First Line of Defense – Immune System

What is it that protects us against all evil…  all the bad guys – you know what I mean?  Our first line of defense is our immune system.  Maybe we’ve not taken the time to really think about it, but a strong immune system is paramount to good health.

If we have made the decision to enjoy the best health possible, then we first need to see what it is we need to do to keep our immune system strong.

If you have cancer, where did it come from?

Apparently you cannot have cancer if your immune system is strong and effective.  It’s impossible.  Wow, that gives us a little clue to work on doesn’t it?

OK, so if it means our immune system is somehow compromised, then we’d better do something about it.  If we are wanting to stay cancer free, then best we do more than just read this… we need to do whatever it takes to keep our immune system so strong that cancer has a lesser chance of taking hold of us.

Our Immune System - first line of defenseIt’s like a battle going on out in the field.

If we are in battle we’d better make sure that the guys who make up the first line of defense have really got it all together.

They are the ones out in front.  If there is a weak spot, then the enemy has a chance to come on through… oops that’s not good. 🙁

When someone gets cancer it means that somehow the enemy has broken through and got hold of them in some way.  It means that the immune system was not being vigilant and somehow managed to miss the cancer.

The Function of Natural Killer Cells

Let’s try to understand how the immune system works. Within each one of us, from the time we were born, natural killer cells have been doing their job checking our systems for “bad guys”.  These natural killer cells are actually special white blood cells that have a specific job to do. Inbuilt within them they have a natural ability to find anything that’s abnormal in a cell, such as cancer for example, or a virus.   They are always checking each individual cell to see if it’s good or bad.  If a cell is good, they let it pass on by.  If a cell is not good, the function of natural killer cells is to kill it there and then.

These white blood cells (natural killer cells) are part of your immune system and cannot differentiate between cancer,  viruses, or whatever… they only know automatically which ones are good, and which ones are bad.  When they find a bad one… boom!

Considering our immune system is the only thing standing between these enemies and our health, it’s great to know we have natural killer cells ready to do the job.

I found this video which helps us to understand how they work:

But… yes there is a but… if your immune system is not as healthy as it should be then “the bad guys” not only get in, but they take hold of us. This means our immune system has failed in its duty.

So as you can see, it’s quite crucial for us to do whatever is necessary to maintain a strong and healthy immune system.

OK… so what on earth can we do?  How do we know if it’s strong or not?  Well maybe we’ve got a little idea because we seem to pick up every bug that floats past us… that would give us a clue.  Remember, a strong immune system would simply “kill ’em dead”!!  If this is happening to you then it’s a real clue to the fact that something needs to be done to build your health.  We don’t have to go down with every flu bug and virus that’s brought into our work place.  I think a lot of people expect to get sick, or feel that it’s not something they can do anything about.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our wonderful immune system has hundreds of functions within the body and we have billions of immune system cells at our disposal.  Amazing isn’t it?

Let me say something you may not have thought of before… Did you know that doctors cannot heal you?  No, what they are supposed to do is to bring the immune system to a place where it can heal you.  Yes, it’s the immune system that actually does the healing.  It’s the immune system that heals cancer… nothing else can do it.  It is the only permanent cure.

First Line of Defense – Immune System

So the question now is, what do we have to do to make sure that our immune system stays strong and vigilant?

There are 4 main things we need to take into account and really everything else is a part of these:

  1. We need to make sure we receive plenty of nutrients from our diet.  Eat a variety of vegetables and salads daily making sure you cover all the food groups.
  2. Remain hydrated by drinking sufficient fluid for our body’s requirements.
  3. Keep our iodine levels up
  4. Have correct salt levels. This is referring to real salt… not the mineral-depleted, stripped table salt that we all should avoid.

Now there are many things that can cause our first line of defense, our immune system, to be compromised, but if we follow these 4 points to the letter, we are in a much better place.  This helps the function of our natural killer cells contained within our immune system and will build our health to the place it needs to be.

Meanwhile, if you would like more detailed information about all this you can click here.

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  1. I found this article very fascinating. I didn’t realize how important our immune systems were. I sure had never thought about the direct correlation to cancer. Thanks for the insight.

    • This is the thing Jamie… we don’t realise do we! If there’s anything we need to look after well, it’s our immune system. Thanks for the comment.

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