Stop Inflammation Naturally!

say stop to inflammationStop inflammation naturally!  Can we really do that?  Is it within our control?  Apparently yes!  Have you ever wondered how to get rid of inflammation in the body naturally?  I don’t mean taking anti inflammatory pills, but beginning to live a life where your body is healthy and well on the inside too.

When we think of inflammation we tend to think of some part of our body being on fire, you know…  red,  swollen and painful.  But the truth is we can get all kinds of inflammation on the inside that we never, ever see.  It’s a silent killer.  It’s behind every major disease… this is the type of inflammation I’m talking about is this post.

I’m going to take a little detour in my posting and write about my own personal journey.  You see,  I’ve been learning more about inflammation and how it causes tremendous problems within the body and brings about premature aging.  I’ve understood for some time how inflammation happens in our body, and how certain foods cool it down.  What I didn’t understand is the fact that it’s generally the common everyday foods we eat regularly, and if it’s not right for us, it will set up an allergic reaction in the form of inflammation. When you think about this it’s actually quite serious!

To tell you the truth, I’ve never really thought of myself as having any food allergies.  When any of the medical profession personnel asked me if I have any allergies I usually say, “Not really, although I think I’m allergic to sulfur”.  I can remember at some time coming out in a dreadful itch from something containing sulfur, so I’ve tried to avoid it since then.

Enter Dr Keith

Anyway, I read this book by Dr Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, HMD, Phd, FRCP.   He calls himself “the Allergy Detective”. As you can see by the long list of letters after his name, he should know a “thing or two”.  I wasn’t all that far into it before I just knew I’d be doing what he suggested.  It pointed out that many of us have quite chronic allergies to various foods we eat and yet we have no idea.  As I continued to read, he brought out about a certain set of symptoms which I was quite familiar with… in fact, I felt like he was describing me.  I thought “Oh my!” and knew I had to follow his instructions to try and find out why this had happened in my life.

The really great thing about this is that I don’t have to go to my doctor and start some complicated procedure to find out if I’m allergic to various foods, because I can do it in my own house under the guidance of Dr Scott-Mumby.  That really sat well with me and is in line with my philosophy.

Preparing for the Allergy Testing

So this week I’m preparing myself to start next Sunday… it’s just the day I chose to begin.  During the week I’ll work out exactly what I need to buy to have on hand, and exactly how I’m going to do it.  I’ll be consulting his book daily until I’ve got it firmly established in my mind my course of action.

Do you know that I’m really excited about it.  I guess when you are facing an elimination of foods to be eaten it’s not really something to get excited about… but I’m looking past that to the results!  If it turns out that a food I regularly eat is causing me problems, then whatever it is, I will give it up!

Dr Scott-Mumby explains that each one of us is different, in fact, no two of us is exactly the same.  There is no such thing as “one diet suits all”.  I relate to this and have said in other posts within my blog that it’s no good trying to place me in a pigeon hole such as Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian and a whole host of other names.  I guess people in general like all these names as it means they’re able to understand what you are about just from one simple name.  But I don’t fit any of them, and I don’t promote any of them, although I do promote some very useful information shared by people who call themselves Paleo.

How To Get Rid of Inflammation In the Body

  • Week 1 – Preparation for 21st June, 2015 start
  1. First I’m spending time learning from the book. (done)
  2. Write out 4 different lists according to the book (done)
  3. Organise a shopping list in readiness for Sunday and up to two weeks thereafter (done)
  4. Work out a simple menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner including 2 snacks during the day. (done)
  5. Get my head into gear so I’m able to give it my best (done)

These lists (mentioned above) were really easy to do and were done in a few minutes.  Organising the shopping list didn’t take too long neither as you are working from a simple list.  You don’t have to work out a menu but I decided I wanted to do that to keep me on track.  At a later date I may share with you my lists to make it even super simple for you if you decide you want to follow me and play detective with your potential allergies.

I’m starting on Sunday 21st June, 2015 (Australian time).  I intend to document my progression here on this page..

Allergy Testing has begun…

Day 1: Sunday 21st June, 2o15

The day went well for me.  As I had made myself up a menu to follow it was simply a matter of doing just that.  I had 3 meals plus 2 snacks and at no time did I long for something that was “off the list”.

