Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

I made a post on Himalayan Salt health benefits and a comment was left saying “Isn’t there something called a salt lamp. I wonder if that is healthful at all? ”  I had already decided to do one on the Himalayan Salt lamp benefits but this spurred me on to do it now.  In this post we will take a look at the negative ions health benefits at the same time.


Himalayan Salt Lamp in my Lounge Room

I just love these lamps and at the present time I have four of them in my home. Even if there were no other benefits to receive from them, the beauty they add to my decor is outstanding. I simply adore the ambiance they create and that would be enough to make me want them throughout my home.

But… there’s so much more!

What are they made of?

The lamps are made out of pure Himalayan Rock Salt.  They hollow out a little part in the middle of them and a small bulb is inserted.  They come in all various sizes and are remarkably heavy.  When you purchase one you may wish to remember that.

Where do they come from?

Deep below the Himalayan Mountains, currently in Pakistan, these salt mines can be found.  The mining is done manually by hand.  Don’t you find that amazing in this day and age?  I surely do.

Here’s a clip showing the miners at work and how visitors can go in and see this all for themselves:

OK, apart from the look of them, what else can I expect from them?

Good question… one I was hoping you’d ask!

Positive and Negative Ions

Have you heard about negative and positive ions? Maybe… maybe not?  Well I’m not about to give a scientific explanation here but give you a quick and simple understanding of what I’m talking about.

Negative and positive ions are kind of back to front!  In a sense, it’s the positive ones which are the “villains” while the negative are the “good guys”.  For a lot of us, positive ions are all around us.  We can’t see them, they are far too small, but that doesn’t stop them from causing havoc in our lives if we don’t counteract them.

Positive ions  (the villains) come from things like electrical equipment and fluorescent lighting; hair dryers and clothes dryers are particularly bad. Air conditioners;  carpets; curtaining… there’s a big long list.  It’s not all in the home though, as they are in the air just before an electrical storm too.

If we are subject to a lot of these villains it will effect our moods, make us anxious, really irritable,  and generally tired and grumpy!  Now we don’t want that, do we?

Negative ions (the good guys) make us feel the exact opposite.  Yay!

It goes something like this… the positive ions (villains) are in the air having been created from our computers for example.  But… we have our gorgeous Himalayan Salt Lamp sitting close by busily creating negative ions (good guys).  These guys are automatically attracted to the villains and “pow!” they give them a negative charge, fair and square!  The villains curl over in pain and fall to the ground.

It could be that in the air around you there are some bacteria floating about… or maybe a virus.  Along come the good guys “pow! pow! pow!”and the villains are dealt with.  Good stuff!  Now as your little lamp continues to create it’s magic, the air around you becomes neutralized and you can breathe easy!

Does that make you want to rush out and buy a lamp right now?  Thinking about it as I type, I’m glad I’ve got my little lamp working on my behalf.

Can we find negative ions in nature?

Yes we can!  We find them in those wonderful places we all like to go.  Think for a moment… where do you dream of being right now?  Did you think… the beach?  Right on!  You know that feeling you get when you go down to the beach and breathe in that air?  What makes it so amazing is all the negative ions created by all that pounding water.

Where else do you find them?

Salt Lamp Benefits of Himalayan SaltWaterfalls!  Breathe deeply – it’s doing you good.

Walking or camping in the forest, or bush as we call it here.  Great smells… full of negative ions.  Don’t you just love it?  Sure you do.

How do you feel after a thunderstorm has just passed through?  Refreshed?  Energized?  Same reason.

Back in the home negative ions are created even in your shower so maybe that’s why your morning shower makes you feel so good.

These incredible, natural, beautiful hunks of rock are natural ion generators.  Yes, they emit negative ions into the atmosphere around about you.  So now, just by placing one or more of them in your home, you can create your own beach, waterfall, camp spot in the bush.

But you need them close to you.  It’s not like they are filling the whole room, but if you keep them close to where you work, or maybe even sleep, or anywhere you find you spend a lot of time, they will be helping you in the most subtle way.  Of-course you need them to be switched on because they attract the moisture from your air, and then negative ions are emitted as the water evaporates.  The surface of these salt lamps will become quite moist and if you lick your finger after touching it, guess what?  It will be salty, but no harm done.

Negative Ions Health Benefits

So what are some of the health benefits we can receive through these rocks of salt?


Himalayan Salt Lamp in my Dining Room

There are many actually and rather than list them (I’d be afraid I’d miss out one of the good ones), let me say that negative ions are good for everything from enhancing your mood through to potentially helping with asthma!  These good guys help you to concentrate; give you a good sleep; and have a relaxing affect helping you lose tension.  I’ve heard it can even help with your blood pressure which seems to make sense.

As I said before, even without all these extra benefits, I wouldn’t want to be without my lamps made from Himalayan Salt.  This particular salt is so pure and has not been affected by modern day pollutants, being tucked away so nice and neatly deep beneath the mountain.

To receive your very own Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits you can buy them on Amazon. They have a wonderful variety, all shapes and sizes.  You’ll just love what you see, just as I do.  When you set them up in your home you’ll receive all the negative ions health benefits they emit and it’s just one more way of taking some simple steps to a healthier life.  Do you have a lamp?  If so, please share your experiences.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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  1. I am an absolute convert when it comes to Himalayan salt lamps! I have one in the bedroom, one in the living room and even bought a couple of small ones for the kid’s bedrooms. They look so gorgeous aswell, I’m always encouraging my friends/family to get them!

