Make Iced Tea at Home

To  make iced tea at home is so simple that it seems to me that we are really silly if we buy it at the supermarket.

You can make any variety of tea that you so choose… add any natural flavor you want… and you can make it sweet or not sweet.  It’s all up to you.

1Here I have chosen:

1 Organic Rooibus Tea
1 Organic Green Tea
1 Organic White Tea
1 Organic Oolong Tea
1 Organic Peppermint Tea


I chose my “teapot”… in this case a glass container with a plastic lid I could pop on top once the tea had cooled down, and place it in the fridge. Just use whatever you can find.  You can always pour the cooled liquid into a screw top bottle.

Then I added filtered water to the jug and boiled it.


Here you can see the tea-bags in the boiled water.  I just go away and forget about them… come back when they have completely cooled down.

OK, now to making the drink.


I added a little home-made plum cordial just for something different.


 Then I dumped in some ice and Soda Water.


Finally I filled the glass with some nice cooled antioxidant-rich tea.

Now sometimes I just have straight tea.  Another time I may add pieces of fruit for a different subtle flavor.

What I’m trying to do here is show you there are many different methods of making a refreshing glass of Iced Tea.

I often leave the ice out too… only really want that on hot days.

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