Weight Loss Coffee Testimonials

Here are some weight loss coffee testimonials. For more information regarding this coffee please go to Weight Loss Coffee to the Rescue.

Each of these people have been using the “Sisel Kaffe Fat Burning Thermogenic Weight Loss Support” coffee and here is what they say in their own words:

Sisel Kaffe Weight Loss Coffee

Coffee test by Jackie

Coffee Test by James

Sisel Weight Loss Coffee Test by Barbara

All the different brands of Sisel Kaffe coffee have come from the land of Panama where Sisel own a Certified Organic coffee plantation.  It is then shipped to the States where they manufacture into the different kinds… premium black, dark roast, latte, mocha etc… as well as the fat-burning thermogenic weight loss support coffee.

Using a specialized roasting system, they “cook” it rather than “roast” it.  After this they add ingredients known to support health in a very real way, such as chaga, bacopa, goto kola etc.

The results are a coffee that not only tastes divine but aids your health at the same time.  Drinking Sisel Kaffe is good for you and contain no harmful ingredients such as Acrylamide which often comes about through the roasting process.

I will add more weight loss coffee testimonials as they come to hand.

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