Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

simple steps to a healthier life by thinking before you eat - deepak chopraYou’ve obviously come here looking for some simple steps to a healthier life, and I’m glad you did. Here I write about how easy it is to enjoy better health; lose weight eating normal food; how to build your immune system naturally so you won’t fall victim to so many viruses and sicknesses… all by taking one step at a time to bring about changes in your eating habits.

Does this all sound too good to be true?

Do you wonder if you could really receive all this benefit
just by paying attention to what goes in your mouth?

The only way you will ever find out for sure is to actually do it.  Come with me as I endeavour to help you on the same journey I’m travelling myself.  I don’t talk about things I’ve not applied to my own life, otherwise all I’d have to do is search the Internet for a whole heap of stuff and throw it at you.  No!  That’s not what I’m about!

Lose Weight Eating Normal Food

I’m sure if you are a little (or a lot) overweight you would have tried many diets.  I mean, they’re everywhere.  You know the ones.

Did you lose weight?  And if so, did you manage to keep it off?

If your answers are Yes and then No, we’d better take a closer look at what is happening when you go on those diets.

Generally speaking, you will lose weight no matter what diet you go on… at least for a little while.  Now let me say that I’m not a dietitian,  a doctor, or any kind of professional… I’m just someone who does a lot of research into natural foods and then apply to myself what I learn.  If something doesn’t work, I toss it out.  If it does work for me then I’m confident to share what I’ve been doing.

But to me, from everything I’ve researched and studied, the only way you will lose weight and keep it off, or make yourself healthier, is to make some serious life-changing decisions about the food you put in your mouth.  Food doesn’t get into you any other way, and in most cases, nobody forces you to eat what you eat… it really all comes down to your own choices!

How much do you think about the type of food you’re eating?  I mean, really?

Do you eat according to whatever you feel like at the time,
or do you stop and think first?

For example:  You are out for the day and you can feel the munchies coming on.  Your partner suggests stopping for some fish and chips.  Now the thought of those chips sounds good, so you agree OR do you think to yourself, hmm…I’d be eating trans fats!  The fish is good up until they deep fry it in trans fats and wreck it.  You really have to understand fast food that’s deep fried is working against whatever you may have been working on all week.

So what will you eat?  It’s a dilemma isn’t it?  I’ve been there and done that… what to have, especially when out!  Maybe about now you should read my post on Best Healthy Choices for Fast Food.

You see, we need to think carefully about what we’ll eat because if we don’t we’ll stuff ourselves with all the wrong things quicker than a wink.

So what are the “right things”you ask?


Spend some time within these pages where I’ve spent a lot of time putting together different choices we can make.  First hop on over to Your Health, Your Choice – Toolkit which will give you lots of alternatives to make part of your daily life.  Then in Eating Your Way to Good Health you’ll find lots of little notes to help you make the transition.

Choose healthy drinks


Do you ever wonder about the liquid you pour down your throat?  Do you see it as “something wet” and don’t even give a thought to the consequences of what that fluid is doing to your body?  This is really dangerous if you’re pouring in things like coke and sodas, sweet cordials etc. When I say dangerous I actually mean it.

Your body wasn’t designed to deal with such
things and you put it under an enormous amount of stress just trying to cope.

How would you like it if it was something that you could instantly relate to… for example:  You are designed to breathe good fresh air… this is necessary for life.  What if someone/something holds you under water for awhile?  Water is not designed to go into your lungs as you know.  Suddenly your whole body goes into stress mode and your only thought is to rise up out of it.  At that point in time you are not thinking about anything else… only the fact you need to breathe.

Now I know this is an extreme example to use when we’re discussing the fluid going into your body, but imagine what your poor liver is going through!  It’s being overwhelmed as it tries to handle the foreign non food ingredients that have suddenly flooded into it.  Our kidneys too, as they struggle to deal with substances that are not designed for the human body. Normally for us, out of sight, out of mind.  As we can’t see what our liver or kidneys are struggling with, we ignore it, and next time we’re thirsty we simply tip down another coke!

If we had some sort of meter that flashed on each time we ate or drank something our body stresses over, things would be easier.  But, our bodies are able to put up with a lot, at least in the short term.  Long term, it’s a different story.  If you want sickness and disease, treating our bodies harshly long term is the way to get it.

But I know you certainly don’t want to be sick
so you’d better take notice of what you’re doing?

Now I guess I’ve got you wondering what is good for you to drink… trip on over to Here are some Healthy Drinks to Choose for some ideas.


Would you like to remain youthful rather than looking older than your real age? I’m sure you would, in fact, I think that’s what all of us would like. Well, it’s not going to happen automatically no matter how much we want it.

