Pre-Enrolment Information

Directions as of 20th March, 2016

Before you actually do the enrolment, there are a few important things to think about first.



What are you going to call your website?

As a distributor it’s important to be careful what you use for your username as this will become the name of your website.  After a bit of testing, others have found that by using their own name they receive a better response.  I have called my website marilynwilliams for example.  You can use what you like but once it’s done, it’s done, and can’t be changed.


2Will they/you be a Distributor or Preferred Customer

Are you, of the person you are enrolling, signing up as a Distributor or a Preferred Customer.  It’s important that you talked to them about this.  Sometimes people feel they will be unable to enrol people under them and take the Preferred Customer option.

If at a later date they wish to re-enrol as a Distributor, they may do this.  They do it by completing a cancellation form for the Preferred Customer account advising they are cancelling to become a Distributor.  They need to be enrolled in EXACTLY the same place as they were as a preferred Customer.



3Who is the New Distributor being placed under?


If you are joining up yourself, only fill in the Placement if your sponsor has asked you to.


4Do you know what you are going to Order this month?

Please try to have a good idea of the products you wish to order to make it easier and smoother during the sign-up process.

Freight Costs for Australian Distributors

I am totally unaware of freight costs for other countries but you will find that out through your own country’s website.

Australia currently has subsidised freight from the US.  This may change in the future but at this point the rates are:


Please Note Australians:
The cost of an order must REMAIN under $1,000 otherwise GST will be incurred when the product arrives in Australia.


5Do you know what you are going to Order next month?

This is important also as you can set up an Auto Purchase.  If the idea of this frightens you, please be aware of:

An Auto Purchase can be:
– Cancelled completely
– Put on hold
– Changed every month

Setting up the Auto Purchase is not difficult.  In my opinion it’s easier than having to order from scratch each month.
Making changes to the order is also very simple.
You are in complete control.

A distributor must place an order at least once every six months otherwise they will receive an email from Sisel advising them that their account will be suspended.  It will stay suspended for a period of time and then it will be cancelled.  I believe that Preferred customers will not receive this suspension.

Suspended Accounts – not the end of the world!

If an account is suspended and you wish to be re-instated, then please email Customer Services and provide them with your credit card details together with y our order, or let them know you wish to place an order and ask them to remove the suspension so you may do the order yourself.  The suspension will only be lifted for a short period of time.

Warm regards,
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