Is Vegetable Oil Bad for You?

Butter is one of the healthy fats you can eat

Creamy butter made from grass-fed cows is healthy to eat.

Is vegetable oil bad for you? A lot of it comes down to the way it’s made.  Let’s look at butter for a moment.

  1. Skim the cream off the milk.
  2. Beat/shake the cream until it turns into butter.

This is doing something that doesn’t hurt the ingredients.  In fact, all we are doing is beating it until the butter milk comes out of the cream… the left-over is the fat of the milk which we call butter.  Nothing wrong with that, and if the cream is from a organic grass-fed cow, you’ve got yourself a very healthy food.

Even when butter is made commercially, the process does not do anything to alter the molecules within the milk/cream/butter, and there is no need for the use of strange chemicals.



But…what about the oils on the supermarket shelves?


Most of them are known as vegetable oils and the only way to get the oil to leave the seed is to chemically remove it, along with much high heat and pressure.  The process they use causes inflammatory free radicals and guess what… you are consuming it!

You wouldn’t use them if you knew what was in them.


But with all the advertising, the cover-ups, and the sweet-talking, you are mostly completely unaware.  Me too actually, I’m no different to you, that is… until my reading and research brought it before my attention.

After they use chemicals to wash and extract, and whatever else they do, they then chemically colour it.

Then to add insult to injury
they use more chemicals again
to take away the awful smell…they deodorize it. 
Just think on that for a moment!

Can you imagine, after they’ve done all of this, that the product is still considered to be safe for human consumption? I mean, you wouldn’t feed it to your dog, or any animal for that matter, but we are encouraged to cook with it and tip it all over our salads.  We are told they are “heart-healthy” and they will do us good.

Is Vegetable Oil Bad for You? Yes!

Margarine is a fat you are wise to avoid.

They can also hydrogenate the oils.  Do you understand what that means?  They chemically force hydrogen into the oil so it can harden at room temperatures. Another name for this is called “trans fats”.  I won’t get anymore technical than that, but the long and the short of it is, all the above can cause terrible diseases, including cancer.

Fortunately some manufacturers are beginning to phase out the use of hydrogenated oils (trans fats) and using other safer alternatives.  This is good news.  But… don’t be misled… there is still a LOT around that can be found in products such as fried food; snacks; baked goods, packets and cans.  These represent a lot of foods that are eaten every day around the world.


Article: Do you know you can eat fat and grow slim?


Check the ingredients in everything you buy…


I mean, everything. From sauces to chips; from crackers to cheeses; from cookies to condiments; salad dressings to… oh I don’t know, heaps of things!  Please check will you?  Many are hiding behind the ingredient marked as “vegetable oil”.  Trust me, leave it on the shelf and move on by. None of these will do you good and can lead to many horrible diseases.

Well that’s about it.  Did you already know that vegetable oil is bad for you?   Please leave a comment below…

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  1. consumption was decreasing, pyusunoatlrated fats were increasing in the American diet.a0 saturated fat is not the villain that we make it out to be. I agree with your post

    • Thanks for that Tina! The more of us that get to appreciate which fats are good and those that are not so good, the better. I can see you’re already there, which is fantastic.

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