Aging happens to us all and there’s no escaping it.  Each day that passes sees us one day older… and unfortunately, we don’t live forever, at least not here on this earth.  But many of the conditions we take for granted as being part of the aging process is nothing of the kind.

Just about everything is related to some kind of dietary deficiency.

Don’t you find that good news?  I know I do because it means that if there’s something lacking in my diet it’s within my control to fix it!  I like that!  Of-course, if we don’t know it, then we simply don’t know it.  “The people perish for a lack of knowledge!” (Hosea 4:6)

Ahh… so it’s knowledge we need!

Now that doesn’t mean that we all rush off and register at our nearest university.  No, but it does mean we need to be open and learn.

You might like to read some interesting information I’ve put together  Do you know the Foods that Cause Aging?


Have we ever considered the bread we eat?  Here are 2 articles that may be helpful.

  1. Will I lose weight if I stop eating bread?
  2. Stop eating bread and lose weight

On top of all this, what are they doing to our food supply?  Have you ever thought about the sprays and weed-killers that have been poured all over the vegetables and fruits you take home each week?

Do you think they would only use substances that are safe for humans?

Are you under the illusion
that you have government departments looking out for you?

These are leading questions I’m asking you, but really you need to think about all these things.  Because the truth is that there is no-one looking out for you at all… they are all more interested in the “bottom line” (money) then they are in whether you are going to be kept healthy of not.  Sorry.

Avoid at all costs GMO foodsGMO

Genetically modified foods are very much with us and they expect us to consume these foods and ask no questions.  No-one knows the long-term effects of the consumption of these foods.  Do you know they are running trials on it as we speak?  Yes they are!  Do you know who is taking part in those trials?  Is it rats, guinea pigs or any other animal?  Nope it’s not…

…it’s you and me!

If we don’t want to be part of their trials, best we ask questions and find out what we are eating and refuse to eat anything genetically modified.

The problem goes so much deeper than this also… let’s take wheat, corn or soy for example:  Have you thought about all the foods that wheat or corn is added to throughout the food chain?  It’s horrifying to say the least.  So it doesn’t only mean we need to avoid the straight product, but also avoid all the cans and packets that contain those products.  And… there are a lot of them.

If you want to be healthy, you need to learn to question everything.

Read every label.  Find out where food comes from and if it’s something you should consider consuming.  Where did the ingredients come from?  Where was it packed?  Read the fine print, not the large print on the front of the can or packet.

Going to a local market should become, if possible, a part of your weekly plan.  If you live in America and you’re buying goods shipped from Australia, how much nutrition do you believe is still there?  Truth is, not much.  Buy locally wherever possible after you have ascertained that the food is not sprayed with Roundup or any other harmful weed-killer.

For more information go to GMO Foods to Avoid at all Costs.

Build your Immune System naturally

We often wonder how we can build our immune system so we don’t pick up every bug that comes our way.  Once you begin to be conscious of the food you are eating you’ll find your immune system will naturally strengthen itself. How fantastic is this!  So instead of thinking “what can I do to build my immune system?” think “how can I eat to nurture my body?”  That’s all.

Yes there is a lot to take in, so this is why I encourage you to take it one step at a time.

It really is possible to lose weight eating normal food, we just need to be aware of the ingredients that go into that food.  It’s the intention of this blog to bring understanding to the maze of information available.  As you build your immune system naturally, just think of how good it will be to not fall victim of everything that’s going around.  I hope you enjoy taking some simple steps to a healthier life and please do share with us your progress.

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



Marilyn Williams

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  1. Hi Marilyn,

    I have to say that you are absolutely right. You are what you eat! I was kinda fat back in the day. I used to eat a lot, and I was unhappy. When I started working out and eating healthy, I become much happier. My life is much better now!

    • Hi Julius, I’m so happy to know that you “took your life into your own hands” and through what you ate and a decent bit of exercise it’s totally turned it around! Along with a nicer looking body comes a happier disposition! It’s all got to be good.

      Thank you for taking the time to tell me about it.

      Warm regards

  2. Great info Marilyn, definitely food for thought. Have bookmarked your site and I will try some of the tactics you have mentioned.
    Best regards,

  3. I agree whole heartedly with the information in your article. We all need to think about what we put into our body. So many chronic diseases can be attributed to eating processed food. Unfortunately, not many people are listening. There is so much on the supermarket shelves that should not be there. We are tempted every hour of every day with ads for take away food and other processed food that we have trouble resisting all the time.

    • I do think people are beginning to listen more and more though. Sometimes, and I can say this out of experience with my own husband and son, they act like they are not listening… but when push comes to shove… they know exactly what I’ve said to them. Oh well, I guess they find me like that in other areas… I don’t know.

