Sisel Products Review Shows Crazy Value

In this Sisel Products Review I’m taking up the challenge to give you an honest appraisal of the true value, or non value, of just a few from their range of products.

One of the first questions people ask me is “But how much does it cost?”  Another question is “How does it compare to what I can buy at Walmart?”

Product Comparisons

This price comparison is worked in Australian dollars which is approximately 25% dearer than the US dollar. In all fairness I must point out that I’ve chosen one of our cheapest supermarkets to use for the comparison, others supermarkets can be dearer, and obviously prices can, and do change.  I’m writing this comparison as of today 13th May, 2016.


I pulled up our local (Australian) Coles supermarket and typed in shampoos.  It brought up 11 pages with 20 products on each page.  That’s 220 different types of shampoos that were available for purchase!  Doesn’t it make your head spin?  Goodness, it does mine.

I thought to myself… how am I going to do this?  There are just so many!  In the end I decided to take an average by choosing one from the lower end, one from the middle and one from the high end, price wise:

  1. Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Refreshing Shampoo  Total Cost $19.79 ($7.92 per 100mls = 3.38oz)
  2. Thick & Strong Shampoo  Total Cost $13.75 ($3.93 per 100mls = 3.38oz)
  3. Juicy Fruits Shampoo  Total Cost $2.09 ($0.42 per 100mls = 3.38oz)

The total cost per 100mls of these three products is $12.27, divided by 3 to get the average is= $4.09 per 100mls.

shampoos from sisel product review

Sisel products:

  1. Exquisite Revitalizing Shampoo  Total Cost $21.25 ($4.25 per 100mls = 3.38oz)
  2. Sapphire Shampoo Total Cost $23.81 ($4.76 per 100mls = 3.38oz)

The total cost per 100mls of these two products is $9.01, divided by 2 to get the average is = $4.50 per 100mls.

Depending upon whether you are used to paying for the top of the range, or the bottom, or somewhere in between, the Sisel shampoos come up with as little as 59c difference per 100ml.

What I haven’t taken into account is the fact that most products last between two to three times longer than most of those you would buy at the supermarket.  If I factored in that the shampoo would last for the duration of two supermarket bottles, the actual cost would be quite different.  For the example, I would have to double the supermarket cost to $8.18 per 100mls, that is, you bought two bottles instead of one.

The average supermarket spend would be $40.90 for 1000mls
Sisel spend would be $22.50 average for 500mls.



The Coles page brought up 81 different types and varieties.  Once again I’ll work on an average.

  1. Fresh Mint Complete Care Toothpaste  Total Cost $12.10 ($12.10 per 100g = 3.52oz)
  2. Pro Health All-Around Protect Fresh Mint Toothpaste  Total Cost $5.28 ($5.28 per 100g = 3.52oz)
  3. Colgate Sparkle Mint Toothpaste  Total Cost $2.49 ($2.26 per 100g = 3.52oz)

The total cost per 100g of these three products is $19.64, divided by 3 to get the average is = $6.54 per 100g.

Sisel’s Toothpaste:Sisel Product Review on Terminator Mouthwash & SupraShine Toothpaste

  1. SupraShine Toothpaste Total Cost $9.88 113g = 4oz. This equals $8.74 per 100g.

Once again the Sisel toothpaste can last longer than supermarket varieties.  If you had to buy two tubes from the supermarket, the costs would look like this:

The average supermarket spend would be $13.08 for 200g.
Sisel spend would be $8.74 for 100g.


Amongst many others, Coles offer:

  1. Peroxyl Oral Cleanser Mouthwash 235mls Total Cost $13.70 ($5.81 per 100ml = 3.38oz)
  2. Neutrafluor Alcohol Free Mouthwash 473mls Total Cost $13.45 ($2.84 per 100ml = 3.38oz)
  3. Multi Action Freshmint Mouthwash 600mls  Total Cost $7.70 ($1.28 per 100mls = 3.38oz)

The total cost per 100mls of these three products is $9.93, divided by 3 to get the average is = $3.31 per 100mls.

Sisel Mouthwash:

  1. Terminator Mouth Rinse  Total Cost $12.50 475ml = 16 fl oz  This equals $2.63 per 100mls.

The average supermarket spend would be $15.72 for 475mls.
Sisel spend would be $12.50 for 475mls.

I’m not too sure of the concentration of Terminator so in all fairness I wont factor in two bottles from the supermarket.  As I didn’t ever use mouthwash of any kind before, I can’t honestly say how much you need to use.  I do know that the amount I use of Terminator is about 1 cap full, or less. It doesn’t take much.

As you can see there is not a vast difference in the price, sometimes a little lower, sometimes a little higher, but very close.