There is only one thing I could mention as I’ve never thought of it before.  I had some fresh pineapple juice with my breakfast and that was fine.  I then ate 6 small pieces of pineapple with my morning snack and I noticed by the time I got to about the 5th piece it was burning my tongue/throat.  I didn’t stop though.  Then I thought to myself… if it’s burning my mouth, what does it do when it’s on the inside of me?  Hmmm… we’ll wait and see.

Day 2: Monday 22nd June, 2015

Today passed without any drama.  I ate foods off my “allowed list” and kept away from foods on my “not allowed list”.  I wasn’t at all hungry as there’s always plenty to eat.

The main noticeable symptom I’m looking for is the ringing in the ears.  I mean, I’m looking for any change to that.  At this stage its just the same.  I wouldn’t expect symptoms of that nature to disappear that quickly.  Food remains in your body for an average of 4 days and this is only Day 2 since I started.  We’ll wait a few more days yet.

Day 3: Tuesday 23rd June, 2015

We got visitors today.  My husband’s cousin whom he hasn’t seen for 20 years or something, came to visit with us.  They are travelling around Tasmania in a caravan and planned on staying a couple of nights with us.

We thought this was really cool and were so excited to have them come.

But what about my allergy testing?  Should I leave off and start all over again?  I didn’t feel that was an option.  So I took the plunge and explained to them what I was doing… and they were cool about it.  No worries.

I cooked a nice dinner for them and really, all I had to do was make sure I didn’t use any grain.  I had made a nice big beef pie but simply kept some out for myself before I thickened it.  Beth made us a lovely dessert on which I passed.  Didn’t worry me actually.

So all in all, everything has gone fine.  They understand where I’m coming from and are very supportive.

Days 4 & 5: 24/25th June, 2015

Somehow missed out on the update yesterday but I have to say that there is nothing much to report.  No changes that I can find.  I need to keep going for 10-14 days so it’s really too early to tell one way or another.  But… I’ll keep you informed!

Days 6,7 & 8: Friday 26th – Sunday 28th June, 2015

I figured there was no real change up until yesterday and then I realised last night that the noises in my ears were a lot, lot louder. It had sort of crept up on me.  Another thing I noticed only yesterday was that I felt a little “head spinny”. I basically felt “not quite right”.

So what does this mean?  Back to my book to peruse the pages once again.  Ah I see!  This could potentially mean that the culprit is something I’m eating on the allowed list!  Really!  What?

One thing I’ve been doing over the past week that I don’t normally do, is I’ve been eating a lot more meat than I usually do.  So starting today I’m going to cut out all meat and see if there is any improvement.  For the next 5 days I’ll only eat plant-based protein.  If it is anything to do with meat I should start to see a difference. Once again, I’ll keep you informed of my progress.

Day 9: Monday 29th June, 2015

Dragged myself around today!  Just didn’t feel too good at all.  Sometimes felt like I could feint.  Wasn’t eating any meat but didn’t expect that to make any immediate difference as the  meat I  had been previously eating was still inside me.  Not that I’m blaming meat yet, only testing it.

Spent a bit of time just lying down.  Late in the afternoon I decided to eat a small piece of watermelon and followed it up with a hot drink of Coconut & Chai tea.  All of a sudden I felt better!  Couldn’t quite work it out… Was it the watermelon?  Was it the tea?  Would it have happened anyway?  Hmm…

Day 10: Tuesday 30th June, 2015

Last day of the Financial Year here in Australia!  Yep, felt SO much better today.  Still got the head noises but all that other business was very much improved.  Thank goodness.  Still off the meat and not missing it one little bit.  Two more days so let’s see what happens. 🙂

Actually I’m excited to start on this as I’m so keen to learn if I have allergies to any of my regularly consumed foods.  Hoping for answers. Stay tuned as I share my experience with this book, and the contents therein.  If I can stop inflammation naturally and prevent myself from experiencing bad diseases through learning how to get rid of inflammation in the body, I will be a very happy chappy! 🙂

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



Marilyn Williams

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  1. Dear Marilyn,

    I am always looking for information on health and the pros and cons of certain foods. When I came across your site, I was delighted! Your site is so refreshing and the information is great! I tend to skim read articles, but yours I read all the way through!
    I really enjoyed the fact that I learned a lot as I do know a lot about healthy living. The quality content on here is great and I am looking forward to browsing some more.

