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What does the name Sisel (pronounced “sizzle”) stand for?

The power of Sisel

Sisel International is a successful, innovative company providing scientifically-proven, evidence-based nutraceutical products that promote energy and longevity to the user.

Wow, that was a mouthful, but Sisel is committed to that cause.


Where it all began…

Tom Mower’s, (Co-Founder of Sisel International) introduction to the industry was from a shampoo bottle.  It goes like this…

As an Industrial Chemist, Tom was well aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals and would supply his customers with a (MSD) Material Safety Data Sheet to warn them to keep the chemicals off their skin, with information of what they had to do if they ever came in contact with it.  He was used to having to wear all the proper protective clothing, as were his staff, and if something happened they had to take an immediate shower to wash the chemicals off.  Yes, he more than knew the dangers.

Can you imagine his amazement when he took a closer look at his own shampoo bottle to find the very same ingredients on the label?  He realised he was dousing himself with those self-same chemicals every time he took a shower.  As he took a look around his house, he found that most everything used on the skin fell into the same category.  This more than shocked him!

Tom knew that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, one of the worst offenders, could stop hair growing and even cause it to fall out.

So what did he do?  He took a large garbage bag and removed every product that contained these harmful ingredients out of his house. He knew these chemicals were not only toxic to humans and nature, but to be potentially cancer causing.  They had to go.

As it turns out, shampoo is just one of a long line of personal care and skin-care products that contain these awful ingredients, and most people use them on a daily basis!  Unknowingly, most people put themselves into harm’s way many times every day.


Great News

Tom found himself on a mission.  Not only did he need some new formulations for the use of his own family, but he was aware that the world also suffered.   He took it upon himself to create all these products with one thing in mind… remove all potentially harmful  ingredients.

On top of that, because of his knowledge, and because he spends a lot of time “researching the research”, he became switched on to adding in ingredients that, for example, caused hair to grow.

A new era had begun.

Now Sisel presents a product range that not only doesn’t contain harmful, or potentially harmful ingredients, he’s added powerful ingredients that cause the products to do far over and above the norm.

Let me introduce Tom Mower Snr., & Tom Mower Jnr., as they share the powerful Mower Mission:



The Product Range

Here is just a small sample of the products produced by Sisel International.

products from sisel

As you can see, Tom Mower Snr. is very passionate about keeping nasty chemicals out of all their  products, including:

  • Hair Care
  • Personal Care
  • Bath & Body Care
  • Home Care
  • Dental Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin Care
  • Aromatherapy


Tom is also incredibly passionate about using ingredients that “pack a punch”.  You’ll find more of these powerful ingredients in:

  • Sisel Lean Weightloss
  • Longevity products
  • Sisel Kaffe – Coffee & Tea products aiding weight loss
  • Powerful Water Filtration (First of its kind)
  • Sisel Beauty


Why I’m so happy to promote Sisel?

Not very long ago I became an independent Sisel Brand Partner. (AUS6994882)  A short time later I received my first order from Sisel and was really excited as I opened the carton and brought out the lovely products.  The reality is, I’m actually not new to this company at all!  You see, I had spent six years with the Mower family when they had their previous company.  There came a time when I had to leave for personal reasons as I was going through a very tough period, but I never lost my love for their products or the Mower Mission.

I learned so much during my time with them – it really opened my eyes.  I loved their highly concentrated products and always saw tremendous value in them.  They were great for my skin, my hair and my  health.

In recent times I have bought some of my products locally, but they never ever came anywhere near the products the Mowers were researching, creating and manufacturing.  I made a lot of my own products at home from ingredients found within my own pantry, and really enjoyed doing so.  They were great actually, but lacked the know-how of Tom.

But you know how sometimes the time is just right… a time had come when I knew I wanted to have the products again.  As I was aware that Tom had opened his own company again,  I was so excited to follow him.  I find his scientific knowledge so exciting!  Yes, that’s where I wanted to be.  I really love his innovative thinking.

So although I’m just starting on my journey with this new lot of products, I know the great quality of them already, through and through. So although I’m new to Sisel, I’m not really new at all.  My old excitement and passion has been completely renewed and I’m thrilled to be able to share what I know with you.


Sisel International is serious about what they do.

I encourage you to take a serious look also, for the sake of your health.

Go here to view the entire product range. 

Go here to join me in this global quest of providing safe effective products for our health’s sake.

Are you ready to begin your journey with me?   Come with me as we explore the possibilities together.  If you want to ask me a question, please don’t hesitate.  For a private question please use the contact form on the right, or simply leave a comment/question down below.

For more exciting information on how our Earn Free Club receives products for free… EARN FREE CLUB

Have you used Sisel products?  If so, why not drop me a comment down below.

Warm regards,
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