  4. I try to eat as healthfully as I can, but I do tend to turn a blind eye to things like fish and chips. The imagery you used to help us think of what we’re doing to our livers was very eye-opening. Thanks for scaring some sense into me!

    Reading labels is so important, too. It can be really surprising what things are in even something as ostensibly simple as a loaf of bread!

  5. I try to eat as healthfully as I can, but I do tend to turn a blind eye to things like fish and chips. The imagery you used to help us think of what we’re doing to our livers was very eye-opening. Thanks for scaring some sense into me!

    Reading labels is so important, too. It can be really surprising what things are in even something as ostensibly simple as a loaf of bread!

  6. The website name thought this was going to be a WA article on how to work at home like you do. Then I read about the nutrition but it is still a very important topic. I enjoyed reading but wish there were more pictures or videos on how this nutrition can help me. Maybe some personal stories as well to make it even more convincing. Just sprinkling them in here or there.

    • Thank you Chris for your input. I try to add many personal stories as I go because basically I only write about things that I’ve experienced in my life. I am intending on adding more videos gradually. Thanks again.

  7. I know there is a ton of anti-GMO stuff out there. I’m all for organic and having the healthiest options in our food. But I’m not entirely against GMO because there are marvelous benefits to their creation. If you think about it, a lot of the foods we send to third world countries that lack certain nutrients, such as Vitamin B, are engineered to contain more of those nutrients so that communities and peoples in those areas are able to receive the nutrition they need. Diseases and conditions are greatly helped and lives are bettered when we take part in such projects. Even in such extremes as in vitro fertilization that is partially genetic engineering of humans can create life for families that otherwise are naturally unable to do so. And I don’t think that any one person that has benefited from these two examples would utterly refuse their possibilities because of the difference it has made in their lives. But everyone has their own experiences and stance.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts.

      In my most humble opinion, wouldn’t they be better to feed the plants with the nutrients they need rather than genetically modifying them?

      I think if we all simply got back to basics there wouldn’t be any of these problems. I don’t even believe there would be any need, anywhere, if those people were both taught how to grow for themselves organically, or… if the needy were fed from excess rather than it being destroyed or dumped one way or another.

      There is always an answer without playing with nature like this.

  8. I think the biggest problem with the obesity crisis that the world is currently facing is that there is so much junk food easily available at low cost. People get a temporary high from eating these foods, but they just don’t do them any good. We haven’t evolved to be able to cope with all this refined sugar and processed foods with no nutrients.

    And also, people go on various fad diets thinking they will lose weight and keep it off. But the truth is, people need to make long-term changes to their lifestyle rather than seek quick fixes. The aim should be to get healthy and fit, rather than just lose the weight. Because actually, most diets are bad for our health. Gradual, longer-term changes are what are healthy and maintainable.

    • I couldn’t agree more Marcus! Amazing isn’t it that all the junk food is so cheap and so readily available. What’s the alternative? Try and find somewhere else to eat and most of them are expensive. Wait until I get home… oh, I won’t be home for ages!

      Unless you prepare and take something healthy with you, it’s really not too much fun.

      I’m afraid fad diets are just that… fads. But they keep on reeling in all the people that’s for sure. Shame really, when all they need is to learn the facts of better nutrition.

      Thanks for your thoughts..

  9. Hi Marilyn,
    What a great site, you are speaking my language. I have just become aware of what GMO’s are in the past few years and because I live in the US and 90% of our crops are it has caused a surge in the people fighting back, calling for GMO’s to be labeled and you can be sure that Monsanto is fighting this. Your lucky to live in Tasmania and have access to nothing but true produce. I’ve read that once you eat a GMO food it changes/alters your genetic cells forever. Do you believe we can reverse the effects? I am definitely bookmarking your site, thanks for all the great info!

    • Sheila, GMO almost frightens me! Sometimes I feel there’s a mad scientist been let loose on our food supply and surely it’s designed to kill us all off!

      I do believe there’s a good chance the effects could be reversed by sticking to a very strict anti-gmo diet… that is, normal eating. You know what, I think I will go do some solid research on this subject, just to be sure.

      Tasmania is certainly a wonderful place so far for great, natural foods, although this year 2015, the “officials” are lifting the gmo ban of the last 10 years and possibly allowing for some gmo to be grown. This, as you can imagine, makes me quite mad! Here were are living in an island state with strict rules regarding incoming produce, and they make a decision like this! I think the world has gone mad! Of-course, it’s always the greed for the mightly dollar that drives it all, isn’t it?

  10. Hey Marilyn
    Very informative post and I full agree with the you about picking up again after loosing weight. It happens to me almost every time.
    When I was a bit younger (A teen), it was easier, Exercise came naturally, now it is much more of a challenge and I can see the my diet is essentially going to play a big part of it. Will definitely be going through more of your content.

