Sisel Products – My First Order

You know what it’s like… you’ve placed an order with a company for the first time and you’re really anxious for it to arrive!  I was just the same, but thankfully the tracking advised me of when it would arrive.  It came just as they said.

Sisel International – where it all began

So now I’m going to show you which Sisel Products I bought.  I couldn’t wait to open the carton! Take a look!

You see, I had just become an independent Sisel Brand Partner (AUS6994882) and had placed an order to get me started.  The first thing I wanted to attend to was to replace any  items within my home that could contain potentially harmed full ingredients, so I ordered for:

  • My Laundry (Laundry Detergent) This can be used for stains, soaking, as well as washing.
  • My Bathroom (Shampoo & Conditioner; Bath & Shower Gel; Toothpaste & Mouth Wash)
  • My Kitchen (Dish Soap, Organi-Cleanse to wash my fruit and vegetables.

I will be sharing more on these products individually in further posts.

Now this meant I had covered most of the basics things required throughout my home and I could now begin to pronounce myself “Sisel Safe”!

What does it mean to be “SiselSafe” approved?

This is when you’ve replaced many of your usual household products that can contain harmful, even toxic ingredients, with a safer alternative.  Sisel provides that alternative.

As for myself, I’ve been aware of this for a very long time so I’d already replaced many things in my home. I use many ideas contained in the book put out by Claire Goodall “Everyday Roots” that can be made at home using simple and safe ingredients.  I find it the perfect complement to the Sisel products.

But Sisel provides me not only with products that are free of harmful ingredients, but also contain powerful ingredients that allow the products to out-perform anything you could make for yourself at home.

Plus another biggy… it’s a time saver!

But do you know what else is exciting?  It’s the fact that these products are highly concentrated so I won’t need to buy most of them again for quite some time.

What harmful ingredients am I talking about?

There are so many that I couldn’t possibly cover it here without boring you with a long list which you won’t be able to remember anyway.  Here is a short video on Tom Mower sharing about potentially harmful ingredients in shampoo:

For many years I’ve been aware of these facts because of this man.  I learned about it through Tom’s previous company.  There was a time I stopped buying through that company (for personal reasons) and I’ve always had to be so careful what I bought since.  It’s a pain really.  You have to read every label carefully if you want to avoid toxic ingredients – that is, if you even know what to look for.

Most do contain these bad ingredients because it’s a cheaper alternative, but to me, it’s no alternative at all. I mean, many of the toxic ingredients found in our household and personal care items are potentially cancer causing.  Did you hear that?  Potentially!  Even potentially is not good enough for me.  If there is any chance I could get cancer from something as simple as washing my hair, I don’t want any part of it.

As Tom explained in the video, it’s the build up of continuous use of many products that does the damage.

It’s just one week today since I received my first order.  I’ve been using:

Sapphire Shampoo:
Used for the first time today.    Worked fine. I had to use such a little amount so the bottle will last me a long time.  Had a really nice smell too.

Sapphire Conditioner:
All I can say is that it worked well.  Once again, a small amount needed.  My hair is now very soft and silky. Nice smell too.

Enliven Bath & Shower Gel:
Been using it every day since it arrived.  Smells good and feels nice. Takes “stinky” off your hands too… you know, like onions for example.

SupraShine Toothpaste:
Haven’t started into it yet…

Terminator Mouth Wash:
Love this… makes your mouth feel really good.

Vibrant Laundry Detergent:
Be using that next wash.

Asepti-Clean Dish Soap:
Love the smell!  No problems with the job it does.  Excellent. A little dribble is all it needs to provide the suds and power you require.

Organi-Cleanse Fruit & Vegetable Wash:
Well, I wash them in it.  What can I say?  I simply trust that it’s doing it’s job.  Happy to be using it though!

As I said… bought this for my husband but I’m itching to use it too.  I really want him to use the full dosage for the month to see how it goes with his psoriasis.  We moved to a cooler climate and it’s giving him lots of trouble.  We’ve heard that it can assist with the problem but we’re still trialing it.

Sisel LEAN Weight Management:
I’ve read so many good things about this product that I’m keen to see how it works for me.  I’ve been using it as a meal replacement for lunch each day.  I find it really satisfying and as I bought the vanilla flavour I’m having lots of fun adding berries, bananas, chocolate etc, one at a time of course. I haven’t weighed myself yet but can feel the difference in my clothes so something much be happening.  I’ll update when I know more.

The main thing is it’s all genuinely safe.  The Mowers stake their whole livelihood on the safety and effectiveness of their products.    I’m so happy to have the products in my home again.

