called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).  Big name, big problems… it’s the same toxic stuff they line teflon pans with which is toxic.  You don’t need this in your body because once it’s in there it likes to hang around for a long time doing damage.  Apart from the bag, the actual contents contain all manner of ingredients that you don’t want in your body.  You need to learn to buy some organic corn kernals, pop them yourself in a saucepan and then add lots of luscious natural flavours.

Probiotic Foods

When you take a course of antibiotics they destroy both the good and the bad bacteria in your gut, so it’s important especially at that time, to make sure you restore the good bacteria back to how it should be.  You can buy probiotics in capsule form, but there are other even more potent ways of getting them into your body.  Foods like Milk Kefir and Water Kefir, Kombucha, Kimchi etc add lots of beneficial bacteria.  Other foods like lactose-fermented fruits and vegetables, pickles and sauerkraut are very good for you. Many of these foods are easy to make at home and are very cheap.

Red Wine

Alcohol played no part in my upbringing and still up unto today I’m not interested in it.  I found I never needed it to have a good time and I think it’s wrecked too much havoc in people’s lives.  But I can’t ignore what all the health professionals are saying regarding the benefits of red wine, and there are many.  I guess each of us need to make our own decision, but if you can be sure you will not end up in a bad place through alcohol, a glass of red wine is a good addition to your evening meal. 


It’s important to eat raw salads and raw vegetables as often as you can because they are full of vitamins and minerals which your body needs to be healthy, but also because the enzymes which digest the food are still alive.  Cooking kills them.  Although cooking does do away with the enzymes and some of the vitamins and minerals, as long as you don’t cook them until they’re mush, many of the vitamins and minerals become more usable by your body after they’ve been gently steamed or stir-fried.  Remember to eat lots and lots of variety, don’t get stuck with the same few salad vegetables.


Don’t believe them when they tell you to cut down on your salt.  You must have salt for a healthy body.  What you need to cut down on, in fact try to eradicate out of your life, is the mineral stripped and treated table salt… the usual salt you buy in the supermarket.  That is really bad for you, but the lovely pink Himalayan Salt is full of minerals which are really good for you, as is Celtic Sea Salt too.

Even Iodised Salt is still just table salt with a little iodine added.  You really do need iodine and one of the best sources of it comes from Kelp.  Buy some and sprinkle it on your dinner each night.  You can also buy iodine drops from the chemist, health or organic shops… more expensive but does mean you get a good dose. All fast food outlets and restaurants add a lot of the processed table salt in their cooking, so beware.  You don’t want that stuff.


There are many spices that add greatly to our health and we should be using them a lot more than most of us do.  Spices like Cinnamon, Vanilla, Tumeric etc, should be used as often as you can.  If not already using them, decide to make them a part of your life from now on.

Sweeteners such as Stevia, Coconut Sugar, Maple Syrup & raw Honey

It is not wise to continue to eat your food really sweet.  You need to gradually wean yourself off the sweet taste. A time will come when you will find certain foods too sweet for you, which is great.  Don’t over-indulge in honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar, but you will certainly benefit from the vitamins and minerals they contain.  Just remember they hold a lot of calories, so learn to use less.  Stevia doesn’t have any calories but still using less is better as you want your taste buds to adjust to the taste of foods and drinks without so much of the sweet taste.


When you add milk to your tea you prevent yourself from receiving all the wonderful health benefits of the drink.  This is bad news for those who want milk in their tea.  If you want the health benefits, learn to enjoy your tea black.  You might need to start off making the tea quite weak, as I had to, but you will find over time you’ll increase the strength of it.  Add a nice slice of organic lemon if you enjoy that.

If you need a sweetener make sure you use only natural raw honey or stevia.  I’ve found that the stevia drops are better tasting.  It’s easy to make your own… equal stevia powder to equal filtered water, add to a little dropper bottle and it will last for ages.  Don’t buy honey from the supermarket as it’s been heated and pasteurized.  This kills a lot of its benefits.  Try the health shop or organic shop… or buy locally when out for a drive.


It’s not always possible to pick up organic produce but please do it wherever you can.  Learn to ask questions as to the origins of it, and check to see if its been genetically modified… if it has, run a mile!  I’m sure you don’t want to be part of their human experiment, especially when they didn’t even bother to ask you.

Buying locally is always the best as food that has travelled long distances has lost much of its nutrients.  Even buying frozen vegetables is preferable to fresh that’s come from far away.  I know you won’t be able to pick up organic or locally grown for everything you wish to buy, but just do your best. Get in the habit of going to your local Farmers’ Markets to buy your fresh produce.  Just make sure you ask questions.

Maybe it’s time to begin your own garden at home, whether it’s a proper garden outside, or a container garden on the balcony.  Either way it’s more than possible to grow a lot of different veges which will bring you much pleasure and pride.  The other good thing is that you will know exactly what goes on your produce as you stay away from all the sprays and weed killers.  Learn what you can use to grow a natural organic garden.

For a quick overview of healthy alternatives go to Your Health Your Choice – Toolkit.

Are you ready to make a change 4 life by healthy eating?  I do hope so.  It can’t be a now and again experience, it has to be something that becomes a part of your daily experience.  Begin today eating your way to good health… it’s so important and you’ll be ever so grateful when you start eating top energy foods that cause you to being jumping out of your skin!

Here’s to your health and mine.  Don’t hesitate to share of some foods you believe should be included in this list… I’d love to hear from you.

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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