    • Yes, I found that too… I got one and then wanted another and another! They certainly give your home a great ambience, quite apart from anything else they might do. thanks for sharing. Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    This is such an interesting and informative read. I’ve always been fascinated by candles, lamps and just about anything with lights. And I’m yet to come across one with health benefits until now. I hope I can get one soon. I’m sure they will look cozy in my room. Is there a DIY for these too?

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Rock! Yes, that’s a bit like me… I love the lovely ambience created by candles, lamps etc… especially Himalayan Lamps. And the fact they have health benefits is just a plus. I’m not so sure you can make them yourself but really, I suppose it could be done. You would have to hollow out the place for the light to be inserted, but don’t take my word for it – I don’t want you electrocuting yourself!

      I’m happy you found the post interesting and informative.


  3. I have recently been looking into getting a Himalayan Salt lamp or even a Himalayan Salt candle holder. Even having looked into these, I didn’t know just how many health benefits there are to getting one. Thank you so much for sharing and pushing me closer to getting my own Himalayan Salt lamp.

    • I’m so happy to have helped you make such a good choice! Quite apart from any health benefits, they look fantastic. You won’t be sorry. Thanks for sharing. Marily

  4. It’s an interesting thing about salt is that due to its cellular structure stores vibrating energy.I heard it’s the best salt in the world.I heard it’s the best salt in the world and it reduces signs of aging, increase libido and prevents gallstones.It is clear that this salt was stored in this clean, untouched land, which was surrounded by snow and ice for long and protected from pollution that is today.A very interesting article.Thanks!

    • Thank you Donna! Yes, I agree with what you said. I wonder if it really does reduce signs of aging, increase libido and prevent gallstones??? I’ll have to do some more research and see if I can find the answer to that. Thank you once again for sharing.

  5. Kind greetings Marilyn,
    I have seen these Himalayan salt lamps before at local markets and things like that but I have always thought of them as just home decoration and never really as a source of positive energy; or rather, negative ions. Though at first glance, it seems like you have written a lot yet I cruised through your post with no strain at all. I have never heard of positive/negative ions before but now I feel so much more educated about how I can improve my health. Do larger ones produce more negative ions than the smaller ones? I’ll be sure to look into purchasing a salt lamp for my bedroom. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your comment Khoifush, I really appreciate it. I’m not totally sure but I would have to presume the larger they are the more potential for them to give off more negative ions. It only makes sense. Let me know how you get on.

  6. These lamps are so cool, I don’t know of any other rock that will allow light to pass through it, apart from precious stones or crystals. They are beautiful.

    They have amazing health benefits too. My god daughter is an asthma sufferer for many years. We have tried to find many solutions for her condition, and now we will try this one.

    Thanks for the great information you have really helped me discover something useful!

    • I’m happy about that JammySammy! Yes, not only are they lovely but they are also very beneficial, so it’s good all the way around. I’d love to know how you get on.

  7. This was a very interesting read. I had heard of salt lamps before, but I really didn’t realize they had any purpose. I have been suffering with lack of energy lately so I was really excited to hear about the great benefits. I will definitely be looking into this! Thanks for the very informative review.

  8. Great post on those himalayan salt lamps! I never actually heared of them before but as I read about their benefits it looks like they are very good to our life.
    The video helped me understand a little bit more on those lamps so it was good to put it there 🙂
    Now that i understood how the work I think I will consider buying me a lamp as well.

    • Hi Alexey… They say you learn something new every day… so this was your new learning experience! 🙂 I do hope you will consider to purchase one as they are very lovely to have in your home. You will soon grow to love it.

  9. This is actually fantastic information. My mum has one of these in her house and I knew what it was but I never knew the actual concept behind them. She just told me she got it for my dad’s allergies. The use of photos showing the lamp throughout your home was reassuring and a really nice visual aid, it’s good to see people actually using the things they review. Loved the post, keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Ben! I hope the lamp actually helped with your Dad’s allergies. Yes, the concept behind the lamps is really fantastic and they give a great ambiance in the home as well. Very fond of them. Thanks for the comment… appreciate it.

  10. Interesting video, it didn’t play on your website though I had to click through to youtube. How awesome was that salt mine!

    My mum bought me one of these a few years ago and at first I scoffed. But then I read about them and it is actually quite incredible some of the benefits that come with using them. You’ve really pointed those out well.

    The biggest issue I had was finding a suitable light globe, one that wasn’t too hot and powerful and that fit up the tiny shaft in the centre. If you use one that is too hot it can be a fire hazard. Anyway thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yes, I see they have now disabled it unfortunately but it’s still worth the look. I see it opens up in a different tab which is good.

      I’m glad you have begun to appreciate the benefits of the lamps, and indeed, the salt itself.

      Having the right sized globe is definitely important as I have heard about the fire hazard side of them. I don’t leave it going all the time although I do know of others who do. I kind of err on the side of caution.

      Thanks for the comment Tim, really appreciate it.

  11. HI, Yes, that is great info. I have wondered about these lamps. People say the feeling of negative ions is very pleasant like after it has been raining. I think we take salt for granted. Until we didn’t have it anymore.

    • I guess it’s like everything… we take it for granted and then one day if for some reason it’s not there anymore, we suddenly realise all the benefits! Yes we can certainly relate to what it’s like down at the beach… or standing in front of a waterfall. Gives you an understanding of what the negative ions are like in the Himalayan Salt Lamp. Thanks for commenting.

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