Imagine what would happen if you replaced one personal care item a week, or a month, so that you could use toxic free toothpaste, shampoo and so on?  My site is about making little changes moving slowly and deliberately towards the goal.

Learn more on receiving your products free EARN FREE CLUB

What about you?  Have you used Sisel products before?  How careful are you with what you purchase?  What does it mean to you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below.

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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  1. I think i will also try sisel products because as you said Sisel provides products that are free of harmful ingredients. So, i will try. Thanks for review.

    • Hi Deraj! I hope you do decide to try them as they are excellent. Let me know if you need any help in any way as I can lead you step by step. Be sure to see my new post I’m publishing tonight which covers a comparison of costs. I’m sure you’ll find it helpful too. Warm regards, Marilyn

  2. Wow. Seems like Sisel Product is really worth a try and i really like the way you describe and mentioned about this. I would give the shampoo a try as my hair if always giving me some issue. I hope it might solve it.

    Thank you

    • Hi Mike! The Sisel hair shampoo has answered many a hair problem so it’s sure worth giving it a go. If you would like any assistance, or have any more queries, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’d be happy to help you step by step. Warm regards, Marilyn

  3. Hi Marilyn, I read your content and watched the videos on Sisel Products. Your page is well written and the content is interesting. I didn’t know that about Shampoo but I do now thanks to your page. keep up the Great Job!

    Have a blessed day!

    • Hi Larry…not many people do know about the potential dangers of washing their hair! Isn’t it amazing that we would even have to say that! Thank goodness there are at least some companies who are doing something about it. Thanks for commenting. Marilyn

  4. Very interesting and quite thorough review. I/we will certainly look into this and perhaps feature it on our website.

    Many thanks!


  5. Do you have any updated reviews of this stuff? How does the price compare to the regular stuff you get at the store? That’s the main thing that keeps me from buying. It always seems to cost so much more than just the normal every day stuff you see at Walmart. It always interests me and if I had more money, I’d be more inclined to try it!

    • Hi Stacy! I can really appreciate where you are coming from! Although this was my first order with Sisel, in the past I used the same kind of products developed by the same guy and I can tell you, without any shadow of doubt, that the products are so concentrated they will last so much longer than the ordinary store bought products… And be safe to use to boot.

      What we are looking at here is “transfer buying”. You simply shop at a different store. Yes, you will pay more than Walmart, but it will be like buying two or three of their products. After using them for so long I know their value.

      Looking at it another way…this is a way I look at it. I know that if I continue to use the products from the local store, I will pay in the end. Unless they happen to be among the 5% of manufactured goods that contain no harmful ingredients, I am daily dosing myself with harmful chemicals that will lead me down a path towards health deteriation. Then I will have to dig deep into my pocket to pay the doctors bills.

      In my first order I took care of my general household, as explained. Another person wouldn’t have to do that. It can be done gradually. But I can tell you that once you begin to use their products you won’t want to go backwards again. Just factor it into your budget – remember…transfer buying.

      Please don’t hesitate to ask any more questions you may have.

      Warm. Regards,Marily

  6. Thanks for the review Marilyn, with all the challenges we face today trying to look after our health I have been looking for easy ways to cut down on the amount of unhealthy things I have in my life. This looks like a great product, given that it’s concentrated how much longer could I expect something like shampoo to last verses the normal stuff?

    • Hi Dominic, thanks for commenting. I totally understand where you’re coming from. So often we want to do the right thing but if it’s not easy it tends to fall by the wayside.

      Using safe-ingredient shampoo is so vitally important to our health that we do need an easy way to be able to do so. This shampoo is in a 500ml bottle (even the plastic it comes in is safe) and you only need such a small amount – depending on the length of your hair. I have long hair and usually wash twice. I start with an amount roughly the size of my fingernail. I rinse that and then use about double that the next time. People with short hair would not need to use as much of course. I follow up with the conditioner and my hair feels wonderful.

      So how long would a bottle of that size last? Even for me with long hair, I’m guessing on 6-9 months. Of course, I will be testing how long it takes but it will be ages before I have the answer. 🙂

      All their products are highly concentrated.

      Let me know if you would like to know anything more.


  7. Ordering products online can be nerve racking. Is it going to be what I think it is and other questions like that race through your head. I always end up checking my mailbox daily when I am awaiting a new order. I am happy to see you are reviewing this product so other can know what to expect

    • Yes I agree! It’s really just the first order and after that you’re fit to go. I just thought it would be helpful for people to see what to expect.

      Thanks for commenting.


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