My Weekly Healthy Meal Plans

These weekly evening meal plans are something I’ve dreamed up as I wanted to make sure I had consistent variety of food.  It’s actually very helpful and does exactly what I’m after.  But I must say, I’m not pedantic about it… if for some reason it just doesn’t suit me I’ll change it on the fly.  But I’m finding the way I make most of the changes is by swapping one day for another.  It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

My Weekly Evening Meals Plans

 Seafood Sunday Seafood
 Meatless Monday Meatless meal
Take-Away Tuesday Healthy version of a take-away meal – make at home
Wings 4 Wednesday Poultry
Thoupy Thursday Soup Meal
Four-Legged Friday Beef or Lamb – or whatever
Simple Saturday Often a meal I’ve frozen beforehand

So often we just let our meals happen without much planning, and the problem with this is that we are not being careful that we eat the proper variety of foods.  There is so much to choose from, so many wonderful foods to eat, but are we choosing the best?  Do we slip into old habits and grab what’s easiest?  This is a real trap, especially if you’ve come home tired.  A little bit of planning can go a long way to ensuring we are looking after our healthy.

Let me go through the list above and give a few more pointers.

Healthy Meal Plans for the WeekSeafood Sunday

I’ve called this Seafood Sunday as I wanted it to include the whole variety of seafood… not just fish.  It’s turned out to be quite an exciting meal.  Just lately we’ve enjoyed some Flounder Fish which I simply cook whole coated in a little flour and pan-fried in a bit of butter.  Yum!  What I do is place the cooked fish on a plate between us and we both pick the meat off the bones together… then turn it over and finish off the other side.  Last Sunday I had a beautiful mixed salad to accompany it which had a dressing of olive oil and vinegar.  Sometimes I add a little honey also.

But if we find something around, like prawns or scallops etc, we make a point of enjoying these foods on Sunday evening.

A word of warning though… don’t buy farmed salmon.  This is not a healthy option.  You know, if you think seafood would be too expensive, then look around you might be surprised.  You don’t need a lot… it doesn’t have to be a feast.

Meatless Monday

Now I have to confess that this is not a new name dreamed up by me because you can find all sorts of recipes online that come under Meatless Monday headings.  But it fitted in real good with my plan, so why change something if it doesn’t need it.

There is such a huge variety of interesting foods that come in as “meatless”, from eggs to cheese; beans to lentils etc etc.  You can choose whatever you have for this night.  The only thing to remember is to make sure you are not allowing yourself to fall into having the same thing each Monday.  Be sure to plan in lots of variety.  If you had beans last Monday, make sure you have eggs this Monday, and lentils the following.

Take-Away Tuesday

This is one of our most fun evenings.  What we do is think of all the take-aways you can buy and then create a healthy version at home.  I certainly do not buy take-away for Take-Away Tuesday!  And if you’re going to follow this method, you’re not allowed to either!!

We’ve had all kinds of foods… including pizza, hamburgers, filled potato jackets, toasties, chinese etc etc.  For the pizza I make a crust that doesn’t have wheat flour in it.  I have a couple of different recipes that make lovely crusts and doesn’t bring on acid reflux.  Lovely.  For the filled potato jackets I used a small sweet potato, and the toasties and hamburger were made out of alternative flour.  I then make sure that all the fillings are packed with health promoting goodies and I can tell you, they taste yum! This gives you a little idea of how you can bring in the fun of getting a take-away but have it full of health.

If you are complaining right now that to you the fun of the take-away is the fact that you don’t have to cook the meal. I can understand that because sometimes it’s great to have an evening off… but for that you need to go out with your family and have a proper sit-down meal in a restaurant.  Save up and then treat yourself to what you deserve.

Wings for Wednesday

This is an evening we have anything that has wings on it… meaning mainly chicken or turkey.  You can have duck, goose, or other wild game I’m sure but we haven’t branched out that far yet.

When I buy chicken or turkey I make sure it’s organic and free range.  The way they treat these birds is totally inhumane and they should all be locked up for it.  Actually, it’s the people who buy this kind of meat that should take themselves by their little pink ear and give themselves a jolly good talking to.  Don’t just turn a blind eye and think “oh well!”  It’s not good enough.  If a bird has to give up its life to become food is one thing, but at least let’s make sure it’s enjoyed the life its had.  You know, if we all stopped buying these artificially plumped up birds then they would stop doing it.  But I guess if you are keen to eat all those growth hormones, what can I do about it?  And that’s the least of it!

Thoupy Thursdaysoup

Well, this is a bit of a play on words… but what I really mean is if you are going to have soup for your evening meal, it needs to have some substance to it.  So let’s make it thick and satisfying.

I’ve come up with all sorts of interesting concoctions and sometimes I bake a nice alternative bread roll or loaf of bread to complement the meal.  And, there’s nothing quite like a nice crunchy green salad to eat, or maybe a few green cooked veges.  Accomplishments don’t have to be traditional… let your hair down and think rather of what the meal is missing and address that.

I’ve made thoupy meals out of veges, beans or lentils; sometimes added some curry. It’s a great time to use a home-made chicken bone broth (or beef/lamb) as the base so that you also receive the minerals out of the bones and gelatin… great for your skin.

Yes, let yourself go and allow your imaginative self to rule the night.  You’ll find the family won’t say “oh, just soup!” when you serve up some of these interesting meals.

Four-Legged Friday

Yeap, anything that has four legs fits the bill for Friday night.  Well, within reason… I’m not into eating cats and dogs, but you know what I mean.  Beef, lamb, venison, veal etc.  Just think of the amazing variety you can prepare from any of these meats.  My  husband says “oh yum” when he knows I’m baking a leg of lamb.  What about slow cooking in a crockpot… those meals are so tasty.  You can have stir-fry with some steak.  A T-bone on the barby.  Think of all the recipes you can create out of mince.  Yes, there is a huge variety to choose from on Four-Legged Friday.

Simple Saturday

This is kind of an open night… you can have what you like, but it’s a time where you are encouraged to think outside the square to have something a little different from the norm.  This could be anything at all, and what’s different to me might not be for you.

Saturday evening is a time we like to invite some folks around to share a meal with us.  We don’t do it every Saturday of-course, but pretty often really.  I usually try to find out what their likes and dislikes are before they come and then I cook something relative to that.  It’s fun.

Then naturally, many of them return the favour so we are out with them to enjoy a meal that I’ve not had to prepare myself.  I like that!

Occasionally we go out for a meal, either just the family or with other friends.

That’s why I left Saturday for something different because we hardly know from one week to the next what we’ll be doing.  If I am at home and we’re having a quiet one in, then we can have anything we like… maybe even left-overs out of the fridge.  Oh well, that’s something different!

So you can see that really we could expand this meal plan right out if we wrote it all down and were always trying to experiment with a different food.  I wonder how far into the year we could get by simply planning something different for each meal.  It would be fun to see what would happen, but at least this way we are having a wide variety of food and therefore receiving all the different vitamins and minerals from the plan.

If you like this idea, please share with me your experiences.  I’d love to hear from you.  Let’s inspire each other!

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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  1. What a great idea. I find your charts easy to follow and helpful

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