Stop Eating Bread and Lose Weight!

Stop Eating Bread and Lose Weight?

A question that rises to many peoples’ lips is “If I stop eating bread will I lose weight?”.

This is my take on this:xxx

I believe there is a possibility you will lose weight if you knock bread out of your diet… but my question to you is… how long will it be before you just “have to” have another slice of bread, and another, and another?

This is the thing, you can’t knock something out and not replace it with something else, and the “something else” has to be as good, or better, than what you are going without.

For example, let’s say you stop eating bread, but in your meals you make sure you add more rice, pasta, potatoes etc.  Do you think your weight will go down?  Probably not.

Bread is a staple of our diet but is it really healthy for our bodies?

Is wholemeal/wholegrain bread really good for you?

When I talk about replacing the bread, I don’t mean by other high carbohydrate foods, but by foods that are equally as satisfying but without all those carbs.

Many times we can read all the information about how something is not doing us good, but because it’s so much a part of our life, we don’t do anything about it.  Unfortunately, that’s what I did, and of-course I paid the price.

You see, I was learning from various sources that to be truly healthy, part of what you need to do is stop eating grains.  To me this was too big an ask.  No grains!  Too much of our eating is based around grains… and therein lies the problem.  Somewhere inside of me I thought that I could just cut down and I was happy to do that…

but it wasn’t until one day I decided to “just do it”
that I began to notice a difference.

While ever I was eating wheat bread I found I was suffering with acid reflux, but when I stopped it went away.  This was big!  Do you know how happy that made me?  Then I’d be out somewhere and for lack of something else to eat I’d eat bread again… back would come the reflux.  Not nice.  And you know what else happened when I cut wheat bread out of my menu?  I began losing weight!  Oh happy days!

It was then I decided
it was time to get serious!

I had found a book that helped me to give up wheat bread.  When I read through it I became really excited because it showed me how I could still have all the things I was accustomed to but without using wheat as the common ingredient.  I found out how to make all kinds of  yummy things that were not only wheat free, but gluten free too.  Now that’s a plus.

Are you wondering what’s wrong with wheat?

The wheat they produce today is not like grandma and grandpa used to eat.  It’s been fiddled with so that it’s now very high in gluten, which of-course the bakers love.  It causes their bread to rise light and fluffy, just the way most people like it.  It’s good for business.  But… it’s not doing your body any good.  In fact, it acts like glue when it gets on the inside of you.

Bread acts like glue on the inside of you

Remember making home-made glue?

Do you remember… or did you ever… make home-made glue when you were a kid?  Mix a bit of flour and water together made a really sticky substance which was fine for gluing different things.  There are different ways to make glue but the basics of it is flour and water.

Your body struggles with all that glue.  Yikes, why do we do it to ourselves?

I don’t know if you know or not, but even eating breads that are gluten free is not the answer to the problem, due to the fact they have high glycemic values.  Grains in general have compounds that are not nice to you and create many health issues.

For me, the time had come when I didn’t want to put up with it anymore.  I thank God for the help that I’ve received and I hope I can help you find an answer too.

Make up your own mind

This website is designed to help you make up your own mind what you intend to do about information that comes your way.  You want to lose weight, right?  Is your mind full of all the things you can no longer have?  Do you think, sure… I can do that for awhile but only until I’ve reached my desired weight?  It won’t work… at least it may work, but what about when you go back to your old ways… and you will for sure.

All this is wrong thinking! To reduce your weight you need to make lifestyle changes… that means, your habits have to change… for life! But it’s more than that… it’s taking your mind off losing weight and concentrating more on what builds your health.  Once you do this, losing weight will not be an issue anymore.

As I said before, in most cases you must replace the old with the new.  I know there will be some people who can make a decision and stick to it through thick and thin… but the reality is that most of us are just not that strong.

You might be thinking right now “Well, how can I change the bread I’m eating?  Is there another way?”

Actually there is. I stumbled upon it and its helping me tremendously. Who knows, it may help you too.

This is just one simple lifestyle change you can make both for your health and to lose weight: Stop eating bread and lose weight

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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  1. Again this is all palaver. Proteins are used by ALL cells to rueibld the cell, in the event there isnt enough then the body will break down muscle. Muscle only shrinks (atrophy) from lack of exercise. You need 1-1.5 grams of protein per lean weight per day, thats 100 grams at most for all of you per day. Anything less and your muscles will simply shrink, and your metabolism will decrease. You do not NEED carbohydrates AT ALL, your brain can use ketones just fine.

    • What about all the carbs in fruits and vegetables? I can’t see how we could live a healthy lifestyle by deleting those out of our diet. You do make some valid points though.

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