Sisel Fat Burning Tea – Testimonials

Sisel Fire n Ice Tea

Here are a few testimonials by different people drinking the Sisel fat burning tea called Fire n Ice:

Lynne C with Fire n Ice Tea

It didn’t take Lynn long to realise her love for the new Sisel tea… Fire n Ice!  It’s good to note she enjoyed the energy without the jitters.

Fire n Ice Tea by Sisel

Wow, I love this report!  Did Bill drink the tea because he wanted to lose weight?  Maybe not… maybe he’d heard it would promote normal healthy blood sugar levels and that’s definitely his experience.

Dox Fizz and Fire n Ice Tea by Sisel

Here we can see that Doc Fizz has been doing it all wrong!!  He really doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do and obviously didn’t take the time to read on the packet… but, nevertheless, he’s still receiving results!  All he seems to know is that he really likes it so drinking it with his meals or any old time is what he does.

It is recommended that the tea be taken on an empty stomach…

  • First thing in the morning
  • Mid morning
  • Mid afternoon

As he says… if he’s getting a good result without even trying, or following the instructions, what could he do if he did try?

Sisel Fat burning tea is just one of the Sisel range of products designed to lose weight.  There are quite a lot more including coffee, a lip balm, pills for rapid weight loss, meal replacements and so on. These are not the normal run of the mill type products… they are full of power and kick like a mule!  Another thing I love about them is that they always seem to do more than what they are designed to do.  As we can see from above, one person found his blood sugar levels improved dramatically.  What else can this healthy tea do I wonder?

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