Ginger Flavored Honey Recipes

Ginger Flavored Honey Recipes

Method 1 – Juicing the Ginger First

1 Get ready honey and ginger

 Step 1
Gather together your Organic Raw Honey and ginger root.

2 Peel the ginger

Step 2
Peel the ginger root.  You can skip this step if your ginger root is organic.  Just wash it well.

3 Juice the ginger

Step 3
Get out your juicer and juice the ginger.

4 Add the honey to the <a target= Step 4
Add your Organic Raw Honey into your blender .  My honey is well candied here.  Won’t be like this for long!  Pour in the ginger juice.

Comes out creamy like this

Step 5
Blend on high for 5 minutes.

6 pour in jar and label it Ginger HoneyStep 6
Pour ginger honey into a jar and label it.

You can make this ginger honey as strong or as mild as you like it.  In this illustration I only used a  relative small amount of honey but juiced half of the ginger root.  You can always add more honey to the mix if you feel it’s too strong.  I like it strong… it’s yummy!

Method 2 – Blending and Straining the Ginger

 11 Gather ginger, <a target=

Step 1
Gather together honey, ginger root and a blender


22 Wash ginger and whizz in <a target= Step 2
Wash the ginger thoroughly is the ginger is organic and add to your blender.  Leaving the skin on is ok as it contains a lot of extra nutrients.

 Or… peel the ginger if you prefer.

Blend it until the ginger is finely grated,

 33 Until it looks like this

 Step 3
It should come out something like this.

44 Add the honey

Step 4
Scrape the side down and add the Organic Raw Honey.

I tend to add a good 1/3rd or so of a 1.5k honey pot.

 45 By the spoon full or tip it in

Step 5
Keep adding by the spoon full or simply tip it in straight from the container.

 55 Whizz for at least 5 minutes until fluffy and creamy

 Step 6
Put the lid back on your blender and whizz for about 5 minutes or so.

It should come out looking fluffy, creamy and luscious!

66 Strain through a seive

 Step 7
Strain the mixture.  I often pour it through a medium sieve and then again through a very fine one.

You want to get out all those fine fibres that you see in the ginger.  They are not a nice feel in your mouth.  Ugh!

 77 You may need the help of a spatula

 Step 8
You may need to give it a bit of a hand with a spatula as the fibres tend to clog up in the strainer.

When finished, just discard the fibres.

 6 Jar the honey and label it Ginger Honey

 Step 9
Now you have yourself a nice jar of ginger honey, made in your very own kitchen by your very own self!  Proud you should be!

You can use it in many ways including pouring over steamed carrots, or ice-cream, or in your morning Lemon and Ginger Honey Tea!

I tend to give it a little stir each time I use it to combine the fluff from the top through the honey.  That way it stays wonderful right to the very end.

Once you  have made this for yourself, you won’t want to ever be without it.

Either one of these ginger flavored honey recipes is good.  It’s just a matter of which way suits you best.  Feel free to try both ways as they are both excellent.  Don’t forget to come back and tell me how you went will you?  Have you got any great ideas you’d like to share with us?  Have you tried to mix other flavors into honey?  If so, what?  Come on… share in the comments area as I’d love to hear from you.

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