Safest Foods to Eat

If you really wish to be as healthy as possible then you have no choice but to choose the safest foods to eat.  Although this list is very “normal” and providing we’re eating them we should automatically be healthy, unfortunately these days we do need to be very careful.

goodfatFruit and Vegetables

  • Not genetically modified
  • No weed killers such as Roundup
  • Don’t buy loose leaf greens that have been packaged
  • Choose organic whenever possible
  • Locally grown as a preference, excepting frozen goods where it’s not as important.
  • Wash all vegetables well
  • Consider growing your own


  • Try to make sure they are at least grass fed & pastured … not grain fed
  • Organic is definitely good as you don’t need the growth hormones

Poultry & Eggs

  • Organic if possible
  • Free-range
  • With no growth hormones


  • Fresh ocean/river/lake caught – not farmed
  • Smaller types rather than large because of toxins like mercury


  • Raw milk if possible (straight from the cow)
  • Non-homogenized is a better choice than homogenized
  • Try to source milk/cheese/yogurt from grass-fed pastured cows
  • Own a cow or goat
  • Go shares in a cow or goat
  • OR… try going “dairy free” with lots of nut milks available… but not soy.


  • Natural – nothing artificial

Processed Foods

  • Leave them gracing the supermarket shelves!

Herbs and Spices

  • Organic where possible
  • Consider growing at least some of your own

These are definitely the choices made by the savvy purchaser. Gradually switch over to a safer food option.  I know you can’t do this all at once, not many can, but each shopping day try to source out better quality.  You will soon begin to notice it in the taste… maybe not always, but often… wonderful.  Begin now to check out the area you live in… where you can buy many of these things straight from the farm.

Get online… find out who delivers organic product to your door.  Talk to everyone you know, it’s surprising who knows what. Go on, you’ll have a lot of fun doing this and it will bring you so much closer to your desired result just because of what you are “not eating”… pesticides, hormones, antibiotics etc etc etc.  I had to do it again within the last 12 months looking for the safest foods to eat as I had moved states… gotta start all over again when you do that… but at least you know what you are looking for. Smart Food Choices

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Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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  1. I’ve been trying to buy raw milk but it seems very hard. I was brought up on milk on the farm and it never made me sick. Really don’t understand what all the fuss is about or why they process it they way they do. Buying it seems to be cloak and dagger stuff. Why?

    • Yes I understand what you are saying Bobby. Here in Australia it’s virtually impossible to buy raw milk anywhere… in fact, it’s against the law. The only way to get it is to own your own animal and that’s not always possible of-course. Apparently they say we are at risk of serious illness possibly death if we drink raw milk. What I find so queer is what about all the people who are enduring many health problems because they are consuming pasteurized milk which they believe they need to have to give them strong bones? The everyday food called raw milk is so much safer than all the countless drugs people are subjected to on a daily basis, but a few people die from something they suspect was caused because the milk was raw and they ban it! I can’t fathom the reasoning personally.

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