The Marilyn Williams’ Story

Let me tell you what I believe:

  1. … that wellness starts from the inside of you!
  2. … that you can be whatever you truly want to be!
  3. … that you can make little changes, one step at a time, towards better health!

Marilyn Williams - photos of meI’m Marilyn Williams, and as a passionate health coach I write for men and women looking for alternatives to the “norm”, which is another way of saying: an energy-deficient lifestyle and sickness around each corner.

Together, I believe we can reclaim your “bounce out of bed in the morning” energy!

I’m a “huggy” kind of person, and if you’re tired and absolutely fed-up with settling for less, I’d like to wrap my arms around you and give you an enormous hug… and tell you “I understand!”.

Let’s take this, one step at a time, and help you achieve that better you.   Just as I’ve gone before you, let me share my experiences and take you by the hand as you work your way through the maze to better health.


I would say that my health has been pretty good… apart from:

  • chronic bed-wetting all my childhood reaching far into my teen years;
  • serious period pain that had me rolling on the floor (to the disgust of my fellow workers);
  • 7 miscarriages – every single one of them with a different set of symptoms and circumstances;
  • pain that no-one could diagnose as my symptoms were just different from everyone else… and resulted in me having my gall-bladder removed;
  • acid reflux that burned my throat and…
  • tinnitus (ringing in the ears) with 3 different sounds that never stops.  It’s there all the time.

Hmm, my health has been right up there hasn’t it?  Not!

Outside of these “little” incidences, my health actually has been pretty good as I rarely suffer from colds and flues, or other sicknesses.

You see, I’ve been taking little steps to improve my lot and I must say, with great results.  I’d like to help you move from mediocrity to health, and from there to super health!  Come with me on the journey together.


This is what I’m not:

I’m not a professional anything… not a doctor, naturopath or any other health professional.  Unfortunately!  You see, if I could have my life over again I definitely would become a professional in natural health.  It was in my heart “way back then” but I allowed others to direct the path I should walk  instead of taking it firmly in my own hands and moving in the direction I believed was right for me.  Stupid really!


This is what I am:

I’ve been involved in the corporate world for more years than I care to remember, but during that time I always had a love for natural health.  So I do a lot of research and read a lot of books from those who are professionals.  Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to have the health professionals all agree on the same point, so I spend time reading what they all say and then make up my own mind, as best I can.  Sometimes my mind changes as new research brings something to light, but that’s ok with me… in fact, I quite like that.  We all need to continue learning, and sometimes with that, new directions need to be taken.

Trent meets his nana for the first time

Trent meets Nana for the very first time!


Other details about me: (in a nutshell)

  • I’m happily married.
  • After the 7 miscarriages we finally adopted a baby boy who is now 27 years old.  The best thing we’ve ever done!
  • We lived on the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia (near where I grew up) for most of our married life but have now…
  • Moved to the island state of Tasmania where my husband originally came from.


Other interests include:

  • Working with children in clubs, schools and churches
  • Helping an Egyptian surgeon and his family immigrate to Australia, including working with him to improve his English
  • Homeschooling my son for several of his school years
  • Taking vacations to exotic parts of the world, including Egypt, Dubai, New Zealand, India and the South Seas Islands
  • Developing our new property in Tasmania, “Spring Waters” and transforming it to a wonderful parkland like estate.
  • Keeping and raising birds: chickens, ducks and guinea fowl
  • Taking almost weekly trips to surrounding places in Tasmania and enjoying the life it provides
  • Author “How to Avoid Hidden Nightmares” – an ebook on the hidden toxins in our everyday lives
  • I’m sure there’s heaps more… but you get the picture!


At Spring Waters we have Guinea Fowl, Ducks and Hens

You can read about many of my life experiences from keeping Guinea Fowl and other birds, through to the wonderful places where I expend some energy… such as beautiful walking places through to flying through the air Cable Gliding! Wheee…  My Life Experiences


Marilyn’s Passion

I’m extremely happy to be able to say that it was my parents who first introduced me to the world of healthy living.  But, when I was at home with them, I basically did it because I had to.  When I went out on my own, I discovered the world where most people were living, and began to eat white bread and a lot of other things that were not allowed at home.  This began my downfall!

In my mid twenties, my sister gave me a book on health which instantly took my attention.  Gradually over the years I’ve hungered for this type of knowledge and read book after book to feed that desire.  Then the Internet came along, so between books and the Internet I’ve been able to feed this beast as I’ve researched and studied.

These days, this passion has led me on an interesting journey, causing me to read and research deeply, on what it is we need to do to have optimal health and boundless energy, that allows us to do the things we really want to do.  Areas of interest I’ve researched and learned about:

  • How to reduce the toxic load we all have from:
    • the food we eat,
    • the air we breathe,
    • the water we bathe in and drink
    • electrical appliances
    • what our food is packaged in
    • cosmetics and skin care
    • personal care products
  • What is in our food that is detrimental to our health:
    • Sprays – Herbicides, Pesticides etc
    • GMO
    • Fast Foods
    • Processed Foods
    • and General Stuff we just shouldn’t be eating
  • How to clean our home safely to give us:
    • Clean air to breathe
    • Chemical free cleaning products
    • Clothes washing without harsh detergents
  • How to eat and drink for the best health possible:
    • What should I eat?
    • When should I eat?
    • How often should I eat?
  • What does the latest research give us for optimal health:
    • Are some foods really superfoods?
    • What are the best supplements on the market, and do we need them?

