Lemon Ginger Honey Tea Recipe

lemon ginger honey tea recipe - you need lemon and squeezer, tea bag & ginger honey

Lemon & Ginger Honey Tea Recipe

This Lemon Ginger Honey Tea Recipe is easy to make; tastes absolutely delicious and gives you a real boost if you have it first thing each morning.

I make two cups most mornings, one for me and one for my husband.  I gather 2 cups, a lemon, squeezer, tea bag and my Ginger Honey.

If you don’t have Ginger Honey on hand, and you most probably don’t, it’s ok.  If you have a piece of ginger just cut a small bit off the root and add to the cups.  The size to use depends on how “gingery” you like your drink.

It’s even better to have Ginger Honey on hand… here is how I make mine.

Hot water to make the tea

Boiling Water

Next put the jug on to boil.  Using filtered water is better than tap water.  Remember, the nicer the water – the nicer the drink… and better for you too.

Add the tea bag until required strength

Add the Tea Bag

Now it’s really good when you make the tea that you use  one that really counts towards your health. Basically all teas are good, but I usually use one of these, between the two cups:

  • Organic White Tea
  • Organic Green Tea
  • Organic Oolong Tea
  • Organic Rooibus Tea

I have a different one each morning.  These teas are particularly high in anti oxidants and that’s what we want.

Squeeze the lemon for the lemon juice

Squeezing the lemon

While you wait for the tea to steep, cut the lemon in half and squeeze.  I use 1/2 a lemon per cup.

As lemons vary so much in size, you be the judge.

I’ve been given a lot of little lemons from a friend, so often I use 1 lemon per cup.

Add the Ginger Honey to the hot tea

Ginger Honey

Now for the really yummy bit!  Add just enough Ginger Honey to make the drink taste good to you.  My honey has already got the ginger blended into it but if you haven’t got that on hand, simply add whatever honey you have.  In that case, remember the ginger is already in the cup.

Take back to the bedroom where hopefully your husband (if you have one) is sitting up waiting.  If not use “pssst” until he can’t stand it and he’ll soon rise to the occasion!

Drink and enjoy.


Today I learned something about honey which has caused me to be more careful in the future.  I have known for a long time that you shouldn’t heat honey but for some reason it didn’t click in my brain that adding honey to a hot beverage would be the same thing!

Their is a chemical change that takes place in honey when it’s heated.  This is why it’s so important to only buy raw honey.  The shop I buy it from only use a gentle heat to allow them to pour the honey from it’s original container into smaller ones.  The temperature they use is no hotter than what the bees use in their hives.

So how can we tell what temperature to use?  It’s really quite easy but it will mean any beverage you have containing honey will not be hot when you drink it.

The chemical change happens between 47 C  (116.6 F) and 48 C  (118.4 F).  It’s at this point that the enzymes are killed off also.  To keep enzymes alive I use the setting of 45 C (113 F) when using my dehydrator.

Now an easy and foolproof method of working out the temperature is this… if you can put your finger into the liquid and it doesn’t burn you, it’s 47 F or under.  If when you dip your finger in and have to pull it out again suddenly… the temperature is too high.

Of-course, if you have a thermometer that registers that range of temperatures, you can use that.


I now don’t bother with making the Ginger Honey.  I prefer to juice the ginger and freeze it in mini ice block trays.  Whenever I have an excess of lemons I do the same.  This means in the morning all I have to do is add 1 lemon and 1 ginger ice block.  As I’m interested in keeping the enzymes alive in both the lemon and ginger, I make sure the water they go into is not too hot.  So… make the tea… add a little cool water… add the ice blocks and then the honey.

So what’s so good about this drink?

  1. Tea – full of anti oxidants. Learn more here.
  2. Lemons – full of Vitamin C.  Learn more facts here.
  3. Ginger – more effective pain killer than those given by general practitioners! Organic Ginger



All four of these powerful ingredients sure make a very powerful brew to start off your day. If you make the Lemon Ginger Honey Tea Recipe be sure to drink it somewhere you can relax and allow those wonderful benefits to seep deep into your being. 🙂

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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  1. This is the type of post I like to read. All those ingredients are healthy. Lemons. Ginger. Honey. Tea. I’ve never thought about putting all of them together in one drink. But I will!!!!

    • I’m happy you enjoy my posts. Yes, they taste really great together. My mouth waters for it every morning. Thanks for taking the time to share. Marilyn

  2. Does it matter if I don’t have Ginger Honey? Could I just add powdered ginger? Can I use any type of tea? Thanks for your reply. Elle

    • Hi Elle, No it doesn’t matter at all if you don’t have a premixed Ginger Honey. You can just add powdered ginger or if you have fresh ginger, simply add a slice or two. Yes, you can use any type of tea but pay attention to its quality… you don’t want to be drinking tea with a good does of pesticides I’m sure. Read the labels and choose organic, whether it’s black, green, white, rooibus, oolang… all these are particularly high in antioxidants and therefore very good for you. Hope that helps. Marilyn

  3. Came back to tell you I tried your tea recipe! Now I look forward to it every morning just like you. Haha!

  4. I’ve just come back to tell you that i tried out this recipe this morning. It does taste nice. I will keep making it and hopefully it will do me good. Thanks.

    • Hi Speters, I’m so glad you’ve found it suits you. I’m quite sure it will definitely do you good. Your body will thank you. 🙂 Thanks so much for coming back to tell me. I so appreciate that.

  5. Can I make this with ordinary black tea? I don’t have those others you mention.

  6. i’ve got heaps of lemons given me by my next door neighbour. I’m going to try this out. I love lemons and I love ginger.

    • Well, I’ll be more than pleased to hear how you get on. You’re like me, I also love lemons and ginger! Thanks for coming by and sharing.

  7. do i have to use lemons? could i use bought lemon juice? just wondering

    • Hi Kylie!
      You could definitely use the bought lemon juice but I’ll tell you that it has preservatives in it. It’s so much better to take 30 seconds to squeeze your own juice. I always find that 1/2 a lemon is all I need.

  8. i can’t wait to try this recipe. i love ginger,, i love honey and i love the taste of lemon. i’ll let you know how i get on.

  9. I read this article and next morning i made myself a drink just like you said. Want to say it’s delicious! Thanks a lot for sharing as I’ve just added something that I’ll look forward to each morning, just like you do!

    • Hey, that’s fantabulous! Now I know that each morning as I partake of my lovely beverage there’s someone else out there doing the same. How cool is that! I appreciate you taking the time to share that good news with me.

  10. yummo! like the sound of this recipe, can’t wait to try it when i buy the ingredients. hehe… i might let you know

  11. Just thought I’d let you know that last night, after reading this post, I went and made some up. I only had powdered ginger so I kinda just mixed it all up together with the lemon juice, honey and the tea I made.

    You know what? It did taste good. I’d like to try to make some ginger honey sometimes as that sounds yum. I love ginger.

    • Hi Connie,

      Oh how fabulous… you found your own way to make the recipe and it turned out well. Well done!

      Yes, please do make the honey. It’s wonderful on toast, not that I eat much toast, but I know it is. 🙂 Good luck.

  12. I’ve been using ginger a lot these days but never thought of using it the way you suggested. I love the sound of it and can’t wait to taste it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. This looks good – i’ll try some. always interested in healthy things

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