Walking Exercise at Home

We need to think!

Look around and work out what we can do to get walking exercise at home.  This means you have no excuse and it’s easy to add to your daily routine.

I love to go walking… anyway… everywhere.  I love trekking through the bush, or beside the river, or down by the ocean.  All this is possible within 20-30 minutes from my home.  But let’s face it, I don’t always have the time for such luxuries… and neither do you.

This means… we need to come up with a Plan B

We need something that is so available to us that we can do it just while we’re taking a break.

Sitting at a computer all day as many do, is really not good for your health.  They say you should leave your chair after 50 minutes maximum.  To this end, I’m trying to add certain exercise routines into my day that I can reasonably quickly do in a break.

Our homestead

Our homestead has a verandah all the way around it, it’s part of what gives it so much charm.  This means, I have a place to walk on a daily basis even if it’s teeming with rain.  Now there’s for thinking!

Let me take you for a walk with me…Walking Exercise at Home around my verandah

I like to start from the back door and going clockwise around the house, this is the left side.

Stage 2 - around the verandah

Ok, I’ve just turned the corner and have started along the front of the house.
The house you can see across the way is our second house on the property and is where my son lives.

Stage 3 - around the verandahA bit of a corner and down along past the front door.

Stage 4 - walking around the verandahNow we’re pumping gas and heading up towards the right side of the house… keep coming!

Walking around the verandah - stage 5Down the right side and up to the corner…

Walking around the verandah - Stage 6Around the back… yay… Round 1 completed!
I usually do it 10 times and it takes approximately 1 minute to complete the circuit.

No excuse not to walk

So it can be raining cats and dogs and I can still go for my walk on my break.  Sometimes the wind blows the rain in on one side or another, but that only happens sometimes.

OK, I know it’s not like walking down by the river for example, but who cares.  I’m not talking about going round and round my verandah every day… just when I don’t have the time for something else.

We have 3.5 acres of property so many times I simply walk around it.  I’ll take you on that journey one day.  I have 22 birds (chooks, ducks and guinea fowls) who sometimes love to follow me.  You should see it (I need someone to take a video)… clucking and quacking and squawking!  They give up after a little while as I think they think I’m mad.

Rocky the dog follows me

Rocky, the dog

Rocky often come with me when I’m walking around the verandah he’ll run and jump through the railing and generally just follow along with me, but after a time I can see him looking at me a little strangely.

Actually I think he thinks I’m the strange one.

He’s my son’s dog and today he wouldn’t even come over – just watched me from their verandah.

Oh well.

So maybe you don’t have a verandah going all the way around your house…

In fact, my educated guess is you don’t.  So what are you going to do.  All I can say is that you need to work out a routine within your house.  I used to do that in our previous home and we hardly had any space outside… and outside is not that much fun when it’s raining.

But what I used to do was walk a circuit from the main bedroom, down through the hall, through the family room, around the lounge room, downstairs to the rumpus room, back round through the laundry.  It worked for me and it gave me a good Plan B to keep up my sleeve.

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Walking in general

It’s gentle on your body, it’s low-impact, everyone (almost) can do it no matter what your age, and best of all it’s free.

What does it do for you? Let’s list some benefits:

  1. When you are feeling like the last thing you want to do is go for a walk, it’s the best thing you can do.  It actually gives you energy.   How about that!  If you are working all day why not use your lunch break to re-energize yourself.
  2. If you’re walking in the sun it’s a good chance to pick up on some Vitamin D from the sunlight.  Just don’t walk long enough to burn yourself.  Try to make sure some of your skin is bare… your arms or your legs for example.
  3. Helps you to maintain proper weight.  Isn’t that what this blog is all about… proper weight with no drama!
  4. It can help lower your risk of disease which includes things like cancer, diabetes, stoke etc.
  5. Strengthen your heart… that’s gotta be good.

I’m sure there’s lots more of benefits but just those alone seem pretty good to me.

When you walk, remember to swing your arms

Might as well help keeps them tones as well, and your shoulders too.  In fact, walking helps to keep your back strong so you don’t end up in periodic pain there.

I remember my grandmother on a certain day.  We were all out walking together, the memory’s a bit hazy as I was only a child, but there is one part of it I remember as clear as day.  That was my grandmother walking along swinging her arms as wide as they’d go as she was telling us ‘You have to swing your arms!”.  She looked so funny to me that it made such an impression I’ve never forgotten it.  Guess I thought it was dumb!  Why would you make yourself look like that? But hey, she had a point… we’ve got to swing our arms for a total workout while we walk, but maybe not quite to the same extent as she was.

Walking  is not the only exercise I do.  I’ve recently begun Tai Chi from home which I believe to be a very beneficial exercise.

Do you do walking exercise at home? Where have you set up your circuit?  Share with me as I’d love to know.

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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