Is Cancer a Death Sentence?

Now right here at the beginning I want to remind you that I do not pretend to know the answer to a question like that, but what I do know is what the professionals are saying about it… and I’m simply relaying that to you.  You can make up your own mind… and please do.  This article is a compilation of information from many doctors and scientists discussing:

Is cancer a death sentence?doctor syringe

Well I know that it strikes fear into the heart of almost everyone.  I’ve been there.  The doctor called me into her office and asked if I could come straight away.  As you could imagine I wondered why.  Upon my arrival she immediately informed me that they had found something which she felt could be cancer and I needed to see a specialist/surgeon immediately!  The way she spoke to me let me know she was more than concerned.

When someone lumps words like that on you it’s hard to keep your heart beating normally.  Anyway, I followed through with the specialist appointment where he too told me he believed it looked seriously like cancer and needed immediate attention.

This mass was in my gall bladder and he scheduled me for an operation at the earliest time available, in fact I was moved up in front of a long list of waiting patients.  The long and the short of it was that they removed my gall bladder but the good news was it wasn’t cancer.

Apparently my gall bladder was a bit of a mess and as far as he was concerned, the only answer was to remove it.  It all happened rather quickly and the symptoms I had were not like others experience, so to me it was a bit of a mystery.  But looking back, if I had had more time to think and if they hadn’t put all that fear on me I maybe would have taken another route and looked at other possibilities… but it’s too late now.

The only light I saw at the end of the tunnel was through my doctor/surgeon friend in Melbourne.  I showed him the info and he said he didn’t believe it was cancer… but everyone else rushed me through.

More and more info is coming to light almost daily on the subject of cancer.  If you are open to an alternative way of thinking there is an enormous amount of very helpful information.

So what are these people saying?

To begin with let’s take a moment to look at what 28 doctors and 11 scientists are saying cancer is:

  • Cancer is made up of cells that have damaged DNA.  Because of this they begin to multiply.
  • Rogue mutant cells multiply and create their own blood flow and enzymes which puts your immune system to sleep so that it can’t recognize really what’s going on. This is how the tumor protects itself by tricking your immune system.  Weird!
  • Cancer is where some cells no longer respond to your body’s signals to tell them to quit.

OK, so what can be done about this problem?

black-spotsOne of the professionals told this little story: 

If you were a farmer and saw black spots on your trees you wouldn’t take a pair of scissors and cut all the spots off, would you?

You wouldn’t say “Hey I just got rid of all the black spots!”

No, you wouldn’t.

You would need to find out what caused the black spots and deal with that because cutting off the spots won’t do it.

  • Cancer in itself is not the problem – it is the symptom of a problem.
  • Cancer is the flashing light on the dashboard of your car.  You can’t fix the problem by smashing the light.
  • You cannot cut out, shrink or poison the symptom and then expect to stay well.  It’s like cutting off your nose to fix a cold.
  • Every symptom is the body doing the right thing at the right time. The symptom is the body doing a wise thing. It’s like when you get a fever – the human body can live at a high or low temperature but the bacteria can’t.  The fever is a cleansing, detoxifying experience and is your body’s response to a problem.  You always feel better after it.
  • Unless you change your behavior, the cancer is going to come back and manifest itself somewhere else.  This is a rather scary thought!

Now here’s a biggy…

Apparently 86% of Oncologists state they would not give themselves, or their families, the same treatments they give to their patients!!!  Now wait a moment… what’s going on here?

Some other thoughts are:

  • A person doesn’t get sick because they’ve got cancer.  They’re already sick and because of that they develop cancer. (Remember the flashing light on the dashboard?  Is cancer the flashing light alerting them to the fact that something is wrong rather than the cancer in itself being the problem?  It would appear so.)
  • Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy cause cancer to spread. (What!?)
  • Using poison on an already sick person doesn’t give very good results. (Hmm… that makes sense.)
  • Almost everyone in America who dies, dies not because of the cancer but from the direct effects of chemotherapy. (Oh no that’s definitely not good!)
  • You live longer if you do nothing or stay right away from hospitals.  The drugs hasten death. (Man alive!)

So to conclude… no, basically cancer is not a death sentence, but we do need to understand what it is we are dealing with…

Once again I want to remind you that these are not my words but are a combination of the thoughts of the following professionals and cancer survivors:

  • Dr. Roby Mitchell, M.D.
  • Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.
  • Suzanne Somers
  • Dr. Patrick Quillin
  • Dr. Robert Scott Bell
  • Dr. David Jockers
  • Dr. Veronique Desaulniers
  • Burton Goldberg
  • Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D.
  • AJ Lanigan
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar
  • Chris Wark
  • G. Edward Griffin
  • Bill Henderson
  • KC Craichy
  • Dr. Linda Isaacs, M.D.
  • Webster Kehr
  • Dr. Keith Scott Mumby
  • Dr. Darrell Wolfe
  • Jason Vale
  • Ian Jacklin
  • Tamara St. John
  • Dr. Charles Majors
  • Jeffrey Smith
  • Wendy Wilson
  • Dr. Irvin Sahni M.D.
  • Paul Barattiero
  • Shannon Knight
  • Ty Bollinger – Host

Is cancer a death sentence?  From the information above we would have to conclude that it’s not the cancer we need to worry about, but it’s what has caused us to come down with cancer which is more the problem.  We need to find out what that is.  Meanwhile, these people are saying that to seek traditional medical advice resulting in chemotherapy, radiology or the like could bring about a death sentence needlessly.  To find out more information click here: The Truth About Cancer.

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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  1. Yes just the mention of cancer brings fear to the heart of so many… and with good reason. But if we are prepared to make those little changes in our lifestyle we place ourselves in a much better position to either not get cancer or to deal with it if it comes.

  2. i’ve always thought of cancer as very scary stuff but on looking at the site you recommended it makes me feel that it’s more in our control than I thought of before

  3. Hi Marilyn, thanks for sharing this interesting perspective about cancer. I do agree that sometime the hospital will hasten the death of sick people because they are used as “guinea pigs”.

    • Hi Edmund… thanks for the comment. I trust you’ll do your own research on the matter of-course, but according to what we are hearing it is a sad state of affairs. I’m absolutely sure that it’s not the normal doctors who are responsible for these things because really, they are only doing what they are taught, and what they believe to be the best for the patient.

    • Why do you say they are used as guinea pigs? Do you say they are using us as tests? Surely hospitals help rather than kill us.

      • Oh I’m quite sure hospitals in general only have one thing in mind and that is to help their patients get well as quickly as possible! It’s really not the hospitals or the doctors or nurses generally, I think the thing we need to worry about comes from higher up again. Big Pharma doesn’t always have your health as its top priority unfortunately.

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