Truvia vs Stevia Review

  • Tell me, Truvia vs Stevia… are they the same?
  • Is Truvia just another brand name for the same product?
  • Do they come from the same source?

This review will take a look at the differences between Truvia and Stevia, if any.    Let’s begin with Stevia:


Are truvia and stevia one and the same product?

Stevia is a plant that originated in South America, but since then it’s travelled globally and made quite a name for itself as it contains zero calories.  This makes it suitable for use with diabetics and those wishing to lose weight.  It’s also good for anyone wanting to cut down on their sugar intake.

There are various ways to purchase Stevia.

  1. As a green powder
  2. As a white powder
  3. As a liquid
  4. As a plant

Let’s take a look at each one:

Green Powder

Basically, the green powder is just dried and ground up stevia leaf.  As such, this green powder contains whatever is in the leaf and not everyone is happy with the taste.  It kinda tastes “green”!  If there is any of the stem present in the powder it will make it have a slightly bitter aftertaste.

If you are just starting off, maybe this is not the best way to go, especially using it in your tea or coffee.  I would recommend using the white powder for that, and and save the green stevia for baking.

White Powder

Stevia can also be bought as a tablet or powder.  Both these forms are white.  Obviously the unprocessed version is green… as it comes straight from the plant.  But this is like a very fine white sugar. So how did it go from green to white?

Well the truth is that its had to undergo some refining to come out like that.  Although it’s a “natural product”, it’s moved through some processes to finally turn into a fine white powder.  In a quick nutshell – first placed in hot water; pass through a resin material which is then washed with alcohol to allow it to come out of the resin. Finally it has to be re-crystallized.

As with everything you purchase, you need to check the ingredients on the label. Many “natural” stevia’s have lactose, or dextrose (glucose) added to them, so they are not the pure stevia you are tricked into believing you are buying, with their green packaging and the “100% natural” terminology.  Buyer beware!


The liquid is made by mixing the white powder into a little water.  The ready made versions available for sale include many different flavours.  I’m most partial to vanilla.  But really, it’s easy to make your own liquid stevia… and so much cheaper than buying it ready made.

Also, the amount of liquid you use is almost negliable – 1 drop in your hot drink, for example, means it goes such a long way.


In the last place we lived, I grew a Stevia plant in my own garden.  This plant are very, very sweet.  When I was working out in my garden, sometimes I’d pick off a leaf to chew.  It was so sweet and easy to take.  Quite yum really.

Eventually I had to move states, so the Stevia plant was left behind… so sad.  What I did was pick as many leaves off as I could and let them dry.  Once dried, I pulverised them into a fine powder… a fine green powder!  I took it with me and used it up in baking.

Of-course, you can always go out and buy a plant for your garden… that’s even better again. I had no trouble with the plant and didn’t have to do anything special for its survival.  It received whatever I was feeding the rest of the garden which was usually soluble seaweed.  Just slip a leaf in and it will sweeten your drink.

Stevia Safety

From my research I do not believe using a little stevia would greatly affect your health one way or another.  Obviously God has provided the plant for our use.  Just like I don’t have any problem with the sweet taste in fruit as they have been created that way.  To me, the main thing to remember is to eat/use in moderation.  Too much of anything is detrimental.



The name sounds a lot like Stevia so is it the same thing just with a different brand name?  No it’s not.  Truvia is produced by Coco-Cola which allows them to market their products with zero calories.

Truvia is made from:

  • Erythritol
  • an extract of Stevia
  • natural flavours

Once again I’ll go through them one at a time:


A sugar alcohol, erythritol has been approved for use as a food additive in the United States and in many other countries.  Not everyone approves of its use, such as Dr Mercola because it can cause stomachaches, headaches and diarrhea.  This represents the highest ingredient in Truvia, like 199 out of 200%

Extract of Stevia

OK, so Truvia is not pure, natural Stevia.  In fact, it comes nowhere near even close.  They extract a molecule out of stevia called Rebaudioside A, and that’s all they use.  This represents 1 out of 200% of the ingredients within Truvia.