    Cheers Erica 🙂

    • It’s genuinely makes me happy to read your comment Erica! I guess all we can do is continue to plug on and share the good news of natural health. I do believe there is a time for drugs but it should only be for those exceptional times. We would all be a whole lot better off if it was like that. Thanks again.

  2. I enjoyed reading through this article on inflammation and the long process of trying to find ways to eliminate or decrease this issue. You are so right that no two people are alike and things will affect people differently. Just imagine the makeup and detailed roadwork that is within us.
    I like your prep points that you layed out especially about getting your head right to start and go through the process.
    I will certainly share this with other people looking for this information. thanks.

    • Hi Angela, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately because of circumstances beyond my control I was unable to finish the course. I’m just now getting into the right head space to begin again.

      I am always hopeful that the information I write will be of benefit to others. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading through this article on inflammation and the long process of trying to find ways to eliminate or decrease this issue. You are so right that no two people are alike and things will affect people differently. Just imagine the makeup and detailed roadwork that is within us.
    I like your prep points that you layed out especially about getting your head right to start and go through the process.
    I will certainly share this with other people looking for this information. thanks.

    • Hi Angela, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately because of circumstances beyond my control I was unable to finish the course. I’m just now getting into the right head space to begin again.

      I am always hopeful that the information I write will be of benefit to others. 🙂

  4. Get Sport Supplements

    Nice and clearly presented website with good posts and overall content. Ive bookmarked this site as its one that will be of help to me as im interested in the products available.

    On a different note try and add more images or improve presentation abit. Other than that, well done.

    • Thanks… comment appreciated. Sorry for the delay in answering as I’ve been away. I’m always working on improving my website.

  5. Marilyn, your website is a goldmine of health wisdom. I bookmarked and will come back again.

    Now that I’m middle aged I’m doing all I can to avoid the diseases that seem to get us when we’re older. So far, I’ve been blessed, but for years I struggled with IBS.

    Some foods would really make me swollen. Eventually, I tracked it down to diary, soy, corn and refined breads. Natural whole wheat breads did not effect me.

    You are so right. We need to take the time to learn our body’s signals.

    • Thanks GC!

      I have a friend who suffers with IBS so I know that it’s not fun. How fantastic it is that you eventually tracked down some of the culprits, I’m very pleased about that. The foods you need to avoid are all best not consumed anyway for a healthy lifestyle.

      Dairy – because it’s been wrecked through pasteurization and homogenization.
      Soy – because it’s a very unhealthy food for your body if it’s not been fermented and is usually GMO
      Corn – because it’s GMO usually
      Refined Breads – because they are usually made out of wheat and modern day wheat is stuffed full of gluten.

      I want to congratulate you on being able to tune into your body so well you’ve been able to deal with a very difficult problem.

      I hope you do return. 🙂

  6. your page is fantastic, well formatted and informative HOWEVER I would just take the justify off whilst you add a few more word to make the MASSIVE gaps smaller. Other than that as i said it is a great It appears that you only have the justify problem on your stop inflammation page

    • Thank you Simon! I took the image down and that seemed to make the printing sit nicer. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  7. I used to suffer with horrific IBS, my stomach became inflamed and sore to the touch. I went to all kinds of doctors for years and they all kept saying eat grains and fibre, but it got worse.

    This went on for years until i had a visit from an old friend that pointed out that I had gained significant weight and told me he did well on a low carb diet, which of course includes no grains.

    Within 1 month of trying this diet out I lost around 20 lbs in weight and my IBS almost completely cleared.

    It’s around 18 months now since I went onto a low carb diet, I’ve lost 10 inches of my waist, I’ve lost close to 80 lbs in weight and almost complexity cured my IBS. Occasionally I get caught out and eat something with grains in it and I’ll still get a flare up.

    Other than that, my personal issue is resolved and the medical profession weren’t even close in their advice on how to resolve it.


    • Oh Jay, I’ve got a friend who suffers with IBS. I’d love to be able to get your information to him. I’m not sure he’s really open to it though as guess what? He’s a medical doctor. I did try to share some of this information with him years ago but he said not to worry myself, his problem is caused by stress. I’m sure stress wouldn’t help but I know it’s not the whole answer.

