Health Benefits of Yacon Syrup

This article comes under the “What Bugs Need” category which is known as “prebiotics”.  This is where I would like to discuss the health benefits of Yacon Syrup as it’s a great food for the little creatures!  Where do you buy Yacon Syrup?  Yes, we’ll discuss that too.

I had never heard of it before but I was in our local organic/wholesale store and some how it come up.  They gave me a little bit to taste and I loved it.  Now I’m not fully confident that just because I love it that you will too, the reason being that I often tell my sister that something tastes really nice and she responds with “yuk!” Hmm… apparently our taste buds are very different.

Yacon Syrup gives Health Benefits

I find that Yacon Syrup has a malty type flavour which I’m partial to anyway, but it’s got nothing to do with barley.

Yacon is an ancient perennial plant from Peru that forms tubers similar to sweet potato, or maybe a fairly large dahlia bulb. It’s related to the sunflower (which the plant tends to look like) and it’s distantly related to dahlias and Jerusalem artichokes.

It grows quite high, well, at least as high as a person, and has a cute yellow flower. The tubers come in many colours including orange, pink, purple, and yellow.

All the parts of the plant can be used.  The tubers can be eaten cooked virtually any way for a great tasting vegetable, or eaten raw in salads.  Even the leaves can be made up into a herb tea.  And… the syrup is a good sugar substitute.

So what’s so special about this strange sounding plant/tuber?


Health Benefits Yacon Syrup

There can receive quite a few health benefits from consuming Yacon, either as a vegetable, drinking it as a tea, or from it’s syrup.  It potentially helps with your liver function, blood sugar and even as cancer prevention.  I’ve also read where it can help to lower cholesterol if this is necessary.  It can improve your immune system and even increase your bone density levels.  Sounds rather good to me.  Dr Oz aired a segment where it was primarily promoted as a weight loss product!

Does it work for any of these things?  I don’t know!  Not really.  I mean, so far I’ve bought some and basically take a teaspoon full each morning.  My main reason for consuming it is because it’s a known prebiotic and I just want to make sure my “little bugs” are being well looked after. 🙂  Got to make them strong so they can fight off all the bad bugs, so anything I can do to help them has to be good.  You see, Yacon Syrup is full of natural fibre (inulin) and it’s the fibre that the “little bugs” like to eat.  Strange really, as you wouldn’t expect a syrup to be full of fibre would you?

yaconsyrupAnd another really cool thing is that it is almost half fructooligosaccharides!  How’s that for an amazing word?  So what’s so wonderful about fructooligosaccharides?  (Just had to throw that in there again!)  You see, basically you can’t digest that big word… I mean, literally.  It simply passes through the body.  It’s unrecognised by the digestive system.

Now that’s about as far as I can go with the explanations.  I’m not even sure how to pronounce that word, let alone tell you heaps about what it is and how it works.  But all I know is that Yacon Syrup tastes sweet (like a syrup should) and consuming it feeds my “little bugs” and if I’m lucky it will help me to lose weight at the same time.

Where Do You Buy Yacon Syrup?

I buy mine from my local health/organic/wholesale store so you could always try somewhere like that.

If you’d rather, follow one of the links and buy it through Amazon.  Some really good ones there.

Have you ever used Yacon Syrup?  Gosh, I’d love to hear what your experience has been.  Please leave it in the comments down below.

Now that “Where do you buy Yacon Syrup” has been covered, and we’ve looked briefly at the health benefit of Yacon Syrup, I leave it to you.  As for me one taste was all it took for me to say to myself… I want that!  That’s my bottle you can see in the picture and as you can see I’m only part way through it.  If you get some, don’t forget to come back and let me know what you think.

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  1. Just had to say I used some for the first time the other day! As you say, it does sure taste good. I’m looking to see if there are benefits.

    • Hey, that’s great! I’m glad you like it too. Maybe the benefits might not be that obvious to you, I don’t know, but never-the-less, I know your “bugs” are enjoying it. Let me know how you go.

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