All the above and anything else related.  This is my passion!


Marilyn’s Mission

As you learn things of vital interest, you just simply want to share it with those you love and anyone else who will listen!

My heart’s desire is to pass on this important information to all those interested in building better health and gaining more energy.  My hope is that at least some people will begin to listen and take to heart, the fact that we can all improve our lot by making one simple lifestyle change at a time.

Earn Free Club buttonI hope that as I share simply in layman’s terms, you’ll find it easy to understand and come on this journey with me.

I will share with you what I have found to the the best answer to label reading and gives me my life back!  Where you can find products that are more than guaranteed safe to use with no harmful ingredients… and to top it off… how you can earn these same wonderful products for free, through the Earn Free Club.  I’ve set this up as my desire is to help as many as possible find vast improvements in their lives, day after day.

My Blog:

I’ve been working with a company called Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to develop this blog.  My experience with this training program has been second to none.  I’m blown away with the quality of the training they provide, and there’s just so much of it.  Anything you need to know,  and everything you had no idea you needed to know… it’s right there!  You can even work with them for free until you decide to receive the benefits of the upgrade.  It’s up to you.


This blog covers:

  • Exposing hidden toxins in places we’d never guess
  • Evidence-based, high-performance ingredients in some amazing products
  • DIY products you can easily make at home… and,
  • My life – Where I go and what I do for energy expenditure… just to show you that I’m a real and genuine person… just like you. 🙂

So that’s me… and it’s also what is in my heart to do for you.  What I’ve learned I want to on share with you and hopefully come to know you as best as its possible in the land of cyberspace.

My Name: Marilyn Williams
My Place of Residence: “Spring Walters” Mt Direction, Tasmania
My Skype: selmartre
My Email: marilyn (at)
My FaceBook:
My Google+:
My YouTube:

I hope The Marilyn Williams’ Story gives you a little idea of who I am and what I stand for.  Please feel free to connect with me and leave a comment down below.  Let’s do this!

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



Marilyn Williams

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  1. I can see you’ve had a difficult time in the past. I do hope you are experiencing better things now. I liked reading your page as it tells me who you are and I feel I can relate to you better. Thanks

    • Hi Anthony, thanks for saying that as it encourages me that I’ve done the right thing. As you can see I didn’t leave anything out. I want people to know that I’m where I am, along the pathway leading to a better place. I’m glad you can relate to that. Marilyn

      • I certainly do barb! Although having said that, I don’t say I utilize my resources all that much. We have loads of dandelions here on our property so I should look up what they are good for and see if I can see any relationship there. Would be a good exercise to do. Thanks for your interesting comment. Marilyn

  2. I like your story. I’m sorry about the sad things that happened in your life, but we all have sad things don’t we. Thank you for be open with us as it helps us to know who you are. I’ve bookmarked your website and read it regularly. thanks Marilyn

    • Hi Sam! Hey, I like that you took the time out to say thanks… I really appreciate that. Yes, we all do have sad things happen but it is the sad things that strengthen us to grow to be a better person. I’m glad you’ve bookmarked and I hope I can continue to be deserving of your trust. Marilyn

  3. Hello Marilyn, Great site, did you learn all this at WA. Love your spread out. I am interested in your site for my own health reasons. Inflammation Naturally ,I read the other day it can help with Type2 diabetes , I clicked on it and it did no take me anywhere. Yes I do need more energy, my allergies . I will be back to read more.

    • Hi Wendy! No I didn’t learn the content at WA but certainly WA helped me endlessly with the “how to’s” involved with writing my blog. I’m not sure which link you clicked on that took you nowhere as I’ve just been in there testing them all. Are you able to be more specific? I hate to think I have any dead links.

      I believe that Type2 Diabetes is both preventable and curable, not from my own experience but from the research I’ve done. Have you read what Dr Mercola has to say about it?

  4. Ur site was much interesting for me! I’ll thank you you very much for posting the awesome stuff.

  5. I want to say thnx you 4 making this website and keep up the great job!

  6. … that wellness starts from the inside of you!

    I was inspired by this. I truly do believe that wellness starts from the inside of you. How an we expect to be healthy and live a full life if all we do is feed ourselves junk? It amazes me what I see people buying in the supermarket. Come on!

    Keep writing as I believe this blog has an important place in the overall scheme of things.

    • Thanks for that Penny! Yes, I too often take a sideways glance at what people are putting in their trolley, chips and fizz and all manner of stuff. We can’t afford to have that type of thing in our house if we are seeking to be healthy. Each to their own of-course!