Natural flavours

Unfortunately, who knows what the natural flavours are?  With the incredibly loose meaning of the word “natural”, it’s a bit of a worry.

Truvia Safety

So what do I make  of all this?  I would run a mile away from the use of this product.  My advice would be to steer clear of Truvia because it’s obvious it does not have our health in the forefront of its mind.



During my research, I find that it’s virtually impossible to have all the health professionals come up with the same answer regarding sugar.  It would be enormously helpful if they could.  I find, in the end, I have to make up my own mind what I’ll do, and it’s the same for you.  From what I’ve learned though, I would still recommend natural sweeteners such as raw unprocessed unheated honey, or maple syrup, but be careful with the amount you use.  Just because something is considered healthy doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want of it.

I will use a little coconut sugar on occasions and I don’t hesitate to use a little Stevia if I need to.

The best thing we can do is to gradually cut down on the amount of sweeteners we need.  If you go “cold turkey” you can come to a place where you don’t long for sweeteners at all.  I haven’t done this as I’ve not been convinced that I should at this stage, but I keep putting less and less sweetener in my cooking etc.  I certainly don’t need anywhere near the amount I used to consume.  In fact, I’ve found that when cooking fruit (which I don’t do very often), I can leave off putting any sweetener in at all.  The natural sweet contained within the fruit is all I need.

Work at these things one step at a time… little by little work towards using less sweetener.  You don’t even notice it and eventually you will find all kinds of foods and drinks you’ll no longer require the extra sweet taste. Get to enjoy what things are supposed to taste like.

Those that advocate you use no sweeteners at all will say that by continuing to use a product such as stevia, you are keeping your body in a state of demanding the sweet taste.  I believe this also to be true and I can fully understand what they are saying.  It’s up to you whether you want a “little sweet” sometimes, or no sweet at all.

In this review on Truvia vs Stevia, we have looked at the question of “Is Truvia the same as Stevia“.  We’ve ascertained that although the names suggest they are very similar products, that’s not actually the case.  In this review, we’ve also taken a short look on exactly how natural stevia is, but I do believe the product still maintains most of it’s health benefits even when the green is removed.   What is your experience with using these sweeteners, or any other?  Please leave a comment and share with us… so we can all learn.

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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  1. Thanks for this important info, there are certainly alot of health products that do more harm than good to our body. Proper research gotta be made before purchasing any of these products.

    • Unfortunately Axton, you are correct. Nothing can be taken at face value anymore because there’s all kinds of agenda’s other than health behind quite a number of things. For example… all the “health” bars found in the supermarket are so full of sugar that it’s impossible for them to be classed as a health product… but they are, aren’t they? Many companies ride on the back of something that is known to be healthy and do alright for a long time. Sad. Thanks for your comment… I appreciate it. Marilyn

  2. I had looked this up a while ago and found out that truvia and stevia weren’t the same.
    I’ve been buying stevia packs for years. At first I thought it was an odd taste because it is when transitioning from sugar to that, but I started to really like it.
    Half of the time I’ll put a pack of stevia in my tea or coffee and the other half I don’t use anything. I count my macros so I don’t like to use real sugar as a sweetener for anything.

    • Hi Gina,

      Sounds like you are being very conscious of your health which is good to hear. It’s amazing what you can train yourself to like if you are determined to find better health and more energy. I find there are many people who will base their likes or dislikes of a food or drink etc on only one sip! It’s so silly really as if something is good for you you can definitely acquire the taste for it if you want to… maybe not always, but certainly most times.

      Keep up your good work.


