Three Examples of Toxic Chemicals at Home

No matter which way you look at it, examples of toxic chemicals can be found everywhere…

  1. in the air (Carbon Monoxide – one example of many)
  2. in our water (Chlorine & Fluoride – just two of many)
  3. in our homes (Ammonia in cleaners, and Formalehyde in glues)

but guess what, they are also:

  • around our yards
  • in our food
  • where we sleep
  • in our clothes
  • in our workplace
  • yes indeed… virtually everywhere!

Cleveland Clinic provides a list of potential harmful ingredients that surround us, although not comprehensive

Are toxic chemicals a real problem?
They sure are!

Can we do anything about it?
We sure can!

Actually, I don’t believe it’s possible to be 100% toxin free, but we certainly can do a lot about it if we are prepared to make some changes to what we do, and how we eat.

Why I don’t believe we can be 100%?
organic 100%Because there are some things happening that we have no control over, such as chem-trails for example.  Whatever they are spraying high up in our skies eventually falls to the earth.  This means, it’s in the air we breathe,  in our water supplies, and even all over our gardens, organic or not. This is why I’m not really sure you can say something is totally 100% organic.

But… there are many things we can do to alleviate the use of toxic chemicals and pollution.
We do have choices.  I will be sharing with you more and more on this problem.

If you are looking for ways to cut down on harmful toxins entering your body on a daily basis, one really good way is through taking control and making some of your own products at home.  They are easy to make from simple ingredients which you most probably already have at home.

On a Tight Budget?   Let me show you one way to Save!

Think of the savings!  Just as long as you keep on hand some basic ingredients you can make what you need in a flash so you never run out.  It’s like having your own lab right at your finger tips.  I can certainly vouch for the savings.

If you are anything like me, it will give you tremendous satisfaction to make your own products for cleaning,  or bathroom use such as shampoo and conditioner, bath and shower gels, deodorants etc… the list goes on and on.  It’s fun and it’s easy.

If you want to be sure there are no nasties lurking in the products you use, this is a great way to go… especially if you are on a tight budget.  It just makes sense.  While shopping in the supermarket you can miss out entire aisles knowing you already have many of those things at home.

Claire Goodall's Everyday Roots BookI’ve been making my own products for years but recently I came across an book containing 215+ ideas that I now add to my arsenal of DIY. I love it.  I love it so much I’ve decided to share it with you, my readers, to give you an opportunity to enjoy the contents.

Everyday Roots by Claire Goodall

It’s a godsend!  It’s full of amazing, yet simple ideas… 215 and counting!  I’m so glad I found it as it’s given me lots of great ideas for lotions and potions around the home.

  • Natural Home Remedies
  • Natural Beauty Recipes
  • Natural Medications

It covers making simple, but surprisingly powerful medications, you can make at home yourself.  This allows you to nip colds, flu’s and many, many other conditions in the bud before they take hold of you.  So handy, and they actually work.

Who is Claire Goodall?

She is not a health practitioner of any kind but as an independent researcher she withdrew from society to discover what nature could teach her about health.  She had her own health challenges and was determined to find answers which she couldn’t find through mainstream medicine.

Having a tremendous love for nature, she tuned in and learned to use it, devoting her life for her own sake, and now for the sake of others.

Think again of the Savings! 

If you take the ideas contained within the book seriously, it will eliminate many trips to the doctor.  It will also allow you to go free from so many prescriptions medicines which often contain ingredients you are better off without.

Claire is only interested in using organic ingredients and shares with you what to look for. This book will not only show you how, using simple little recipes, to make your own chemical-free household and beauty products, but also wonderful alternative recipes you can use instead of relying on toxic medications.

It will save you a ton of money and put you in control of your own lifestyle.  It helps you take back what’s really yours. I love using recipes from this book daily.

For more information on Claire’s book click here

If you think that making your own products at home would be too time consuming, and let’s face it, many of us lead extremely busy lives,  I have another cool idea for you…

There is a company who produces the most amazing products – powerful, stunning products, that are totally free of anything potentially harmful.

Products like:

  • Hair care
  • Dental care
  • Skin Care
  • Bath & Body Care
  • Home Care
  • Joint Care
  • Age Reversal
  • Cosmetics etc
  • Dietary supplements
  • The best tasting coffee in the world (independently voted so for over 10 years)
  • Weight Loss products etc.

Sisel InternationalThis company called Sisel International, has their headquarters in Utah which includes a cutting edge Research & Development Laboratory, together with a very large Manufacturing facility.  The products are created by them and then manufactured… which mean they are very cost effective as there is no middle man!

I now use their range to supplement what I make at home for myself.  It saves me time, but more than that, there is no way I could make myself products with the “one-two punch” these products have.  No Way!

I believe Claire’s book is a most wonderful supplement to the Sisel range.  I wouldn’t want to be without either of them.

Click to learn more about Sisel International.

Click to see more information on Claire’s Everyday Roots book.

Did you find these examples of toxic chemicals helpful to you?  Are toxic chemicals a real problem in your estimation? If you think so, please leave a comment down below in the comment section.  More than that, if you care, please share it around as we’ve got to help people to understand what is going on around them.

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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