Sisel International FAQ’S

Here are a list of frequently asked questions by people interested in Sisel International:

What does Sisel stand for?

The power of Sisel

Who owns Sisel International?

The company was founded by Tom Mower Snr, and his son Tom Mower Jnr.

What is the Mower Mission?
  • To create products that are known for being more powerful than what competitors produce.
  • Sisel promise to produce products free from potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in other brands of personal, skin and hair care formulations.
  • To produce products that are intensely formulated to far exceed expectations – in life extension, youthful regeneration, anti-aging… and to provide abundant energy and vibrant health.
  • To create health and wealth for it’s distributors and consumers
Who is Tom Mower?

Tom Mower Snr was an Industrial Chemist who became aware 25-30 years ago that the same harmful chemicals he was using making car wash soaps and garage floor cleaners, were also in personal care products in the market place. Click here to learn more about Tom’s powerful story and success on About Me

Where is it situated?

In Utah, USA.

Do they manufacture their own products?

Yes.  Tom invested more than $100m to build this world-class Research & Development laboratory & Manufacturing facility called Supra Naturals Manufacturing Plant. It is 400,000sq ft in size. Most network marketing companies do not manufacture their own products as all they do is put their own private label on a bottle that’s been produced by another company, and formulated by someone else.

Sisel International can provide very affordable products which means the compensation plan they use to pay the distributors is the most competitive. You see, this unmatched manufacturing facility cuts out the need for a middle man!

Is Sisel debt free?

Sisel is totally debt free.  As a Dynasty Trust, it can never be sold or taken to the public.

Which countries are open for business?

About 34, but it keeps on changing as countries open up. See a list here.

Is there a cost to join?

I am not totally sure about other countries, but in Australia there is no joining fee.

Is there a yearly renewal fee?

In Australia there is a $15 renewal fee for Distributors only.

Are there chemicals in the Sisel products?

Yes indeed!  Even oxygen is made up of chemicals.  BUT… there are definitely no potentially harmful chemicals in any of their products.

Is the packaging used by Sisel International safe?

Sisel are committed to not only creating safe products but to use bottles and packaging that do not leach into the products.

Is there a difference price for Preferred Customers and Distributors?

The cost of the products are exactly the same for both.

How much do I have to order the first time?

The first order needs to be equal to a PV (product value) of 50.  On the order form you will see the price of the product together with the PV of the product.  In most of the personal care range including personal care, skin care and hair care in particular, the price and PV value is virtually the same.

Isn’t it cheaper to buy from my local supermarket?

Sisel products are highly concentrated, meaning they last for a long time.  I have done a price comparison here.

Do I have to order every month?

No.  BUT… if you are building a business then you would want to so you get paid.  If you do run into an issue that prevents you from ordering, you don’t have to but you still maintain your business.

Do Sisel have Auto Purchase?

Yes they do.  Setting up for Auto Purchase is the clever thing to do so you receive your products each month.  It’s a safety gap in case you forget to place your order which is so easy to do.  Auto Purchase has been put in place to make it easy for you.  You have the ability to:

  • Put an Auto Purchase order on hold
  • Change the order each month (easy to do)
  • Cancel the order altogether
How long before my product arrives?

Of course, this is different depending upon where you live.  Here in Australia they ask me to allow 7 – 10 business days, so roughly two weeks from ordering.

Is there tracking on my order?

Yes, just as soon as the products leave the manufacturing facility, I receive an email to let me know it’s left.  I receive a further email when it’s almost here.  So I’m kept informed at all time.  Further to that, you can check in the back office of your website on how it’s going.

Why does Sisel use Network Marketing?

Sisel really loves “word of mouth” advertising.  This means that when you use a product and love it you want to tell your friends.  Sisel saves many thousands of dollars in the price of advertising because their members are doing it for them.  They prefer to pay money to their members for sharing rather than to the big advertising companies.  It really works!

How do I receive my product for free?

This is a good question!  If you took the slowest route possible and only told 2 other people about these products in an entire year, and then those 2 people told two people during the next year etc… you would be making enough money to eventually cover the cost of your products.

Just step it up a bit and receive enough in commissions to cover the cost of your products a whole lot faster.  This is what thousands are doing as they want to be able to use both the personal care and supplements to ensure their good health for the rest of their lives.

I will add to this Sisel International FAQ’s as more come to mind.  I hope it has helped you to appreciate the quality of the company.  Why not begin to change the products you are using now by “transfer buying” to safe and toxic free ones?

Want to ask me more questions in private? You can contact me here.

You wont be sorry!

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