  7. Loved your story so will bookmark your site. Keep it up.

  8. I felt so saddened by the challenges you’ve faced during your lifetime. I’m also aware that it’s challenges like that which build strength of character in a person. I believe from what I’ve been reading here that you must be a strong person. Thank you for being so open and sharing on a level we can understand. Appreciate it very much. Thanks.

    • Oh dear Sue! I don’t want people to feel saddened, but I do appreciate that you can relate with me. I’m sure it’s better to let people know I am a real person, with real challenges like everyone else. I don’t always feel strong, but here’s hoping it has turned me into more of a person. Thanks for picking that up because I also appreciate it.

  9. You sound like a really nice person Marilyn! I love to see the way you’ve turned things around in your life and been able to help others. I’m glad you were able to adopt a little boy in the end. I bet you loved him to bits.

    Don’t ever give up writing because we need this kind of thing.

    • Oh… I hope I’m a nice person! I guess I try to be. Yes, when we adopted our little boy it was like that great big empty hole in me was now filled. I never did want to adopt another as I was now satisfied to have him in my arms.

      Yes, I’ll definitely try to continue as I do see a need for what I write. Thanks so much.

  10. Nice blog. It is very interesting and lots of eye opening information. That makes me wonder if I have food allergies. I have some of the same symptoms. When I had my menstrual cycle I hurt really bad. But they found out that I had endometreosis. I do not know how to spell it but you probably know what it is. I enjoyed reading your blog. It is very well set up. Lots of success on your business. I agree about wealthy affiliate there is nothing like it.

    • Hi Leighann… thanks for your comment. Menstrual cycles can be a real pain, I know. When I’d have a really bad one, the next month was always a breeze. Could never work that out. I used to dread the next month! I pity you for having as I believe it gives awful pain. So strange too. Were they ever able to fix it for you?

  11. Very interesting life story. It sounds like you have had quite a struggle. I hope you have found the answer to all your past health problems by eliminating something that you are allergic to.It seems as I age I have been searching for ways to gain some of my energy back.

    • Hi Charles! It’s interesting you know, I haven’t really found anything that I’m really allergic to, but maybe that’s because I got interrupted. My sister needed me to come and look after her for almost 3 weeks while I was doing the test. It really is not possible to do something like that properly when living in someone elses home.

      It is true that as we get older we cannot assimilate as much of our food as we did before… but, having said that… I do wonder about it because a lot of these things we take for granted when it boils down to something we should be taking care of. Would our energy levels fail if we remained as active as we were before? Are we eating the right type of foods to continue to build and strengthen us? Normally when we are young we don’t take too much notice of what we eat, and if we haven’t done something to change that… we continue along a path where we age before our time. This is just me thinking…

      The best way you can go about it is to make one little change at a time. When you realise you are doing something wrong, zero in on it and make the change. Get that established into your life and then zero in on something else. Do you still drink coke? Have you got a sweet tooth? What is your bread consumption like? These are all things that need addressing and changing… one at a time.

      Really enjoyed your comment and hope I’ve said something that you’ll find helpful.

  12. Your mission is clear and it seems like you love what do you cover. As long as you share quality to your visitors, your money comes like an autopilot. This niche is huge and most people are always looking for things to keep updated. I think you will have no problem to share the best of the best for all. Wish you the best of success

    • Thank you Javier! I appreciate your words and hope what you say really happens. At this particular time I’m concentrating more on getting good content onto my blog before I try to really get it out there. Thanks again.

  13. Hello marilyn,
    Moving out on a 3 acre spread sounds like the right move. My family can not wait to move from our outgrown house to someplace with room to have many critters. Getting our boxer mix Coco has made it clear we need to find more open ground. we just had one answer is there any nutritional difference in free range eggs compared to the bad way they do it now? best regards Coco’s dad!

    • Hi admin! Yes it was a great move. Actually, I didn’t ever think we would do something like it, but now that we have, we love it. Yes, a big dog needs plenty of room. My son’s border collie loves to patrol the entire property and sets himself up so that he can see both houses… who is coming, or not… I’m sure he sees it as a very important job, which I’m sure it is. In fact, everyone loves the space… my ducks, my chooks, my guinea fowl… they run all over it and don’t miss a bit. How cool that must be in comparison to being penned into a little enclosure, as most are!

      There is definitely a difference between free range eggs and ordinary eggs. Just think about it… Look at all the bugs and critters my girls enjoy on a daily basis! Whatever they eat, goes into their eggs. This is why free range eggs have such a rich orange yellow yolk, rather than a pale yellow. It’s not only in the colour, but also in the taste. Once you experience real free range, you won’t want anything else.

      Thanks for your comment… it’s good to touch base with you. 🙂

  14. Good ol’ Tassy. Love it there. Visited back in ’11. Hope to come back one day. Love your blog.

    • Oh really! I wonder where you visited from? Yes it’s a lovely place indeed with so many wonderful sites to see. I was somewhere on the weekend and couldn’t believe I was only an hour from home. So strange!

  15. Very helpful website! I will surely inform my friends of your website and all its valuable information! The site is so well organized and I enjoy the great details!


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