Weight Loss Coffee to the Rescue

Weight loss coffee.  Sensational, delicious tasting …and healthy for you!    Sounds like a dream come true.  Oh, please don’t wake me up!

Did you know that coffee in general is not necessarily good for you?  The reason is because it’s been over-roasted, and therefore many of the really good properties within the coffee have been damaged and destroyed.  This makes it harmful to the human body.

Weight loss coffee from Sisel comes from Panama

Panama is best known for the Panama Canal, but did you know that for 12 consecutive years, the coffee beans that come from an area called Boquete (which is high up on the slopes of Volcan Baru, an ancient volcano, and is situated in the volcanic mountains of Panama), have been rated the “most flavourful bean in the world”?

Sisel Coffee Plantation

Why is this?  Because of the sweet volcanic soil which makes the bean more delicious owing to the fact that the sweet soil takes the bitterness out of it.  This coffee is 100% Certified Organic, which is really fabulous as most coffee’s undergo quite a lot of spraying.  If that spray is not removed, guess what, you’re drinking it!  Fortunately the roasting process does get rid of some of it.   Anyway, this organic coffee has also been grown in a beautiful micro-climate, created by lush rain forests at a very high altitude.

This is not just some ordinary coffee bean!  There are about 20 different grades of coffee, from really bitter up to the Sisel brand.  This coffee, grown in their very own coffee plantation, is in the most perfect climatic conditions (for coffee) in the world…Panama.  The wonderful sunshine of the area aids in the sweetness of the bean also.  Once it’s picked it’s shipped directly to the manufacturing plant to be processed.

This is in fact, one of the most expensive beans in the world, but because all the middle men have been taken out of the equation, it’s available to us at a very economical price.

The natural plant contains lots of nutrients which are often removed once cooked.  With this in mind, Sisel and their team of world-class scientists, realised that coffee shouldn’t be “roasted” as this causes acrylamide to form, which is potentially cancer causing.  Fortunately, they were able to get around the problem by gently cooking the beans in an infrared cooker to perfection, which retains all the antioxidants and health benefits which are so vital for supporting the well-being of the body’s organs.  These same health benefits are usually missing when the coffee bean has been damaging and destroying  during the roasting process.

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The healthiest coffee in the world

Because Sisel are out to make the most powerful and health beneficial coffee in the world, they’ve also included extra ingredients to the mix:

Chaga, Ganoderma, Bacopa & Gotu Kola are added to the Sisel Coffees

  • Chaga, which is 100 times more powerful than Ganoderma which is often added to other coffee’s.  Chaga supports anti-aging throughout the entire body.
  • Ganoderma is added too because it does have it’s own benefits.
  • Bacopa from India with remarkable antioxidants which are especially good for the brain.
  • Goto Kola which is great the the cardio-vascular system and supports the immune system support.

So Sisel have taken the most flavourful bean, and added these four amazing health ingredients to create the best-tasting and healthiest coffee in the world.

Weight loss coffee by Sisel


They are:

  • Ground Black Premium
  • Dark Roast Espresso
  • Fat Burning Thermogenic
  • Premium Black instant
  • Mocha
  • Latte

Because Sisel have cut out all the middle men, taking the coffee directly from their own plantation and shipping to their manufacturing plant in the States, the price is extremely economical.

Weight loss coffee by Sisel InternationalBut what about Weight Loss?

Yes, they did that too.  To that same wonderful coffee they blended further ingredients in to create a weight loss coffee:

  • Garcinia Cambogia extract – to add sufficient into the coffee for weight loss but still have the coffee taste good was quite an art.
  • Green Coffee Bean extract
  • Raspberry Ketones extract
  • Mediterranean Diet – extracts of the ingredients

On top of that they’ve added seven other ingredients that support the Thermogenic Fat Burning process, including Evodiamine extract and Guarana extract.

They’ve used Blueberries in a special way that prevents caffeine spikes and gives energy support for up to six to eight hours.

There is nothing else like this on earth!  For less than the price of a bottle of water you can be enjoying a cup of this coffee.

Listen as Tom Mower, the Founder and President of Sisel International, explains how and why they developed the weight loss coffee:


Coffee is just one of many products Sisel produce to address weight problem.  They have weight loss tea; meal replacements; lip balm… yes, even a lip balm to help you lose a few pounds!  Lollipops which give you fibre to help you feel full when eating your meal.  On top of that there are pills.  One neutraceutical is being trialled right now which apparently is giving remarkable results.

So everything from weight loss coffee through to lip balms are available through Sisel.  You can check out their entire incredible range here.   If you have any questions regarding it please leave a message down below or contact me.  Either way, I’ll reply just as quickly as I can.

Warm regards,
Marilyn Williams shares her experience of the difference it made when she concentrated on building her health rather than trying to lose weight



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  1. Oh my gosh, seriously a great idea! I am not a big coffee drinker but I do enjoy it. And then to get Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean as an ingredient….wonderful! I am seriously going to check out the other products as well. Who would think that even lip balm will help with weight loss!

    • Haha Matt’s Mom! Yes, I think this company enjoys having fun! Apparently from what I’ve heard, first Tom is concerned with creating a product without any nasty ingredients and then he sits back and says… “Now what can I do to make this into a really powerful product?” I guess he felt that when you use a lip balm you are eventually swallowing it anyway… so why not make it count!

      The same story with the coffee etc. Everything going into the mouth should do for your body the very best it can.

      I love it myself.

      Don’t hesitate to get back to me if there is anything else I can do for you.

      Warm regards

  2. Oh wow coffee from that far! This I have got to try. I usually thought coffee was bad because of it’s caffeine content. I never stopped to think that all that roasting and the spraying could have something to do with it.

    Actually, I didn’t even thinking about the spraying part but now it is really scary that I could have been drinking chemicals from sprayed coffee when I was pregnant ( I am not a coffee person but when I was pregnant, I couldn’t resist it!).

    Just out of curiousity, what is it (mineral) in the soil in this Panama Boquete that makes it sweet?

    • Hi Denise!

      Actually I’m not so sure. I’ve read that in Boquete the area is very rich and lush owing to the lava flows from Vulcan Baru. I’ve also read that typically, soil in Panama are extremely poor! So exactly what it is I cannot say. But they definitely claim it’s the soil, the sun and the general climate of the area that creates such sweet tasting coffee.

      There are a lot of things that we never think about I’m afraid… for example, red wines! Many people take a glass of red each night without fail but without any thought of all the sprays that contaminate it. I find it very sad. Even organic still needs to be washed thoroughly.

      Caffeine is another problem but really only when it spikes. If it can be stopped from doing that (as Sisel have done) then it provides you with some very good sustained energy.

      I’m glad you think you’d like to try some. If you would like details on how to go about it please Contact Marilyn.

      Warm regards

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