  3. I can’t imagine one drop being enough in a drink. Do you really mean one drop… or a few drops?

    • Haha! Yes, I do mean only one drop! It’s very sweet. If you use too much it can take on a different taste which is not altogether pleasant. If that happens, you’ve used too much. If you find one drop is not quite sufficient though, add another… but be careful. Marilyn

  4. Thanks for this review as really I thought they were much the same. I’ll be more careful now and choose only stevia from now on. Hulga

    • I’m glad you found the review helpful Hulga. It is important to know some of this stuff otherwise it’s hard to make wise choices. I appreciate your comment. Marilyn

  5. Great info on natural health… We didn’t know that Canola oil is toxic. We just started using it for a week now because that’s what our friend suggested. Really love your site since me and my wife are working on lose weight since 1st of January. The only thing that concerns us is the price of olive oil… It’s a bit expensive here in Singapore. Can you suggest in what other type of oil or any other alternative for olive oil? Thanks in advance.

    • Russell hi!

      Thanks for your nice comment… I appreciate that.

      I’m happy that both you and your wife are becoming more health conscious and it’s obvious you are keen to do the right thing.

      It’s better to pay a little more for the right thing rather than take home something that has the potential to destroy your health, don’t you think? But I do appreciate we need to be careful with how much we spend.

      My very favourite oil is coconut oil for cooking. It has a fairly high heat point so it’s safe to use and very, very good for you. As with everything though, some coconut oils are better for you than others. Go to a health shop and ask them what they recommend. The one I’m currently buying here in Australia comes from the Solomon Islands. It’s organic and still has that lovely coconut flavour. I don’t believe in using the refined version with no taste, but I’m not sure if it’s been destroyed with the processing or not.

      Coconut oil is absolutely full of health benefits but as always it’s good to diversify.

      Therefore I save my olive oil for use on salads etc… or add it to a hot meal at the table. Just don’t cook with it.

      I’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have. 🙂

  6. Hello Marilyn. Thanks for preventing us from the synthetic equivalent, surely it is better to go for a natural Stevia, especially when we talk about loosing weight and keeping healthy. Looking forward to the following articles of how to make use or cook Stevia to make a better impact of the health.

    • Hi Evgeniya… a nice comment.

      Sure it’s much better to use Stevia. We must make sure we understand what it is we are consuming because it’s too easy to eat something because everyone else is doing it. We are so fortunate these days to have the Internet at our fingertips.

  7. Thanks so much for the site Marwill. It is very interesting as I have never hard of the plant Stevia. Can you tell me more? How does it work? Also you mention not eating wheat….i have few friends who stopped too but still having difficulty understand why? Gluten or something more? I live in France right can see how difficult it is. 😛
    Well more purpose is more to stay healthy and have more energy!!

    • Hi Aradiaeho… I appreciate your comment!

      Stevia is a great choice, especially if you are trying to cut down on your sugar intake. It’s healthy for you and doesn’t add the kilos that other sugar does.

      You buy it in a Health shop usually in a very little bottle, which is enough really to do you for a whole year. You only use 1 drop. It’s very sweet and amazing.

      Yes I do mention it’s better for you if you cut out on wheat consumption. Wheat is bad for adding weight and for full details on why not to eat wheat I suggest you read Stop Eating Bread and Lose Weight and Alternatives to Wheat Flour.

      After you’ve read them I’d be happy to answer any of your questions. Let me know.

  8. Interesting post as I have never heard of the Stevia plant so it’s something new to me.

    I actually tried going cold turkey with my sugar intake but I just couldn’t do it. I had no energy at work and I had a headache constantly.

    I am slowly weaning my way off sugar but it’s really hard to do. Do you think Stevia would help me?

    • Hi Joel… Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my site…

      You were a brave man to try to cold turkey way of reducing your sugar intake. I agree, it would be very difficult to do. Maybe you would find it helpful to read my post on healthy alternatives to refined sugar. I certainly do believe that Stevia would help you in your quest to cut down on your sugar intake… absolutely.

      Try it and find out Joel.

  9. Thanks for this review on Stevia. I was wondering only the other day about Truvia and it’s so good I found your research when I did. Thanks again.

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