Tom Mower takes you on a tour of his $100,000 Research & Manufacturing Plant, completely owned and debt free:



Let’s look at some Pros & Cons


  • Total debt-free company currently operating in about 37 countries
  • All products are backed by science and formulated without any potentially harmful or toxic ingredients.
  • Not just a “dribble” of powerful ingredients added just so you can make a claim on the bottle, but enough to receive maximum results
  • Products manufactured in one of the world’s largest manufacturing and researching facility, 100% built and owned by Tom Mower
  • All products super concentrated
  • Anti Aging products that really work
  • Some of the best supplements found in the entire world
  • Coffee that’s been rated the highest quality out of all coffee’s for over 10 years
  • Weight Loss products that really deliver
  • Cosmetics free of lead and all heavy metals, or any other harmful ingredient
  • Skin Care that’s designed to work deeply
  • Products are not tested on animals
  • Delivered to your door – no fuel or time costs for you
  • Looks after you and your family’s health
  • Receive your products for free by signing up as a Distributor and telling a few friends, who tell a few friends
  • Free to Register in Australia.  Please check on your country’s website*


  • Postage Fees
  • Need to order online so no whipping into the supermarket on a whim
  • $15 renewal fee each year thereafter for Australians.  Please check your country’s website*

* To see your country’s website, once you’ve clicked on the link below, please click on the little flag at the top on the left hand side.

Purchasing from Sisel International is easy:

Would you be interested in transfer buying and exchanging your personal care, skin care, cosmetics etc for safer alternatives?  You don’t have to do it all at once!  The main thing is to get yourself started.

  • Register
  • Place your Order
  • Wait for product to arrive at your door!

There is no more need to worry that the cost of the products is too expensive as I’ve shown here.  I hope this Sisel Products Review has helped you to see and understand the true value of these fabulous products which once you start to use them, you won’t want to be without them.  If you have any queries or would like to make a comment, please leave it down below.

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Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight




Marilyn Williams
Independent Sisel Brand Partner

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  1. Never heard of Sisel, but I certainly do like what I have read.

    It is getting more and more complicated to find good, honest, and reliable products for everyday need.

    Not to mention eating and living healthy. I live in Canada and I will check it out for my country.

    I also liked the price comparison and I do like the lesser cost of it, in the long run for sure.

    • Hi Sylvia

      Yes I agree with you, it’s not that easy. I think that’s one of the reasons I like the Sisel products so much as I don’t have to spend time “label reading”! It’s such a time-waster.

      All you do is click on the little flag on the webpage to open up your country’s version of Sisel. You’ll then see everything in your own pricing etc as well which of course would be more than helpful.

      Would like to talk with you again to answer any of your questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

      Warm regards,

  2. It’s true we usually compare the prices of products without seeing the real value of the products.
    The true value you’re showing is so much better than just price comparison.
    I had never heard about Sisel International before. You wrote that they are operating in 37 countries. Are they present in any of the South East Asian countries?

    • Hi Sandy!

      Thank you for your kind comment on the price comparison. It took quite a long time to do but I think it was worth it. I know that people want to know this stuff.

      According to my knowledge, Sisel is open in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan & Guam. I’m not sure that any of these countries are actually in SE Asia. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get the products though as I can arrange for that.

      It would be good to talk to you more.

      Warm regards

      Update Info: It’s not quite as easy as I thought to get products to you if the country is not yet open. I have been told to ask you to wait… that is, if none of the above countries are in your area. If they are, all you need to do is click on the little flag on the main website and it will bring up the site in your language. I’ll give you the link again:

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  3. Those are really awesome products. Do they have tea tree? I need something good for my scalp that doesn’t dry my hair and scalp out. I prefer natural products. Does any of the shampoo have a cooling feeling on your head? If so then you have me convinced to switch over.

    • Hi Marie! Thanks for your interest in the Sisel shampoo.

      I completely understand your interest in natural products, especially those that contain no harmful ingredients. Way to go!

      I can’t say there is a cooling affect, well at least nothing that I’ve noticed. But what I can say is that these shampoos have been formulated to do your head good. Did you know that approximately 95% of shampoos out in the market place contain nasty ingredients that cause all sorts of hair and skin problems? I am organising a post to explain more on what I mean. Please check back.

      Tom Mower was the first person to start alerting the general public to the fact that virtually all skin care, hair care, dental care etc, contained ingredients which were harmful to be used. Now, 20-30 years later, others are beginning to become aware of this fact. Tom’s whole mission is to create the best of the best, whether it’s hair shampoo or any other personal care product. He’s dedicated the rest of his life to doing so. I can vouch, as thousands of others can, that the products do the job. It’s exciting and it’s real.

      I’ll get back to you after checking about the tea tree.

      Warm regards

  4. HI Marilyn,
    I hadn’t realized Sisel had such a brand presence, and in so many countries! What I like most is you have broken down the cost per unit measurement. I always think this is the fairest and easiest way to compare products. Are there any registration discounts for New Zealanders? Just wondered, since the two countries are close and have a lot of trade agreements. I really liked the look of the shampoo, so may well give it a try.

    • Hi Mara! Thanks for your interest. At the moment, New Zealand is not open as a country for business but it’s on the prediction list. I will find out when that will be, I mean, it could be pending. This doesn’t mean you can receive the products though, so if you are really interested it can be done.

      The cost of registration here in Australia is zero. I don’t know of any trade agreements between our two countries regarding Sisel but when I’ve talked to someone who will know I’ll let you know.

      Yes, I find the shampoo really lovely, but then, I find all their products great!

      Look, I’ll get back to you on this. Please check back.

      Warm regards


      Update: I discussed the issue of countries where Sisel is not yet opened and have been told to tell you to wait. I’m really sorry about that but evidently it’s not easy to do it any other way. It shouldn’t be long because Australia and New Zealand apparently come under the one manager.

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