      What a wonderful experience you’ve had… all through knocking out the grains and eating low-carb. I really do believe this is the key. I am so thrilled for you.. what a testimony!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences. I trust others will see it and be encouraged.

      • I have stress and anxiety issues too, that can also be caused by grains, because grains are basically sugar. Sugar is not only an inflammatory but it also gets into the blood stream, goes to the brain and causes all kinds of chemical reactions.

        • Thanks for providing this extra information Jason! There is no way around it is there, we have to make these little changes to our diet or suffer the consequences. I do hope you are now avoiding the grain. It’s not hard to do if you have something else to replace it. will show you how to exchange grains for healthier alternatives. Best wishes with your problem and let me know how you get on.

  8. I’ve been learning about inflammation by reading some of Dr. Andrew Weil’s books. Among other things, he suggests diet is very important in controlling it. He clearly warns about white flours, wheat and processes foods. But he also talks about thing that you should add. One food he suggests is turmeric? Have you heard about this as an anti-inflammatory component of diet?

    • Hi Mike… thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and offer helpful information. I’ve not heard of Dr Andrew Weil but you can be sure I’ll be looking him up.

      Yes, I’m very much aware of the part our diet plays with health in general and the 3 foods you mentioned have been off my “list” for quite some time.

      I use Turmeric regularly and add it to many foods I cook. I’ve even got a recipe for Turmeric Tea which was on my “to-do” list for today. It actually looks really nice.

      Just looked up Dr Weil… hmm… I do think I’ve seen him before. I have a good read though. Thanks again.

  9. I’ve read that fiber and water are the two keys to stopping inflammation in the body, along with other phytonutrients. Dealing with allergies certainly makes sense too. But many people develop allergies from not having enough water in the first place too. So it loops back again.

    Are there any other foods you can implement in your diet to naturally help with inflammation too? I guess learning what your allergies are first would be necessary in order to know.

    • Thanks Sarah. I drink a lot of water and other healthy drinks and also consume heaps of fibre, so in my case I can’t believe it’s my problem.

      At this stage I’ll continue to search out the allergies side of things and if I can nail it I’ll be more than pleased. But yes, certain foods definitely fight inflammation which is terrific, but I guess unless I can removed what it is that causes it in the first place, I’ll always be in this fight.

      The amazing thing is that we can have inflammation for a long time and not even know it… we just don’t relate the problem.

  10. That is quite interesting, Marilyn. I went through something like this years ago and learned I was allergic to corn and wheat. It was a major adjustment for me to cut these things out of my diet, but I sure glad I did. I feel so much better.

    It takes a while to learn new cooking techniques without flour, but there are some tasty things if you know how to season properly.

    I’m glad you are getting this sorted out. It sounds like you are doing good, keep it up!

    • Thanks for your thoughts! I’ve suspected something in the wheat for sometime and have basically cut out all wheat products that I eat from home. Sometimes eat something while out and usually get a touch of acid reflux back when I do.

      I use alternative flours such as almond or coconut and have been really happy with the results. Things taste pretty good and it allows me to keep on having what I’m accustomed to having.

      Your comment encourages me to keep going as you’ve done it, therefore I should be able to too.

  11. This is a great article on inflammation. I’ve worked in EMS and Police for over 12 years. My body is always on fire! I love the quick tips and also the Dr. review. The layout is nice and I wasn’t overwhelmed or bored at all. It flows naturally. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading other healthy tip articles in the future.

    • It’s a bit of a bummer isn’t it when you learn there’s fire on the inside too… possibly unknown to you. When I first heard about it I was sure they were talking about something I would know about.. but this is something else! Anyway, thanks John for the comment. Come back whenever you can.

  12. This is intriguing. I like the fact that you are blogging through everything that you are doing. This is tending to a style for blogging a lot of people follow and i think the personalization of the story is not only helpful but also draws people into the experience. I have a friend who is talks to me about something similar to what you’ve written about. Maybe i should get her to blog too 😀

    • Well it’s certainly a “work in progress”! Getting the information “hot off the press” so to speak. Thanks for your encouraging comments… and sure… would be good to encourage your friend.

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