Enroling a New Sisel Distributor

After reading the Pre Enrolment Information, please follow these simple instructions:



The Right Website

Make sure you go to your own replicating website. Your name will show up as the distributor. Click “Sign Up”





2Enrol under Your Sponsor



  • It will show the ID and Name of the Sponsor. (This will be your sponsor if you are joining under them, or… you if you are entering the details on behalf of a New Distributor.
  • Are you placing the member under someone in your group?  If so, when you type there ID number in the little box, their name will appear.  If you typed it incorrectly, please login to your back office and select “Downline” then “Downline Report”.  There you will see their ID number.ed-9
  • If you are enrolling as the New Member, only fill in this box if your sponsor asked you to.
  • Select your country.
  • Check if joining as a Distributor or a Preferred Customer.
  • Hit “Next”




3Place Initial Order

You will see this screen next:


Scroll down that page until you see:


Then “Expand All Products” to see this:


Just read through and make your selection.

  • I’m only showing a small selection of the product line here.
  • If you wish to order just one of the products then click the button under “Add to Todays Order”
  • If you wish to order more than one, then click the arrow to the side of the “Quantity” and select your amount and then click “Add to Todays Order”.


For an example I have only selected an Essential Eternity and this is what is shown at the bottom of the page:





4Set Up Auto Purchase


When you have selected the products for the next month’s Auto Purchase, please click “Next”.




5Personal Information

You will need to have the answers to all the sections marked with an asterisk:



    • Tax File Number:  Somewhere during the process you are asked for your Tax File Number.  This number is used for security purposes by Sisel, to identify you if you require assistance in your replicating website. I have been advised that your Driver’s License or Passport are both acceptable as these are also unique numbers applicable to you.


    • Phone Numbers: When showing your phone numbers please show them with your country code.  For Australia this is +61.  The next is your state code, for example 03.  Please leave the 0 off.  For example, your number will now look like: +61 3 1234 5678.  The same with mobile numbers.  Make sure you remove the 0 from the front of the mobile number.  If your number was 012345678, you would print 12345678.  Remember you are a globally seamless distributor and it’s important to show your country code if someone wishes to contact you.


  • Signing Up on Behalf of Someone Else: Always take a “Print Screen” of the actual order information when it’s show and copy it to a word document.  Also “Print Screen” the enrollment information showing the ID and the password etc. Save both ducments in the name of the person being enrolled then email this through to them with a congratulations for having joined Sisel and wishing them all the best.


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