    Thanks for all of the info!

    • That’s great to hear Marc! Yes, the older we get the more challenging it becomes to maintain a decent weight. I think too it doesn’t really help when we spend so much time in front of our computers. 🙁

      There are very few people who do not go through the yo-yo diet experience as we have all been fed info to suggest that this time it won’t be the case. The only way is to make lifestyle changes as I suggest, one at a time, and stick to it once they have been set into place without our eating program.

  11. Hi Marilyn, this is a whole load of useful information here! Not just about eating normal food to lose weight but also looking out for food that help up build up our immune system.

    I agree with you that we must build up our immune system to defend the evolving viruses that have been passed from animals to humans, which is happening quickly in recent years.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Edmund… good of you to comment. Thank you. Now more than ever I believe we need to be very conscious of the food we eat, because as you say, there is so much our bodies have to contend with. What with the viruses you mentioned; the sprays; the herbicides; the gmo’s; oh it just goes on and on!

      I believe that the more of us that make a conscious effort to avoid damaged food, the more likelihood we’ll have of changing the course of history. Thanks again!

  12. I can tell you are really passionate about eating healthy. That is a good thing. Too many people just put things in their bodies without even thinking about it. I remember a while ago there was a mother whose son was enormous and she didnt understand why he was so fat. They were followed around for a week and every day they went to at least one fast food restaurant. The child drank soda morning, noon, and night. My thought was really? Her response when questioned was, he wont eat anything else. The truth of the matter is that the 10 year old boy needed to lose about 100 pounds. Very sad what people believe is acceptable for food.

    • Oh Marc… what a sad story! I once knew a young boy (maybe about 10) and the ONLY thing he would eat was potato chips! I remember he was attending a wedding I was at and there he was eating chip after chip from his trusty bag, passing up all the good and normal food he could have been eating. I was also told “we can’t get him to eat anything else”! I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous, I mean, who the heck was in control in that household? Hmm… I think we know the answer to that!

      Thanks for commenting Marc, it was a great story.

  13. This article is brilliant, it almost sounds like my autobiography for the last 2 years.

    I was in a bad way, seriously overweight, could barely walk 20 yards without breaking into a sweat. I stopped listening to the so called experts and did my own research, found some websites & online videos that made sense.

    I’ve lost 70lbs so far, I did cut our breads and grains, which also cured my IBS which used to be chronic. I was wearing 42″ waist trousers, I’m now down to 32″.

    You are totally correct, what we put in our mouths is our choice and more often than not we make the wrong choices. Our bodies are finely tuned engines, if we feed them bad energy, they will break down.

    I personally found low carb lifestyle works for me, I don’t use the term diet. the reason being, people usually quit their diets and go back to eating what them overweight in the first place, putting all their hard work to waste.

    Once you find what works, it’s for life. This is a great site, congratulations on the good research, I shall call back again 🙂


    • Jay, you have done SO well! Kudos to you!! It’s the kind of story I love to hear. I think cutting out the grains was a really good move and how wonderful that it cured your IBS!

      Yes, the changes do have to be for life because, as you said, you just revert back to the old ways. Hopeless yo-yo! I guess we’ve all “been there and done that”… but a time comes when you learn… thankfully. Thanks for your comment!

  14. Hello Marilyn,
    I really like this article, you explain it exactly the way it really is, simple.
    Simple adjustments in your diet, your attitude about food and your knowledge will make you lose weight.
    My wife and I make it a point never to eat out unless we know what the food is made of where they got it from.
    If we can’t tell what it is by looking at it, we don’t eat it period.
    Great information, keep up the great work.
    The Fat Guy

    • Yes, eating out is always a challenge… especially when your husband is not quite as fussy as me! Once or twice weekly when I’m out with him I have to make the best choice possible at the time. Sometimes I just simply pack my own lunch… it’s easier that way. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  15. For every gram of diteray fiber consumed, you will flush 7 calories from your system through elimination.If you were to eat a normal amount of food (good food) say 2000 calories,but 40 grams of fiber, say a orange(10gr) apple(5gra) wholebread(5gr per slice=10), maybe fiber snack bar(10) pear(5) just example, you also eat a small amount of protien (chicken, fish etc, no skin) ok so now you formulate the grams of fiber at 40grams, 40 times 7 =280,,,,,,,,ok calorie intake is 2000,,,,,,, 2000 minus 280(calories lost through stool elimination) equals1720 calories .

    You do however still need to burn those calories through some sort of movement, housework, excersize, etc, whatever you normally do, for every movement theres a certain amount of calorie loss(ok not really loss, but use.) Also eating small portions several times a day helps, eat some thing every two to three hours during the day, it keeps the metabolism working throuhout the entire day, so the body constantly burns calories.

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